How To Get A Guy To Like You: 51 Tips To Try

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Someone special has caught your eye, and you wonder whether he likes you or not. So how do you get a guy to like you? Crashing on someone is a special feeling that makes you all jittery and gives you the butterflies in your stomach. But should you approach them directly and be straightforward about your feelings? Or should you take it one step at a time? So many questions might come to your mind. And we are here to help you answer them. So read on for a few effective ways by which you can get that guy to like you. We have also enclosed a few tips and tricks that you can use to impress him. Choose the one that suits you the best.

50 Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

While there is no set rulebook to follow while trying to make him like you, certain gestures and actions can go a long way. These tips might help you grab his attention.

1. Groom yourself

Looking good will give you a boost of confidence and make you feel nice about yourself. So, consider wearing a comfortable outfit so that you don’t feel self-conscious. Make sure your charming personality shines through when you meet the guy.

2. Be confident

Talking to the guy you like can be nerve-wracking. But you need to be confident and should always keep your head held high. If you act confidently and feel comfortable in your skin, he will notice you. Guys like confident women.

3. Introduce yourself to him

Simply pining from afar won’t help your case. If he doesn’t know you, you need to introduce yourself to him. A cute wave or a ‘good morning’ wish goes a long way. Show him that you are interested and see if he reciprocates.

4. Smile at him

As a small greeting or during a conversation, flashing your pretty smile at him can convey your attraction. Smiling also makes you more approachable and attractive, so let your bubbly personality shine in front of him.

5. Maintain eye contact

Always establish eye contact when talking to someone, especially the guy you like. Maintaining eye contact while talking makes the other person feel comfortable, and they can easily trust you. The eyes are also said to be the window to our souls, so he might be able to take a peek at your feelings for him.

6. Compliment him

Make it a point to compliment him and show that you appreciate him as a person. Guys love to get compliments just as much as girls do. Tell him you love his outfit or his smile, or you can show your admiration for his passions. If your compliments are sincere, they will surely make him feel good about himself.

7. Use your good sense of humor

A well-timed joke can be a great ice-breaker. A good sense of humor will make you more likable and attractive, whereas being too serious will intimidate him. Being able to laugh together is a great indicator of your chemistry.

8. Let him know you’re available

Your efforts will go in vain if he doesn’t know that you are ready to mingle. Most guys are scared of rejection and will not reciprocate if they think you are taken. So, if you want to enter into a romantic relationship with him, make sure he knows that you are single.

9. Show interest in his passions

Try to learn about his interests and passions. Your genuine efforts will not only make him feel validated but also help you know him better. Talk about his favorite video game or ask about his hobbies. Showing an interest in his passions will help you establish a deeper connection with him. Real attraction is sparked when your personalities are compatible.

10. Text him

Get his number and contact him through cute messages and memes. Sending funny memes can be a good conversation opener and can lead to chats lasting till 2 am. Ask him about his day, wish him luck for his exams and activities, and even try to flirt with him.

11. Send song recommendations

Nothing conveys your emotions better than sharing recommendations of all your favorite love songs. Often, what we cannot say directly can be easily expressed through music, so asking him to listen to these songs will keep the conversation flowing and help you give some hints.

12. Find mutual interests

Having similar interests will deepen the attraction and contribute to a meaningful relationship. Favorite shows, songs, artists, or books; finding common interests will bring you closer to each other, and you can spend quality time with him without running out of interesting topics.

13. Have deep conversations

Don’t be afraid of showing him your vulnerable side. If you are open about your feelings, he will also feel comfortable talking about his life. Ask him about his perspective on various issues, and you will understand his outlook on life. Such personal conversations will help you forge a stronger bond with him.

14. Interact with his friends

Guys have extremely tight friend circles, and becoming friends with them will work in your favor. If you are comfortable with his friends, it will make it easier for him to picture you as a permanent part of his life. His supportive friends might even help you get closer to him.

