30 SIncere Ways To Get Someone To Like You

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As humans, we all have an inborn desire to be liked and loved by others. You may often look for tips on how to get someone to like you as it is a precious feeling to have someone adore us.

You may often feel confused if the other person likes you. You may have a desire to connect with someone but may struggle to muster the courage to approach them. In addition, you may be confused about how and where to begin. Read this post if you are in a similar situation as we discuss some tips on how to get someone to like you.

30 Ways To Make Someone To Like You

1. Smile more often

Smiles are contagious. When you smile at someone, they feel rewarded as their brain releases happy hormones. A genuine smile can send out a positive vibe and make you more attractive and likable to the other person. It also sends out a message to the other person that you are approachable.

2. Maintain eye contact

Eyes speak louder than words, and they are the windows to the soul. Sustained eye contact acts as an invitation to start a conversation and helps create a bond between the listener and the speaker. It shows your active participation and grabs the other person’s attention. Be relaxed, confident, and natural each time you make eye contact or approach them.

3. Do not judge

Nobody likes to be judged. You do not need to agree to everything someone says or does. Just listening to them without drawing conclusions will help you build a bond of trust. When you judge, you make the other person express themselves less. Approach them with an open mind and see where things go.

4. Share a secret

Being vulnerable to the person you like can increase intimacy and strengthen the bond between you two. When you share a secret with them, it helps build a sense of trust, friendship, and faith between you two. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t go to the extent of revealing everything about yourself when you don’t know them well enough. Be thoughtful and careful about sharing personal stuff.

5. Impress them with your sense of humor

Laughter is a very powerful tool to make people want to be around you. Humor helps you create joyful and good feelings and enables you to connect with people. People will find you relatable if you are blessed with good wit. Just ensure you do not cross any limits and hurt someone’s feelings. Be original and learn to laugh at yourself to make yourself more endearing.

6. Make casual physical contact

A gentle nudge or a tap on the shoulders or hands can send out the message that you are interested in them. A warm touch helps release the love hormone oxytocin, making them feel excited, happy, and relaxed. Complement this with the above points and you will make yourself irresistible to the other person.

7. Share stories and experiences

We all love stories, don’t we? If you master the art of storytelling, people will feel a lot more attracted to you. Share a personal story or experience to grab the attention of your crush and make them learn more about you. You could even share an embarrassing story and give them the giggles.

8. Ask for advice

Ask for advice from your crush. This will make them feel that their opinion matters to you and that you find them knowledgeable and trustworthy. It is a positive way to establish a meaningful connection between you both. You could start by asking for advice on something you know they really care about.

9. Focus on self-grooming

We all like to be around neat and clean people. Dress well, smell good, and practice good personal hygiene to make a good impression on your crush. Self-grooming can also boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. 

10. Make them feel special

It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of establishing a close relationship. Make them feel special by appreciating them and complimenting them often. Celebrate their special days, such as birthdays, by planning surprises for them, give them thoughtful gifts, or send them cute messages to make them feel loved.

11. Meet more often

The bond of friendship will quickly form if you meet them more often. It will also help you understand each other better and get to learn each other’s habits, and likes and dislikes. Moreover, it will also give you a chance to be around them and get their attention.

12. Compliment them

Compliments are building blocks of intimacy. Complimenting your crush emphasizes that you recognize the good in them. It will create a connection between you two as they feel loved and valued. Compliment them on their looks, skills, achievements, or any other personal trait. Remember that the compliment should be genuine and not fake – it should be something that you appreciate about them. And yes, remember to smile and maintain eye contact.

13. Make them your priority

Always be available for them when they need any support. Understand their needs and be that person who is just a call or text away. You can show your interest and concern by meeting them in person or by calling and texting. Make them a priority in your schedule, and do not cancel or reschedule plans with them. Let them know that you enjoy their company.

14. Be confident

Confidence is highly attractive for potential partners. Your confidence reflects your value and how you feel about yourself. Take good care of yourself, set yourself to win, keep your head up, and show it in your body language, with a genuine smile on your face. Avoid being overconfident, though, as it can be intimidating.

15. Ask questions

Asking questions shows that you are interested in them. You will get to know them better by asking about their hobbies, likes and dislikes, and thoughts. It will also give a direction to your conversation and help you uncover their inner self.

16. Create memories together

We always cherish the good times we have spent with someone we like. You can create good memories together by going out on a date, watching a movie, or planning a short trip. You can join a class – yoga class, dance class, music class, whatever you both enjoy –  and spend more quality time together. These moments will bring you closer.

17. Be romantic

Once you have developed trust and intimacy, you can visit their workplace to surprise them with flowers or chocolates, ask them out for a date, or plan a fun activity for the weekend. Affectionate actions like writing notes, cooking their favorite dish, and sending them gifts will make you irresistible. Know what works best for your partner and make them happy.

