31 Road Trip Games To Play And Stay Entertained

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Whether you are heading out of town with your family or driving around the city with friends, there’s one thing you can never get enough of—exciting road trip games!

Playing games during road trips can keep you active and engaged for hours. It also gives you a chance to bond with your loved ones. And before you know it, you are at your destination!

Make every road trip fun and memorable with our list of the best games.

31 Road Trip Games To Play

Several ways guarantee enjoyment on your road trip. Scroll down to find out the best option for your journey.

Road Trip Games For Kids

Your children may ask, “Are we there yet?” once they get impatient during the trip. Kill their boredom through these exciting road trip games.

1. I spy

A super easy car game for children, ‘I Spy’ can keep them entertained for long. You may start with “I spy with my little eye, something that begins with the letter…A” or “I spy with my little eye, something…red.” Your children will have to guess and figure out the answer.

2. Don’t say it

Choose five words at the beginning of the journey that should not be used in the conversation. For example, you may pick ‘fuel,’ ‘food,’ or ‘break.’ Whoever uses the chosen words while talking will get a ticket. At the end, whoever gets more tickets will lose the game. You may ask the loser to sponsor the dinner.

3. Bingo

Use a pen and paper to play the game. Ask your children to write down the list of objects that you may get to see along the way. For instance, a red bike, a closed restaurant, a dog, and a florist. Everyone needs to keep an eye outside the window and cross the object as they spot. The person who crosses the entire list first will win the game.

4. I am going on a picnic

One of you has to start the game with “I am going on a picnic…”For example, “I am going on a picnic, and I am bringing a mat.”  The next person will have to repeat it by adding another sentence to it. It could be “I am going on a picnic, and I am bringing a mat and a basket.” The same will continue until someone misses an item.

5. Who am I?

This game compels your children to think hard. Pick an animal or a person. Your children will guess by asking you questions about it. They may ask “Can you fly?” “What is your color?” or “How many legs do you have?” Whoever guesses it correct will have to take a pick in the next round.

6. Sing along, string along

If your children love singing, try playing this game. Sing the first line of a song and leave it for your children to continue. Whoever completes the song correctly wins the game.

7. Letterrace

It involves looking around. Give a letter to your children. Say, ‘T.’ Whenever they find objects with T, they have to write down on paper. Whoever writes more will be the winner.

8. Car color

This game involves identifying car colors during the journey. It is suitable for your little ones, especially when they are learning colors. Make columns on paper for different colors. Ask them to keep an eye on the cars that pass by and put a tick mark on the paper whenever they spot a color. The person with maximum ticked marks wins the game.

9. Hypotheticals

Let your children use their imagination and come up with creative answers. Ask some hypothetical questions such as “If you could be someone famous, who would you be and why?” or “What superpower would you like to have and why?” You will be amazed by the answers.

10. Storytime

Children and adults can enjoy the game together. Start the game by telling one sentence as the beginning of the story. The other person has to continue by adding another sentence to the previous one. This way, you can make interesting storylines that will take unpredictable turns.

11. Cows on my side

It is a simple game for those who travel through rural areas. Players need to sit on the window sides. Whenever you spot a cow on your side, scream“cow on my side” and get the point. If you see a cow on the other side, shout “cow on your side” to get your opponent’s points. In case you pass a cemetery, say“ghost cow” and get all the opponent’s points. You will have a great time.

12. Word chain

This is a word game where the players have to think of a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Suppose you say‘rose,’the next player should say a word starting with ‘e.’ Make this game more interesting with themes such as animals, place, or food-related words.

13. 50 states

Ask your children to keep a check on the number plates of vehicles. They can even write down the vehicle numbers on paper. It is an engaging game for children. Whoever records the vehicles of maximum states will win the game.

Road Trip Games For Couples

Are you planning to go on a long drive with your partner? Make your trip entertaining with these amazing road trip games.

14. Two truths and a lie

The simple game helps you and your partner to get along while enjoying the drive. You have to share three statements about yourself, in which two are true, and one is a lie. Then let your partner guess which one is a lie. Continue and share a lot of stories.

15. Question and answer

Make a good set of questions ready for the trip. If you feel your conversation or journey is going off track, then ask the questions.

  • What is your favorite memory of dating me?
  • Which country would you like us to visit together?
  • What is the last dream you had about me?
  • What is the best thing you like about me?

Frame questions as per the rapport you share with your partner.