15. Support him

Encourage and motivate him in his endeavors. Cheer him up during sports events or help him prepare for his exams; your support will show that you will be by his side through every challenging situation. Your sincerity will melt his heart.

16. Become his friend

Becoming friends before dating will help you both get to know each other and become comfortable. A strong friendship will create the ideal foundation for a beautiful love life, full of happy feelings, trust, and understanding. Make sure to keep the spark alive, or you might land up in friendzone city.

17. Make plans together

Engage in various fun activities and spend quality time together. You can ask him to teach you something he is passionate about, such as video games, cooking, or art. The two of you can even watch movies, go to amusement parks, go on a museum tour, or hang out in a cafe. Participating in exciting activities together is a great way to know about a person, and these experiences will also help you get his undivided attention.

18. Flirt with him

Once you are comfortable with him, get bold and flirty. Act on your feelings of attraction to show the guy that you want to be more than friends. While smiling and direct eye contact are effective, it is time to initiate physical touch to make him aware of the sexual chemistry between you two.

19. Ask him for advice

Guys love to help out because it makes them feel needed. Seek his guidance at times, and he will be more than willing to share his wisdom with you. Playing the damsel in distress role once in a while can give him an ego boost.

20. Invite him over

Letting him into your personal space can be daunting, but it is also essential to understand that the two of you are on the same page. Moreover, a cozy hangout in your home can be liberating, allowing you to be open and playful. Play board games, have some pizza, or even get brave with a drinking game.

21. Do things he likes

Charm him by doing the things he likes. Find out his favorite color and wear an outfit of the same color when you meet him. You can also show support for his favorite football team or binge-watch a show he’s watching. Sweet and simple, he will surely be impressed.

22. Be your authentic self

While it’s nice to do things he likes, don’t change yourself completely to fit his type. It’s not worth it to pretend to be someone different to get a guy to like you. Your impressive list of qualities is enough to charm him, and he will see you for the alluring woman you are.

23. Highlight his best qualities

It is essential that you think positively of him and praise the goodness in him. Such kindness will make him have genuine feelings for you. Besides, when you see the good in him, he will also concentrate on your good qualities.

24. Show your commitment

If you feel sure about him, show that you are committed to him. Give him the assurance he needs if he has any lingering doubts about entering into a relationship with you. Your confidence in him will make him reciprocate intensely.

25. Don’t pressurize him

While you might be ready to start a relationship with him, he might need some time to go all in. Do not feel dejected if this happens. It’s normal to want to take things slow, and he will appreciate you even more if you respect his wishes.

26. Give him space

It is normal to want to spend all your time with him. However, it might make you seem clingy and bothersome. Give him some space when he needs it, and don’t feel bad if he wants some time alone.

27. Have an opinion

Guys love it when girls know what they want. While it’s good to be easy-going, being indecisive can put him off. So take charge when you are choosing restaurants or movies, and don’t leave all the decisions to him.

28. Show your gratitude

Thank him for everything he does for you. Apprciate his gestures and thoughtfulness to make him feel validated. It will encourage him to try harder for the relationship. Try to notice the small details he does for you.

29. Do nice things for him

Bake him a cake, plan a secret party with his friends, or write him a song. These thoughtful gestures will make him feel special and wanted. It’s even better if you often surprise him with sweet gifts without any reason.

30. Show him your adventurous side

Guys love a girl who is exciting and open to trying new things. Every time you agree to go along with his crazy ideas, he will fall even more for you. Your open-mindedness, flexibility, and enthusiasm will entice him to go on more adventures with you.

31. Avoid talking about your ex

It’s best not to talk about your previous relationships with your crush as he might think you still have feelings for your ex. While he should know about your past, bringing it up often in your conversations will send the wrong message.

32. Be passionate

Talk to him about your passions and the things that make you happy. Do not restrict yourself in front of him. Your enthusiasm will attract him even more. If you are open about your passions, you can enjoy them freely, and your relationship will flourish.

