How To Keep A Guy Interested In You: 33 Tips To Get Him Hooked

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Being with the guy they love is a dream that most girls have. But even if you get into a relationship with him, the love might fade over time. So how to keep a guy interested in you? You have fallen for a man you wish to spend your life with and want him to love you back the same way. However, this kind of attraction that your man may have had in the first year might disappear after you have dated for a long time. In this post, we bring you some tips to look desirable to your man and ensure the love between both of you doesn’t die. Read on.

33 Ways to Keep A Guy Interested In You

You can try some or all dos and don’ts mentioned below. But remember not to fake anything. Be true, sincere, and genuine in your approach. All the best!

  1. Take an interest in his passion: Guys like it when a woman takes an interest in things he is passionate about. For instance, if he loves computers, you can ask him questions about the latest computers and the one you must get for yourself. Ask him questions on topics related to his interest and hobbies. He will truly appreciate your efforts in acquainting yourself with subjects that he finds fascinating.
  1. Don’t belittle him: The worst thing you can do to a man is belittle him. You could be more successful in your career or much better than him financially, and you are proud of your hard work. But in an attempt to have him acknowledge your achievements, if you keep reminding him of it, you end up bruising his self-esteem. He may not show it, but he may feel it. Remember, it is okay to talk about your success but not in comparison to your man or not in a way that suggests you are superior to him.
  1. Give him space: There will be times in your relationship when your man might seem a little withdrawn. His sudden change in behavior may make you wonder if you have done anything wrong, while the truth is that he needs time to himself for reasons best known to him. Do not badger him into revealing what happened to him. Instead, give him the space he needs, and he will come back to you eventually.
  1. Don’t tell him everything about yourself: Men like challenges, and they love mystery. If you tell them everything there is to know about yourself without them asking, there will be no mystery for him to find out and they might lose interest in you. Instead, keep revealing details about yourself in small doses, so he never settles thinking he knows everything about you.
  1. Have your own life: A big mistake women make after getting into a relationship is reducing contact with their friends and focusing entirely on their relationship. Instead, keep in touch with your friends. Having your independent social life could make you come across as a more interesting person. It can make you appear congenial and gregarious — qualities that can make you even more appealing in the eyes of your man.
  1. Don’t act insecure: When out with your man, it may so happen that his eyes may fall upon an attractive woman. Don’t get angry and fight with him over it. Instead, if the woman is really attractive, you can praise her in front of him by saying ‘she’s pretty.’ It shows you are confident in your skin and do not feel threatened by other women easily.
  1. Invest in personal hygiene and beauty: Bad breath or body odor can be a big turn off for any man. Make time for yourself and ensure that you look presentable and smell good. This is not just to impress your man but also to make yourself feel confident. You do not have to spend a bomb for it, but simple changes in self-care can make you feel confident from within, making you more attractive to your man.
  1. Don’t allow yourself to be taken for granted: When you change your plans and schedules to meet him, it not just shows your love but also signifies that you will do anything to please him. When you are too available for your man, he may start taking you for granted and not value your efforts. Instead, make plans that suit both of you and without you having to compromise anything.
  1. Appreciate his efforts: Men often indulge in little gestures of love that you may not notice. But whenever you do notice his efforts, appreciate them. Men like being acknowledged for their efforts, especially when it is for their lady-love. Sometimes, it is okay to even appreciate their good intention and intuition behind doing something, even if it was not something you desired.
  1. Don’t forget to have fun: Just because you are in a relationship for a while does not mean you let go of your fun side. Plant a peck on his cheek when he is not looking, ask him for a hug, or say ‘I love you’ with a serious face as if you are giving him some bad news. Do not let the fun die in your relationship!
  1. Make him feel like a hero: Men like to see themselves as a ‘hero’ since they like to provide for their family and be their protector. You probably know how to fix something by yourself, but seeking your man’s help occasionally can make him feel needed. Don’t get this wrong, you do not have to be dependent on him. But seeking his help once in a can trigger his ‘hero instinct,’ making him believe that he saved the day for his woman.
  1. Don’t try to be someone else: It may sound clichéd but being your self is the best way to appear attractive. Men love women who enjoy being themselves, rather than mimic someone or adopt a personality that is not their true persona. For instance, in a conversation, if you do not know something or are unaware of a fact, be honest in stating it. Honesty and sticking to your true identity are important points of attraction for men.
  1. Don’t try to make him jealous: Do not ever make a guy jealous deliberately. You may think that he might value you more if he faces competition. The jealousy trick may work once, but will not help in the long run. He might grow exhausted by your manipulative tricks and lose interest in you, leading to him giving up on you completely.
  1. Do little things for him: You may be independent and hardworking individuals, but that should not stop you from doing little things for him. For instance, if he is unwell, help him get a doctor’s appointment, and buy all the medicines. When he shares some good news with you, you can buy him his favorite dessert on your way home and have a small party. You can make him feel important through your small and considerate gestures.
  1. Don’t play too hard to get: Playing ‘hard to get’ works only in the initial stage of a relationship. Later, it just gets annoying and may even make your man dislike you. Men do sense when you are trying to make them chase you, and it makes you look bad in their eyes. You may come across as attention-seeker, and they may run away from you in no time.
  1. Don’t act desperate: He usually replies to your text within a couple of minutes, but today he hasn’t replied for hours. Don’t panic and certainly do not inundate his phone with messages asking ‘what happened?’. Desperation is a big turn-off for any man. There fore, just let him be and he will get back whenever he is free.
  1. Spice up your love life: Take initiatives to create some excitement in bed. Take control of your bedroom and show him your sexy and dominant side. Drive him crazy with your lusty look and tempting moves. If he wants to explore something, then be welcoming of it. Allow him to live his fantasies and see how much he will love you for it.
