How Long Does A Crush Last & 8 Ways To Overcome It

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You are getting these butterflies in your stomach and feeling an intense attraction for that one person. You are crushing on them. But how long does a crush last? During this time, the days and nights go floating by as you spend most of the time daydreaming about that one person. When you are attracted to someone, your surroundings suddenly seem different, and everything seems more beautiful and fragrant. Read on to find out the answers to all your questions about a crush.

How Long Does A Crush Last?

The answer to this question is subjective as several factors play a role in determining the duration of your feelings for someone. And feelings can never be the same for two people, so the duration of a crush will be different for each person.

Factors that impact the duration of your crush are:

  • proximity to your crush
  • reasons for liking your crush
  • the intensity of your feelings

For instance, if you see your crush every day, chances are you will be infatuated by them for a longer period than someone you saw randomly at the mall.

Similarly, the reason you like someone also affects your feelings for them. For instance, you liked an actor because they played a positive role in a movie. But your crush is likely to diminish if you see them playing an atrocious character in another movie.

Lastly, if you like someone because they helped you with something, then the intensity of your crush is likely to be deeper than a crush on someone who never even spoke to you.

How Is A Crush Different From Love?

A crush is a strong feeling of attraction toward someone over a short period. On the other hand, love is an emotional attachment and a feeling of intense affection for someone.

Let’s check out crush vs love.

Crush happens instantly in a moment.Love takes time to happen and develop.
Crush lasts for a short period.Love lasts relatively longer.
Crush is a physical attraction to a person.Love is a physical, mental, and emotional attraction to a person.
Crush overlooks or ignores flaws in a person.Love accepts the person with their flaws.
Crush diminishes under challenging conditions.Love is unconditional and sustains even in difficult situations.
Crush is mostly felt only by someone attractive.Love can be felt for anyone and in any relationship.

8 Ways To Get Over A Crush

If your crush on someone is an unwanted distraction for you or if there is no scope for anything further with that person, then here are some ways through which you can get over a crush and move on.

1. Focus on yourself

This is the first thing to do after any setback. If your crush does not reciprocate your feelings, then it’s time to divert that feeling of affection towards yourself. Remind yourself that you are your priority. Refocus on your goals, create plans for yourself, and do everything that will keep you busy and occupied.

2. Admit your feelings and then let them go

Whatever you feel about your crush, acknowledge and share it with someone you trust. Get it all out, and do not suppress your feelings. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about. Once it is out, promise yourself to not think about it anymore and instead look towards better things in your life.

3. Avoid social media for a while

Pretty pictures of your friend with their partners can act like salt on your wounds. To add to it, if you see your crush posting happy pictures while you feel the pain of being rejected, it will only hurt you further. So, take a break from social media for a while. Control the temptation of stalking your crush online. Try to avoid everything that can lead you to them.

4. Change your perspective

When you develop strong feelings for someone, you tend to overlook their shortcomings that could otherwise be a deal-breaker for you. So, take off those rose-colored glasses and try to see the full picture. You are most likely to find something about them that annoys you, and you will eventually feel that whatever happened was for your best.

5. Cut contact with your crush

Being ‘friends’ with your crush is not easy if you have strong feelings for them. It is best to keep some distance from them. Do not ignore them. Stay civil, especially if you work with them. But try to maintain a good distance. Avoid places where you can bump into them. Do not entertain their request to hang out together.

6. Learn something new

No matter how much someone tells you to avoid contacting your crush, you will face moments of weakness. This happens when you allow yourself to think about your crush. To avoid this, try learning something new. When you put in the effort and focus on learning something new, you hardly have any time to think about your crush, let alone contacting them.

7. Remember, it is just a matter of time

No doubt rejection hurts, but remember that it is a matter of time until you find the right person for yourself. Till then, have fun crushing on people you find attractive. There is no harm in admiring someone from afar. You will have innumerable crushes over your lifetime, so why feel bad about one unfulfilled crush?

8. Seek professional help

If forgetting your crush seems difficult to you, try seeking help from a qualified counselor. A counselor will understand how you feel, and you don’t even have to worry about them sharing your personal thoughts with anyone else. They will help you find a way to get over your crush and encourage you to use your time more productively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should you let go of a crush?

If the person you like or love doesn’t feel the same for you, it’s time you should let them go. Love is a two-way street, so unless the person you love isn’t ready to come halfway, there’s no point in laying empty hopes on them. It’s better to accept reality and move on. When a person isn’t interested in you, there will be subtle but clear signs that you need to read and understand.

2. What is an obsessive crush?

When you have a crush on someone to the extent that it takes over your life, it is called an obsessive crush. In technical terms, it is known as limerence. It is a mental state wherein an individual has a deep obsession with someone with a desire to have an intense romantic relationship with them.

3. Are crushes healthy?

Unless you are obsessing over your crush, having a crush is usually harmless. In fact, they can be healthy for your emotional development. When you have a crush on someone, you feel the same as you would do in a relationship. It will decrease your loneliness and boost your confidence and self-esteem. Having a crush makes you happy, which helps release happy hormones. Above all, a crush may help you understand yourself and your expectations of a partner better.

So, how long does a crush last? That depends entirely on you. A crush can be casual and sometimes even serious. But in the end, they are your feelings, and you know best how to deal with them. If your crush has lasted for months, then it is high time you implement the above tips and work towards moving on, especially if there is no future with this person.

Key Pointers

  • The time needed to get over your crush depends on how often you see them or intense your feelings are for them.
  • A crush is mostly temporary and unstable, whereas love lasts longer withstanding various trials and tribulations.
  • If you wish to get over someone, you may try distancing yourself from them, staying busy, or focusing on why you shouldn’t pursue them anymore.
  • If things get tough, open up and share with someone close or a professional.

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