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A working mom’s life can be a lot tougher than you may ever imagine. Hence, taking a nanny’s help could make it easy for her. However, a nanny contract has to be well-drafted and signed to avoid any issue after hiring. Like all other services, a well-trained nanny can be hired through professional agreements to take care of the children while the parents are away. Also, the parents get some time to relax. The contract works in favor of the parent and the nanny, as it allows both to understand the terms and conditions through the agreement that includes the regular schedules of the children to be followed. Read on to gain some clarity on getting help from a nanny for your kids.

What Is A Nanny Contract, And Why Do You Need It?

A nanny contract is a formal legal agreement between a parent and the nanny. It contains all the details about the job and mentions the terms and clauses attached to the job. Both parties are expected to fulfill all the conditions mentioned in it.

This contract also includes details about the salary and the rules and work schedules to be followed. It also mentions that the nanny will be under nanny cam to monitor their movements around the house. Besides, it clearly states the duties to be fulfilled by both parties and the clauses under which the contract can be terminated.

With a nanny contract in place, both the parent and the nanny are aware of their set of rights and can use the document in case of a breach of contract. This safeguards the interest of both the parties involved.

Who Can Draw Up A Nanny Contract?

Any employer can create a nanny contract on their own. But it is advisable to seek help from a professional lawyer who understands state employment laws and is better positioned to explain the contract’s conditions. The lawyer can conduct thorough research of state laws and help create a contract that would protect both the employer and employee.

What Should Be Included In A Nanny Contract?

A nanny contract should include all the tasks, responsibilities, and duties of the nanny. It should also mention your duties as an employer to pay the agreed compensation and allowances. During the contract period, if there arises a need for litigation, the contract will be the basis to protect you.

Here are the important points that should be a part of your nanny contract.

  1. Date: The contract should include the date of the day it was created. It should also mention the duration of the contract, that is, the date from which the contract starts to the date it ends.
  1. Work location: This refers to the address where the nanny would be working to look after the child.
  1. Work timings: Here, you need to mention the number of days the nanny would be working for you. Also, mention the timings and number of hours the nanny would be required to work each day and week.
  1. Number of kids: If you have more than one child, and if the nanny will be required to take care of them, it has to be mentioned in the contract.
  1. Job responsibilities: You need to list all the tasks that the nanny will have to perform when your child is in their care. You may provide a detailed description of the kind of work the nanny will be required to perform during their scheduled work hours.
  1. Special concerns: If your child suffers from any medical condition or has some allergies and is sensitive to specific foodstuff, you have to mention it in the contract. The nanny will have to duly note this particular concern to ensure the safety of your child.
  1. Compensation: The contract should clearly mention the remuneration finalized for the services of the nanny. Nannies are usually paid on an hourly basis, so you have to mention the per-hour rate and the fee to be paid for overtime. You will also have to decide and mention if the nanny would be paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  1. Special benefits: You need to mention special provisions made for the nanny; that is, those provisions that do not fall under the purview of the state laws; for instance, many states do not ask to make provisions for paid leaves. As an employer, you can add the number of days the nanny is allowed to take sick leave or even other leaves without taking a cut on their salary.
  1. Use of home equipment: If the nanny is allowed to use your home equipment, such as a computer and washer, you need to mention the scope of it.
  1. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): Do not forget to add the non-disclosure clause to the agreement. As per this clause, the nanny cannot divulge the private details of you and your family to any third party. It can include sharing details of your child, property, documents, and even of your conversations. This clause is needed to protect your privacy. In case the nanny breaches this clause, you can hold the nanny accountable even after the contract has been terminated.
  1. Termination of contract: The contract should also mention the end date of the contract as well as the condition and circumstances under which the contract can be terminated at any point in time.

Sample Nanny Contract

Here is a sample of a very basic contract that you can refer to when creating a contract for your nanny. You can certainly add or modify the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.

Download Sample Nanny Contract

The relation between a parent and a nanny should be of trust. A contract is crucial for a smooth working relationship. As both parties’ expectations are managed and outlined from the start, they will not grey areas, which might lead to potential conflict in the future.

Key Pointers

  • A nanny contract helps keep the parents and nanny aware of their rights and course of action in case of breach of the agreement.
  • Duration of the contract, work location and timings, the number of children to look after, and set responsibilities are a few things to include in a nanny contract.
  • A professional lawyer can help you make a mutually beneficial nanny contract as per the laws of your state and country.

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