  1. Don’t keep bringing up your past: The worst thing you can do is rupture his self-confidence by comparing him with your ex. Also, there is no need to share your fond memories and experiences you shared with your ex. Leave your past behind and look to make new experiences with your current love interest.
  1. Be good to his friends: If his friends approve of you, then it is a big win for him. Men love women who are looked favorably upon by their group of friends. But how do you do that? By not nagging him for drinking out with his friends, by allowing him to go out for a game with his friends, and by being nice to them whenever you happen to meet them.
  1. Don’t be financially dependent on him: Your guy might be rich, but it does not mean that you have to depend on him. Have your financial independence, not just for your satisfaction but also to send him the subtle message that you can take care of yourself. You might be surprised, but a man likes it when his woman is independent. It makes her look strong and desirable. It also suggests that you are there for his personality and nature and not for how much cash he has in the bank vault.
  1. Try to seduce him: To keep your man still madly in love with you, you need to keep the girl he fell in love with alive. This does not mean you have to look young, but you can try to look sexy for him. Wear something racy and try to seduce him. Send him a sexy message or whisper something naughty in his ears. Make efforts to make him want you and desire you, even if you have been dating for ages.
  1. Take the lead: Do not always ask him to pick which restaurant to visit or which movie to watch over the weekend. At times, you can take the lead and not just suggest something but also plan and execute it yourself. Show him that you are interested in their special time together and are willing to make efforts to ensure everything is perfect for both of you.
  1. Don’t lose spontaneity: It is good to plan something, but a spontaneous trip can make you go on an unpredictable adventure. One fine evening, show up outside his workplace and take him out on a surprise date. After a movie, take him to a new place for dinner. Suggest and try something new occasionally and make some great memories together.
  1. Hone your cooking skills: Cooking is a good way to stay in your partner’s heart. When he gets addicted to your cooking, he gets addicted to you, too. If you know how to make his favorite dish, he will never be able to eat the dish without thinking of you first. Cooking with him is also a good way to bond and know each other better. If you can work well together in the kitchen, then you must certainly try cooking together.
  1. Support him: One of the best things you can do to keep your man interested is to support him. If he knows you have his back, he will not feel lonely. If he knows you will be there for him even when he is surrounded by problems, he will feel lucky to have a woman like you by his side. Be the support system he needs and see how he will never look beyond you.
  1. Don’t do too much drama: No doubt there will be days when he will do something wrong that will make you burn with rage. But hold on. Do not throw a hissy fit yet. First, see the situation, analyze it carefully, and then react to it. When you jump to the reaction part without going through the first two steps, you can end up over-reacting to the situation that will make you look like a queen of drama. Remember, men absolutely hate drama.
  1. Have deep conversations: Having deep conversations about your ambitions, plans, passions, and past experiences can help you better understand him and also help strengthen your bond. You can also share your opinions on issues that do not necessarily concern either of you, such as politics or foreign affairs. It can help him understand your personality and make you look more desirable to him.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask him the right question: You may be afraid to ask your man too many questions because he might think of you as an annoying woman. But you must not hesitate to ask the right questions at the right time. He should not feel that you are too naive and that he can get away with anything when it concerns you. When you feel he is doing something wrong, do pull him up for it, and do not let him believe that he can take you for a ride without any consequence.
  1. Have a sense of humor: Men find women with a sense of humor extremely attractive. It is not necessary to always crack a joke, but you can at least learn to have a good laugh with him. He may be poor at jokes, too, but if he sees you enjoy them, it will make him feel more comfortable in your company. However, do not fake your laughter, for he will notice it and will not take it in a nice way.
  1. Don’t try to control or change him: The biggest rule to a happy relationship is to never try to change your man. When you accept him the way he is, he will love and cherish you. Yes, he may have habits that might irk you but try to be more accommodative. If there is some habit that is truly bad, you can politely make him understand how his habit affects you. You can even help him quit a bad habit and appreciate his efforts.
  1. Indulge in some PDA: We do not mean you make out in public, but you can surely hold his hands while walking on the streets or greet him with a hug when you meet. It is a good way to spice up your relationship and send him the message that you are not afraid of showing off your love for him.
  1. Don’t be a pessimist: You must be having your share of problems. However, there is no point in being sad and depressed because of it. Instead, try to look for the brighter side of everything in life and see how your positive energy attracts your man to you like a bee to flowers. He will seek your company to feel better and think more positively while dealing with his own problems.
  1. Impress his family: If you can get along with his parents and siblings, then there can be nothing better than that. If they dote on you, then he will feel like he made the right decision of being with you. The faster you become a part of his family, the easier it will be to keep him close to you forever.

Knowing how to keep a guy interested around you can help you stay strong when the love fades in a relationship. Giving him space, showing interest in his passion, having your own life, and not telling everything about yourself to him can make a guy interested in you. Also, never act insecure, and invest some time in personal hygiene and beauty to grab his attention. You may also appreciate his efforts, and don’t be jealous. Further, never let anyone take you for granted and try to be someone else to impress him.

Key Pointers

  • Show an interest in his hobbies and ask him questions about them.
  • If he notices a beautiful woman, don’t be insecure. Instead, be confident, showing him that you are not easily intimidated.
  • Don’t let yourself be taken for granted, and don’t play “too hard to get” either.
  • Make an effort to impress his family and friends, and don’t act too desperate are more ways to keep him interested.

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