18. Befriend their friends

It’s a good idea to befriend the friends of your crush. They can help you learn more about your crush and tell you tricks to impress them. Your crush will also feel more comfortable and happy when they can be with all their favorite people.

19. Be trustworthy

Always keep their secrets safe with you, and they will feel more connected with you. Let them know that you are a genuine and loyal person. Let your actions match your words, and never break your promises. Be honest with them, and make yourself more dependable.

20. Be a little mysterious

Being mysterious is exciting. Do not reveal every little detail about yourself initially. One can only process little information at once. By being a little secretive, your crush will get a chance to explore the mysterious side of you.

21. Discuss your similarities

Similarities connect two people quickly and make them want to plan activities together. Having things in common can lead to a smooth relationship. Explore if you have the same outlook towards life. There will always be one thing in common at your rescue, such as a song, movie, food, activity, place, or favorite subject. 

22. Let social media come to your rescue

Follow them on social media, and like their posts and photos. Leaving a comment on their posts and photos will clearly convey the message that you are interested in them. You could also chat with them on social media, and share some cute memes.

23. Charm them over texts

Send interesting short text messages that can set them in a good mood. Be unique, creative, and intriguing. Forward a good joke or share your favorite playlist or fun video and initiate a conversation. Chat about their day, and guess what they have to say. Texting is powerful, helping you to be playful and interesting. Be prompt in replying to show that you are interested. You could also play the waiting game to make them think about you.

24. Do them favors

Bestow little favors to make your crush feel good. It will let them know that you are a kind, courteous, caring, and helpful person. Do not, however, overdo it and portray yourself as desperate.

25. Know their name and nicknames

Everyone likes it when people remember their names. Greet them by their name, get to know their favorite nicknames, and call them with their nicknames to create a sense of intimacy. Learn the correct spelling of their name to avoid making mistakes while writing their name in texts or notes. Once you get closer, you can give each other cute nicknames.

26. Be warm and welcoming

When you meet, listen more and talk less. Let them enjoy talking about themselves and remember what they tell you. When you try to understand them, they will feel at ease with you and end up liking you. Do be intimidating and keep your facial expressions calm. Be agreeable, funny, and practice gratitude.

27. Be yourself

Our personal beliefs and principles make us unique. Stand by what you believe in and do not get manipulated for your moral values. Do not hesitate to display your weirdness and flaws, as they make you unique. When you try to be what you are not, people can easily read it. Being yourself presents you as a genuine and approachable person. Let them fall in love with you and not with the person they want you to be.

28. Give them time and space

Let them have their ’me time.’ Personal space is a must in a healthy relationship. Give them time to recharge themselves by doing things they enjoy. Giving space does not mean you should not be in contact; just don’t overdo things and try not to be clingy. Do not include yourself in their every plan, but wait for the invitation. And allow them to think and make appropriate decisions for themselves.

29. Be down to earth

“The humble ones are always learning and improving.”

A down-to-earth person is always a pleasure to find. Arrogance can make you complacent. Be grounded and learn to listen to their point of view, as they may know something new that you don’t. Politeness, good manners, selflessness, and courtesy will make you stand out from the crowd.

30. Do not appear desperate

Desperation can lead you to prioritize your crush over everything else, which may not be healthy. When you are too nice or too available, it is an invitation for them to take advantage of you. You can lose yourself in the process.

How To Make Someone Admit They Like You?

Meet your special person at a place you both can feel comfortable. Tell them about your feelings in a clear and simple way. Let them know exactly how you feel about them, and ask if they feel the same about you. If they are not clear about how they feel for you, lead them to the answer you want to hear. You could ask them the following questions to make them admit they like you.

  • Do you miss me?
  • Do you look forward to meeting me?
  • Are you happy with me?
  • Do you think I am special?
  • Where do you see “Us” going?
  • Do you think we have a special connection?
  • What does our bond mean to you?

If the answers to these questions are positive, you can be confident that they like you.

A well-groomed appearance can help you make the perfect first impression. Wear a genuine smile and maintain eye contact to grab their attention. Make them feel special by complimenting and prioritizing them. Be warm, humble, and make them feel comfortable around you. However, being too good may cost you your self-worth. So, be cautious! And if you are still wondering how to get someone to like you, follow the tips listed in this post.

Key Pointers

  • You can’t compel anyone to like you, but you can try to woo them.
  • Smiling often, being yourself, making eye contact while talking, and listening without passing judgments are a few ways to make someone like you.
  • Telling your crush about your feelings and asking them if they feel the same could help you know if they like you.

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