How To Host A Perfect Virtual Baby Shower?

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Virtual baby showers are gaining popularity in recent times. Baby showers are a special event for both parents as they celebrate the upcoming arrival of their bundle of joy. This post brings you some interesting ideas for a virtual baby shower so you can also celebrate with family members who live far away.

Although nothing can compare to the feeling of everyone coming under the same roof and celebrating together, a virtual baby shower allows you to have fun right from the comfort of your home and in your PJs unless there is a dress code. Continue reading for a list of fun virtual baby shower ideas, games, and activities to add to it.

How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower? 

Here are a few thoughtful things to keep in mind when throwing a virtual baby shower.

  • Make sure that the shower is in honor of the expecting parents, so make it memorable for them.
  • Don’t overdo the guest list just because it’s virtual. Your guests should feel invited to be a part of a unique experience. It is better to invite close friends and family members only.
  • Let your guests, family, and friends know what mobile application or platform you will use to connect. Do a trial run to make everyone familiar with the technology.
  • Get ready for the celebration, and make sure not to show up in pajama. Show that you were excited to be a part of it. Appreciation, love, and happiness doesn’t have to be only verbal.
  • Plan the games and fun activities in such ways that virtual space shouldn’t be a hurdle.
  • Share the agenda of the celebrations with the guests.
  • Decide how long the party is going to be. Remain flexible to accommodate different time zones.
  • Be thoughtful with the gift, and make sure to return favors! 

Technology You Will Need For The Virtual Baby Shower

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are various websites where you can decide to meet. The only thing to consider is not to complicate the celebration by trying new or unfamiliar virtual spaces. Pick a platform, which is accessible to everyone. It can be Skype, Zoom, Facebook messenger rooms, or Google Hangout. If some old parents or grandparents are unaware of using the virtual space, do a trial before the actual celebrations begin. Do not forget to click pictures and share them!

How Long Can You Have A Virtual Baby Shower? 

Although virtual celebration doesn’t have to be restricted by time, it is a good idea to be thoughtful of guests’ time and other commitments. Do not keep it too short or too long; a range of 40 to 90 minutes is a good option. It is good to divide the time into segments dedicated to specific activities to run things smoothly.

  • You can start with a welcome speech from the host for two to five minutes. Keep it short, warm, and funny.
  • If guests want to share dos and don’ts, or fun experiences with the expecting parents, each one can take up to two to five minutes.
  • Depending on the number of games planned, plan each fun activity for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You may allocate 10 to 15 minutes for opening gifts.
  • Virtual nursery tours or snacking together may be planned for 10 minutes.
  • Thank you notes/goodbyes/guest book can be allocated 10 to 15 minutes. 

Virtual Baby Shower Invitations 

In the age of instant messages and emails, sending a handwritten invitation can be a very thoughtful gesture. You can even send a handwritten note digitally. Download and print a baby shower invitation template and write down the note or message. You can scan or click a high-resolution picture of this handwritten invitation and send it digitally.

Remember to include all the essential information in the invitation, such as the invite password, party games, virtual space to be used, the attire, and snacks to be prepared (if included).

Virtual Baby Shower Decoration Ideas 

Although the decor is optional, it is good to decorate a space where you plan to host and connect with your guests. Also, the host of the party or other close family members can send party decorations beforehand to others. Some virtual spaces come with an inbuilt virtual decoration application for the screen, making the whole process a lot easier. For instance, you and your guests can download Zoom’s virtual backgrounds to add extra fun!

Virtual Baby Shower Game Ideas

Virtual games can replace regular baby shower games. The excitement can still be the same.

  • “Name that baby tune“ involves playing nursery rhymes or lullabies and letting your guests guess its name. You can even set a time limit to make the guessing game exciting.
  • Online Pictionary games can also be a good option. You can create private rooms and unleash artists.
  • You can fill up jars with M&Ms, Hershey’s kisses, or jelly beans and ask the guests to guess the number of candies inside the jar.
  • For a movie buff mom-to-be, guessing the names of the babies of celebrity mothers can be a unique idea.
  • Showing baby products and asking the guests to guess the correct price is another interesting pick.
  • You can show the childhood pictures of friends, family, or celebrities and let them guess the right names.
  • “Who knows mommy best” is about making the expectant mother feel special and involves guessing all her favorite things, such as favorite actors, food, holiday, or shows.

Virtual Baby Shower Guestbook

You can create a form that represents your digital guestbook, send the link to your guests to fill, and ask them to email it back to you. In case someone wants to make it more personalized, they can upload a picture of their handwritten note. There are multiple guest book apps to choose from. You can also create sharable customized templates on Google slides for your guests to fill out.

How To Open Gifts At A Virtual Baby Shower? 

Opening a gift is full of surprises and fun and undoubtedly one of the most awaited parts of the celebration. There is no reason why it can’t be fun in a virtual shower.

  • If you want to open the gifts with everyone, you can do so in front of the camera and let everyone watch.
  • Guests can show the gifts and send them to the expectant mother later.
  • The activity can be a mix of the first two options depending on when and how long gifts will take to reach the destination.
  • You can click the pictures of the gifts and show them to all the participants, too.

Virtual Baby Shower Thank You Notes 

It is equally important to be thankful for the presence and gifts of all your loved ones. You can show your gratefulness either via a handwritten note or an email. To make the “thank you” more heartfelt, you can use various downloadable templates available online and personalize them accordingly. For instance, you may try PaperlessPost, GreetingsIsland, or Canva.

A few suggestions for the message include:

  • “Thank you so much for making my baby shower so special! Love the adorable onesies (other gifts)! Can’t wait to put it on the baby!”
  • “Thank you for making this day extra special! Appreciate all the love, care,andsupport!”
  • “So grateful to have friends like you! Blessed to welcome my little one among such loving people.”
  • “Thank you for attending my baby shower! Appreciate all your blessings and love while supporting my growing family.”
  • “I am so lucky to have you during this scary yet exciting time! Thank you for being such a great friend.”

Baby showers celebrate the upcoming baby’s birth, and it is the most memorable occasion for parents-to-be. Some cool ideas for virtual baby showers can make your special occasion memorable and fun. You may keep the guest list limited or go berserk and invite many people. Giving a dress code and a chance for everyone to express their wishes can help in making the day unforgettable. Also, it is not a bad idea to run a trial before the actual date to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Key Pointers

  • A stable internet connection and a platform accessible to everyone are important for hosting a virtual baby shower.
  • You can send out e-vites for the celebration and arrange interesting online games.
  • Creating a digital guestbook, opening gifts with the guests, and various other interesting ideas as your scroll down.

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