33. Don’t hesitate to apologize

Saying sorry doesn’t make you the weaker person in a relationship. If you own up to your mistakes and apologize, it will be more respectable than denying your faults. Your humility will also inspire him to do the same.

34. Be open to criticism

Don’t take criticisms to heart or be offended by them. Try to understand his opinion and see if he is right. Being open to criticism is a sign of maturity and will deepen his attraction for you.

35. Take responsibility

If you want to avoid relationship woes, you should take responsibility for your words and actions. The right step towards any healthy relationship is understanding and owning up to your flaws.

36. Be there for him

Stay by his side when he is going through a difficult phase. We all need support and care during our low moments, and having someone special by our side can help a lot. Show him that you are trustworthy and reliable.

37. Be a good listener

Guys appreciate it when a girl listens to their problems and offer comfort and support. They are not always comfortable opening up about their emotions, so if they feel safe talking to you and asking you for your advice, listen to him sincerely and help in any way you can.

38. Accept him for who he is

Reassure him that he is special and you like him for who he is. It is not fair to demand people to change according to someone else’s whims. A meaningful relationship is built on love and acceptance. Make him feel comfortable to be his true self without feeling self-conscious when he’s around you.

39. Be financially independent

It’s not okay to expect the guy to handle all the expenses when you go out with him. You are a strong, independent woman, and it’s good to show him that you can take care of yourself. Offer to split the bill or sometimes pay for it yourself.

40. Fulfil your promises

He will trust you if you show him that you keep your promises. Some people end up making empty promises to get someone to like them. However, relationships built on unfulfilled promises can end quickly.

41. Respect his boundaries

Take his privacy seriously, and don’t try to go through his phone or ask invasive questions if he isn’t okay with it. He will appreciate you if you ask for his permission before doing anything that might make him uncomfortable.

42. Do not hold grudges

As a human being, he is bound to make mistakes. You should be willing to forgive him and sort out any misunderstandings. It is necessary to hold him accountable for his wrongdoings, but don’t let your anger destroy a potential relationship. Be patient with him and communicate your feelings so he may learn from them.

43. Motivate him

Challenge him and inspire him to do better. A guy loves a good challenge. Motivate him to become the best version of himself, and he’ll like you all the more for it.

44. Give him mental support

Try to calm him down when he’s nervous or stressed. Be there for him during those periods when he needs a shoulder to lean on. Your constant support and care will show him that you have his back for the long haul.

45. Be spontaneous

While routine is comforting, it might make things boring between you two. You also needs surprises and excitement to keep the physical chemistry alive. Your spontaneity will make him like you even more.

46. Trust him

Have faith in the guy you like. Don’t try to dominate him or supervise his every move. It will make him feel controlled and disrespected. Being suspicious of him will only push him away from you.

47. Make time for him

No matter how busy your life is, make time for your special someone and make them feel important. Show him that you care, and give him your undivided attention when you’re with him. Your sincere efforts will melt his heart.

48. Be selfless

Sometimes, it’s okay to prioritize his needs before yours. Adjustment is the key here. If you want to show your dedication to him, put his needs first sometimes. It will make him feel wanted, and he will do the same for you.

49. Be vocal about your feelings

The most straightforward tip of all; tell him that you like him. It can be daunting, but some guys refrain from making the first move because they fear rejection. So take matters into your own hands, and let him know about your feelings.

50. Focus on your life

Do not get so engrossed in charming the guy that you forget you have a life outside of him. Focus on yourself, and do things that make you happy. If you take time to love yourself, it will reflect on your mood and well-being. He will also appreciate your maturity and sensibility.

So, make the best impression with these tips and charm your way into your crush’s heart. Don’t forget that you are unique, and if he’s a nice guy, he will treat you the way you deserve. However, if it doesn’t work out, don’t let it bring you down. And above all, love yourself.

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