20 Telltale Signs You Have Found Your Platonic Soulmate

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“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. He is more myself than I am.” These powerful words by Catherine Earnshaw describe her eternal connection to Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s seminal novel, ’Wuthering Heights.’ The sentiment exemplifies the concept of platonic soulmates.

This wasn’t when the idea first came into being, though. Around 450 BC, the Greek philosopher Plato talked about “pairs of souls” in his impromptu dialogue, ’The Symposium.’ According to him, a platonic soulmate is someone who shares your spiritual path. It need not be a romantic relationship, a lover, spouse, or even a heterosexual relationship.

The idea has nothing to do with sex and romance or anything to do with destiny. Read on to explore more about the tell-tale signs someone is your platonic soulmate.

20 Signs You Found Your Platonic Soulmate

Platonic soulmates believe in the oneness of the same soul, or what could also be defined as one soul living inside two different people. So how do you know if you have found your platonic soulmate? Read on.

1. They connect at all levels

Your platonic soulmate understands and connects with you at all levels—soul, mind, and spirit—and you find solace, peace, and happiness when you are around them. Around your platonic partner, you can be your authentic self. In addition, when you are with a platonic soulmate, you feel more optimistic about the future.

2. They provide solace

This person knows you very well, and you know them in the same way, even if you have met them only recently. You feel comfortable with them; there is no forced conversation, and their company is comfortable and relaxing. They will provide comfort and company when you feel lonely or give you valuable advice to make difficult decisions.

3. They are by your side

You know you can always rely on your platonic soulmate to take care of your emotional needs and make time for you. They will always be by your side, whether you are going through rough times or facing financial difficulties, disappointments, family problems, and other life challenges. They help you in times of need, forgive your mistakes, and guide you to be better.

4. They tell you the truth

Your platonic soulmate will make you feel like you are only half of yourself. You will be able to tell what your soulmate is thinking and vice versa. They will always tell you the truth and will tell you precisely what you need to hear. Also, they will enter your life and help you grow, challenge you, positively inspire you, and provide you with complete, unconditional love and attention.

5. They have similar tastes as yours

A platonic soulmate is someone who shares your interests and mentality. Whether it’s similar interests, values, morals, or temperament, platonic soulmates frequently share core characteristics.

6. They enjoy your company

If you find that you enjoy your time with them and feel satisfied when you leave, they are likely your platonic soulmate. When you meet your other half, the actual half of yourself, you will be in awe and filled with love, friendship, and intimacy. You will both feel a sense of joy in having found the other.

7. They have deep conversations

The conversations you have with your platonic soulmate flow naturally, leaving you energized rather than exhausted. When you meet this person, there will be an instant connection, and you can see that there is pure love between the two of you, despite the flaws and imperfections. You can have in-depth conversations with a platonic soulmate without worrying about saying the wrong thing. No matter how many hours have passed, there will always be something new to discuss, which will broaden your worldview.

8. They have fewer fights

Unlike in a romantic relationship, where you will often have to compromise to avoid conflicts and maintain a happy relationship, quarrels with platonic soulmates may not happen so frequently and usually resolve on their own without either of you worrying about parting ways.

9. They do not judge you

You can share anything under the sun with a platonic soulmate, from your deepest and most intimate secrets to your relationship woes. You can discuss emotions and relationships you have with others or share your gaffes with no qualms. You can be openly vulnerable with each other without worrying about being judged.

10. They accept your flaws

They are aware of your flaws, shortcomings, limitations, and mistakes of the past, but they still love you for who you are. Your platonic soulmate not only accepts you for who you are but will also accept your flaws. So, regardless of your successes or failures, they will always be there to celebrate with you.

11. They are not jealous

You know your soulmate very well, so you will not be threatened by or jealous of other people within your life. On the contrary, you will feel safe in your relationship because you know that they will not find a strong connection like you have with each other. Your platonic soulmate will be free of feelings of jealousy, insecurities, fears, or threats to the relationship.

12. They have a strong bond

Often, just with body language/non-verbal cues and eye contact, you can tell what either of you is thinking. There is such a strong bond that allows you to feel in sync with each other, almost to the extent that you can read each other’s minds. When one of you gets stuck while speaking, you’ll find yourself filling in the blanks for each other.

13. They are incomplete without you

You may be in a romantic relationship, and you may marry the man or woman you love one day. But, even if you are separated by distance at some point in your life, you know your platonic soulmate will always be there to support you and provide insight.

14. They are comfortable with your silence

There is no awkward silence when you and your platonic soulmate are together. Silence, on the other hand, is calming and soothing. Whether you are reading a book in the same room or driving in the car, there’s a quiet peace between you. While you enjoy stimulating conversations with your platonic soulmate, you are equally at ease with the quiet periods in between, and you never feel awkward when you have nothing to say.

15. They allow you to be upfront

They allow you to be upfront and genuine, almost like talking to yourself. This is a tell-tale sign that you are in the presence of your platonic soulmate! You can be direct with them and share any news without the fear of upsetting them.

16. They are drawn to you

They are drawn to you, and they hope to always have your friendship. You have a strong connection, and your lives appear to be inseparable at times. Simply being in each other’s presence makes you happy.

17. They protect and defend you

A platonic soulmate is someone who does things for you without expecting anything in return. They protect and defend you in every possible way and give you a sense of safety and security.

18. They bring out your best qualities

They challenge you and prod you to push yourself in every possible way to make you both proud. Your platonic soulmate will encourage you to grow and thrive rather than shrink. Because of this relationship, you will feel that you are the best version of yourself.

19. They do not compete

You both share a similar drive and passion, and as a result, you both motivate each other and treat yourself as equals. There is no competition, whether in terms of professional or social achievements. You inspire each other to achieve your goals and wholeheartedly support each other in your pursuits.

20. They laugh at all your jokes

You both make each other laugh and have a similar quirky sense of humor. They laugh at most of your jokes, even if they are not funny, and vice versa. Laughing together is a sure sign of chemistry, and it may mean that you have found your platonic soulmate.

The idea of platonic soulmates is about sharing a spiritual journey rather than sex, romance, or fate. They will understand you and connect with you on all levels, providing you with comfort, peace, and pleasure. You know it when you feel comfortable talking to them about your deepest thoughts and truths, and you’ll be able to be open and honest with them since you know they won’t judge you. So if you find any of these signs in someone, you may have found your platonic soulmate.

Key Pointers

  • Wondering what a platonic soulmate is? They are your perfect match and tend to be strongly, eternally, and spiritually connected to you.
  • A platonic soulmate loves your company, makes you feel comfortable, and you two embrace deep conversations together.
  • They seldom judge you, are interested in every aspect of your life, and are protective of you.
  • More interesting details about a platonic soulmate as you browse further.

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