How To Make Him Want You More: 15 Secret Tips

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When you are attracted to someone, it is natural for you to want them to like you back. And it is every person’s dream to be desired by someone they like. But the main question is, how do you do it? How do you make him want you?

Some people are very clear about what they like in a person. Well, it is flattering to be someone’s type, but there is no need to go out of your way just to fit into someone else’s definition of an ‘ideal woman.’ In your quest for true love, you do not have to lose your identity or true self or stalk someone. Strive at becoming the best version of yourself and let love follow you.

Even though there is no magic formula for making him want you, a few tips can surely help you. Read on as we tell you some ways to make him want you.

15 Ways To Make Him Want You

1. Sharpen your look

One of the best ways to get a man’s attention is by working on your look. Put in some extra effort and pick outfits that suit you, opt for a hairstyle that accentuates your face, or wear a little makeup to add that extra oomph to your already lovely face. Do not, however, go overboard trying to look your best. Develop your own unique style and maintain it.

2. Be confident

Confidence is a magnet. It attracts people to you. You may not be wearing your best outfit, but you have nothing to be insecure about if you are wearing confidence. Show him your strong, secure, and positive side, and he’ll be drawn to you.

3. Show interest

When the man you are interested in strikes a conversation, engage in it. When he cracks a good joke, laugh. Don’t belly laugh — a slight chuckle will do. Men enjoy speaking about themselves and receiving validation. Acknowledge his point of view, and let him know you are paying full attention to him.

4. Compliment him

If the man you like has good taste in fashion, music, books, or food, compliment him for it. A genuine compliment will always be appreciated. Men love receiving compliments. Also, it shows that you notice little things about him. But do not try to butter him up—offer compliments sparingly. Too many compliments and he will stop valuing your opinion.

5. Be within his sight

If ‘out of sight’ is ‘out of mind,’ does ‘in your sight’ mean ‘in your mind’? Well, probably yes. We naturally tend to feel curious about someone we see often. Similarly, if a man often spots you around him, he will be reminded of you. Try to hang out with the same group as his or join the same club as his. Make your physical presence felt but subtly.

6. Maintain your mystery

Men love the chase. When a woman is difficult to decode, she becomes even more attractive to a man. However, that does not mean you should be extremely evasive. Let him work or guess a little. Reveal information in small doses, and do not open up too quickly. This can keep him engaged longer.

7. Stay classy

You may be accustomed to using expletives with your friends, but it can be a big turn off for some people. Maintain some self-restraint, especially when trying to make a man want you. A man should accept you the way you are, but that is applicable when you get to know each other well and not in the initial stages of building a relationship.

8. Do not get clingy

Being clingy or needy is the deal-breaker in this game of attraction. Some men do tend to give women a lot of attention at one point and then pull back for a while. This can drive you crazy, but you do not have to show it. Be cool. If he does not respond to that text of yours, just chill—he will get back. Do not bombard his messenger with messages hoping for a reply. Show him that you have better stuff to do than wait for his response.

9. Do not be too flexible

Let’s say the guy you like wants to have late dinner at a place that is a two-hour drive from your home, and you have plans with friends you are meeting after three years, but you cancel it just to please him. This willingness to stoop down for a guy is a big no-no. If he sees that you will do anything to please him, he will start taking you for granted. Instead, refuse him politely and make plans for another time that might suit you both better. Try to be more exclusive. Let him know that you have a life of your own.

10. Invest in a good perfume

Remember the last time you turned to look at someone just because they smelled good? Well, the same applies to men. A good fragrance is a big turn on for many men. Whenever you think you will be meeting him, wear good perfume. This way, he will start associating that sweet smell with you.

11. Enjoy your life

Seeing someone have an awesome life makes you want it for yourself too. If a man sees that you have your own set of hobbies and activities that make you happy, it might rouse his interest. He will wonder what else you enjoy doing and be curious to know more about what you do in your spare time. A woman who has her own goals and hobbies can be irresistible.

12. Know his interests

If you are fond of K-pop or MMA, let him know about it. This way, each time he listens to Korean music or watches an MMA match, he will be reminded of you. If he has any feelings for you, he might even bring it up to initiate a conversation. He will try to get to know you better by trying to know your interests.

13. Flirt with him

Once you get comfortable in his company, you can get playful with him. Healthy flirting is always welcome for a man. It makes him feel attractive and indicates that you like him and are interested in him.

14. Make eye contact

The man you like may make you nervous to the extent that your hands might quiver. But do not let it show on your face. Hide it with a warm smile. In a room full of people, make eye contact with him. It shows you acknowledge his presence. And the smile on your face might bring a smile on his face too.

15. Be positive

Stress can bog anyone down. Even on gloomy days, if you maintain a positive attitude, it will make you look distinct and desirable to a man. He might feel that your company will help him stay positive, too. He might want to spend more time talking to you.

These are some simple yet effective tips on how to make a man want you. But the most important thing is to feel a real connection with him. Whether you are trying to attract a man for the first time or want to re-attract the man already present in your life, try these tips, and you never know, you might end up together forever.