16. Would you rather?

It is a flirty game where you give your partner the options for every question. Their reaction may be cute or embarrassing but you will have fun. For example,

  • Would you like to call me in the morning or at night?
  • Would you rather have a partner who hates pets or loves them?
  • Would you rather wrestle a chimpanzee or crocodile?

17. Guess the song

Play the first ten seconds of a song and see how long your partner takes to guess it right. The faster you guess, the more points you get. You can add multiple songs to a playlist and put it in shuffle mode. It is a good game to test your partner’s music skills.

18. Categories

Select a category such as “movies we watched together” or “places we have visited together.”Keep adding answers by taking turns. Whoever fails to answer will lose the game. To make it exciting, seta time limit of ten seconds.

19. The movie game

If you are movie buffs, you would like the game. Pick a movie and ask your partner to guess the actor or actress. Keep taking turns and share your experiences about the movies while enjoying the road trip.

20. Rhyming game

Easy to play, the rhyming game is an amusing road trip game. Share a statement and ask your partner to add a rhyming statement. For example, “I can’t wait to go to the beach,” “yeah, so we can get two drinks and a pizza each.”

21. The hot seat

The game is suitable for couples who speak less. Grab the opportunity to ask your partner some mysterious questions. While you are in the car, there is no escape but to answer honestly. You may ask, ‘When do you think is the right time to exchange rings?’ ‘When are you introducing me to your parents?’

22. Never have I ever

The game involves putting five fingers up. Start the game with ‘Never have I ever….’ For example, ‘Never have I ever drunk dialed ex’ or ‘Never have I ever lied to you.’ For every ‘yes’ as an answer, fold the finger. Whoever makes a fist first loses the game.

23. The quiet game

Though it sounds the easiest, it could be the most challenging. Set a time frame and crack a joke or imitate someone. Your partner has to stay blank during the set frame. If they giggle or laugh, they lose the round. Continue the games till you reach your destination.

Road Trip Games For Family

Do you think a family trip would be boring? We guess not when you try playing these games on your next drive.

24. Travel blurt

It is a hilarious game of rapid word recall wherein a player reads the clues aloud and others have to blurt out the answer. A magnetic scoreboard can track the correct answers. The player to reach the top of the scoreboard wins. For example, if the clues are ‘a book of maps,’ ‘geographical book,’ or ‘borders’—the answer will be ‘an Atlas.’

25. Flash dash

It is a cool game for the back seaters as it prevents a sibling turf war. Flash dash or flashcube is an electronic handheld device with light and sound options. Adults and children can play the game while enjoying their drive. It improves brain skills and hand-eye coordination. However, exclude the person driving the car.

26. Punch buggy

The players have to punch each other whenever they see the Volkswagen Beetle. This game name is in reference to the beetle’s nickname, the bug.

27. LEGO tic-tac-toe

Do not put an end to the classic tic-tac-toe game. Use a travel-sized LEGO tic-tac-toe game board instead of pen and paper to keep the enjoyment constant. While the driver and the partner engage in a conversation, the back seaters can have fun with this game.

28. Popsicle stick playing cards

Itis another version of the card game where the Popsicle sticks are labeled similar to the cards. These are easy to hold and can be played by everyone on a road trip.

29. Word explorer

Before heading out for the road trip, get some prints of word puzzles. Pick easy to hard levels for all age groups. Whoever solves the puzzles first will win the game.

30. Dots to square

The simple yet interesting game involves taking turns to draw lines between the dots for creating squares. Use tricks and strategies to take over your opponent’s square. After completing each square, put your initials in it. The person with the most squares will be the winner.

31. Adventure cootie catcher

The cootie catcher game does not tell the fortune. Rather, it gives you challenges, brainteasers, and riddles. It will make the entire family giggle all the way to your destination. So, whenever your children feel bored, ask them to make a cootie catcher to have a good time.

On a road trip with friends or family, the journey should be made as memorable as the time spent at the destination. While long road trips can get boring, especially for children, playing some cool games can make the trip exciting. Try these fun, educational, and challenging road trip games on your next adventure to keep the crankiness at bay. You can include family stories and jokes to tweak some of these games to make them more memorable and personalized. Don’t forget to click pictures and shoot videos while playing these games to keep the memories safe forever.

Key Pointers

  • Road trip games keep children engaged and help them enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination.
  • Some favorites are I spy, looking for different colored cars, storytime, and word chain.
  • For couples, some interesting road trip games are two truths and a lie, the hot seat, and guess the song.

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