15 Signs You Are  A Hopeless Romantic

15 Signs You Are  A Hopeless Romantic

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The idea of being in love is beautiful and exciting, and it is even more so when you are a hopeless romantic. But who exactly is a hopeless romantic?

A hopeless romantic is a person who loves the idea of “love.” For them, falling in love is like a breath of fresh air⁠—they love the feeling of butterflies in their stomach and the way sparks fly when they see their crush or lover. They are susceptible to falling in love, and everything romantic is beautiful to them.

No matter how much trouble love has brought them or how much hurt they may have dealt with, they still believe in happy endings when it comes to love.

A hopeless romantic is always in the pursuit of finding someone perfect because they are in love with the idea of love itself. They choose to love unconditionally, without demanding anything in return. It’s their “hopelessness” that makes them melancholic to some and beautiful to others.

Read this post to know more about the signs of a hopeless romantic, and find out if you might be one.

15 Signs Of A Hopeless Romantic

It’s the fairytale-esque feeling that a hopeless romantic loves. Read these signs to know if you might be a hopeless romantic.

1. You believe that true love exists

When you are a hopeless romantic, you tend to feel that true love exists and that your soulmate exists out there somewhere. You know that you both will cross paths at some point in life, and it will be a love story just like in the movies. You are quite the optimist, which is why, when a lot of people tend to look at the negative side of things, you do quite the opposite. However, it doesn’t always mean that your expectations are unrealistic.

2. You appreciate the small gestures

You might love the grand gestures that you see in fairytale movies and romcoms, but you also have a great appreciation for the smaller things. Love for you isn’t always about the resplendent and magnificent gestures. Instead, love, for you, entails small gestures and thoughts that genuinely show how much you care for the other person. You also tend to appreciate it when your partner shows small gestures of affection because, for you, that is a sign of unwavering devotion.

3. You always find yourself daydreaming

Even when you are not seeing someone, you always tend to daydream about your one true love. You do not pay heed to what others have to say because you believe that everyone is destined to find their true love no matter what. The universe has something planned for you, and you cannot wait to find out when everything unfolds in order. You know that when you find your true love, it will be worth the wait.

4. You tend to have high standards

A hopeless romantic often tends to have high standards, which often becomes unrealistic. Daydreaming about what your future partner might look like creates an unrealistic image of a person that does not exist. This can result in you pushing away potential partners who can truly make you happy and give you the love that you have always dreamt of.

5. You still believe in love, despite the many failed relationships

When people go through bad breakups and have had their hearts completely shattered by the person they love, they tend to give up on the search for an ideal partner. They feel that love only brings them hurt and refrain from getting into new relationships. But you are different; even though your last relationship failed you, you still believe that you might find the right partner from your next relationship.

6. You feel loved even when your partner is not around

People crave touch, as it makes them feel warm and safe. They also feel alone when they are not with their partner. However, if you are someone who feels connected and loved by your partner even when they are not present, you might be a hopeless romantic.

7. You look forward to Valentine’s Day

People spend time with their beloved on the day of love and affection to show how much they love them. If you are someone who looks forward to this day, then you are a hopeless romantic. You get excited about the romantic ambiance and the festivities this day brings forth. It does not matter if you are in a relationship or single because you appreciate the love that everyone professes for their beloved.

8. You do not care about imperfections

As a hopeless romantic, you do not care about people’s imperfections. Instead, you love someone for who they are. The way you see beauty in every imperfection makes you a haven for them. You make people feel loved and provide them with a place of comfort.

9. You dream about going on romantic dates

Are you someone who dreams about going on romantic dates with the person you love? Daydreaming about going on dates to some of the most romantic places in the world, such as Paris, is something a hopeless romantic enjoys. You want to experience the romance these places provide and make the best memories with your partner.

10. You love romantic films

Every emotion that you feel is pretty intense and overwhelming. So, for you, watching a cheesy romantic film is all you need to feel good some days. The films can stir up complex pent-up emotions that you tend to bottle up.

11. You have a childlike exuberance

If you love everything about life, even when it gets difficult for you, you are a hopeless romantic. You see an optimistic opportunity in everything that happens in your life. If a pessimist views the glass as half empty, you are an optimist who always tends to see the glass as half full.

12. You are quite a sensitive being

As a hopeless romantic, anything that has an emotional undertone makes you cry. No matter whether it’s a YouTube video or a short film, you always tend to get emotional. But do not confuse crying with being weak, as showing what you truly feel is not a sign of weakness. Unlike other people, hopeless romantics can easily exhibit their emotions.

13. You are spontaneous

Spontaneity is a big part of a hopeless romantic’s life. As much as prospect and serendipity can play a major part in forging romantic relationships between individuals, hopeless romantics know when to go with the flow to find romantic attractions.

14. You enjoy the little things in your life

You enjoy life by seeing beauty in the smallest of things. You find yourself appreciating the little details that people often tend to overlook. This makes you special because you look beneath the surface of things that many cannot.

15. You are often nostalgic

Do you feel nostalgic every time you come across an old photo from the past? Hopeless romantics tend to savor each moment that they share with their loved ones. You love making romantic and meaningful relations that tend to hold sentimental value.

A hopeless romantic sees the world differently from the rest of the people. They tend to look for relationships that are deep and passionate. Sometimes, looking for love gets exhausting for some people, but not for them. No matter how hard life gets or how many times their hearts have been broken, they still believe that the right one for them is out there somewhere.

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