35 Perfect Virtual Date Ideas To Keep Your Love Life Strong

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Long-distance relationships can be taxing and frustrating at times. But we present some virtual date ideas to help you reduce the distance and maintain the spark in your relationship. Thanks to technological advancement, virtual dating has become the new norm, and things have become much easier than they were a decade ago. With plenty of options to choose from, like dating apps, video conferences, and voice calls, the love birds can create memories and have fun even when away from each other. Read on as we bring you a list of interesting and creative ideas for virtual dating to keep your love life strong.

35 Fun Virtual Dating Ideas

1. Wine and cheese

You and your partner can decide a time for a virtual date. Dress up as if you are going out, prepare a cheese platter, pour yourselves some wine, and light some candles. Try to keep the ambiance as romantic and relaxed as possible, and then do a video call. Spend the next couple of hours sipping wine, eating cheese, complimenting each other, and talking like you would have on a real date. You can even blow flying kisses at each other.

2. Virtual tour

Several museums and art galleries offer online virtual tours. Enroll yourselves in one such tour and watch it together. Immerse yourselves in learning new stuff and discuss the things that catch your fancy.

3. Cooking

You miss cooking together during the weekends and barbecuing in the backyard once or twice a month. To make a similar date, you can decide on a dish that you like and cook together at your respective places. Keep showing each other what and how you are cooking. Of course, you can compete, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy your meal over some fun conversations.

4. Dance party

Decorate your room with disco lights or something funky. Lay the table and make it look like a pub setting. Share a playlist and dance to the same songs together. As silly as it may sound, it’s cute and funny. Hold in a pillow close to you as if your beloved is with you.

5. Book club

Start a two-person book club. Read the same book and set a date to discuss it over a call or video chat. You can talk about what each of you liked about the book and much more. It can be quite interesting, and each of you can understand each other’s perspectives.

6. 20 questions

It is a good old game of thinking about a personality and then asking 20 questions with answers in yes and no only, till they can guess the right person. Of course, to make it more intimate, you can ask 20 questions about each other back and forth. It can be done over a telephonic conversation, chatbox, or even a video call. It is a great way to get to know one another better.

7. Online games

There are plenty of online games that can be played virtually — Scrabble, Ludo, Scribbl, Call of Duty, the list could go on. Set up a game with your partner and play. Most games also have a texting feature, so you can keep chatting while encouraging or teasing each other.

8. Photo album

Create a folder with pictures and share it with your partner through Dropbox. You can update the images, make faces, and add little captions to keep each other entertained. It can be a sweet virtual date idea.

9. Gym, pilates, or yoga

Pick a time when you both can exercise together. Put on the same video or TV show that both of you like to follow. Do a video call and sweat it out together. Make it a routine so that you can have a fixed exercise date.

10. House hunting

If you plan to move in together or get married in the future, it’s nice to go house hunting together virtually. Check out online real estate portals and share pictures of places you would like to live in. The discussion can take a turn and move into sweet conversations about how you would want to decorate the house, what kind of pictures you would like on the wall, and how many rooms you would want.

11. Daily crossword

Pick up the newspaper online and do the daily crossword or sudoku together. Be on call and do the same puzzle till it is completed. Make it your breakfast routine. It’s like waking up together and sitting across the table with your cup of coffee and the morning paper. It can give you a feeling of comfort and togetherness.

12. Dream vacation

You can’t wait to see each other as it has been ages since you spent quality time together. While you are away, you can plan a dream vacation. Discuss the place, hotels, things to see, romantic things you want to do, clothes you wish to buy, and everything else that tickles your imagination. Write them down and make the most of them when they come true.

13. Vision board

Make a vision board together. A vision board is where you write down your dreams and aspirations. They could be about a career, children, family, or even the next car you want to buy or the place you want to visit. It helps you learn about each other and realize how much you have in common.

14. Art night

If you both enjoy art and craft, get on a Zoom call and pick the same picture. Paint together and keep showing your progress over the video. Give each other tips or ask for advice and create a beautiful painting or craft together. Of course, if you both love to challenge each other, compete to see who is better. You can send it to mutual friends and take a poll. The one who loses has to do whatever the winner says, as naughty as it may be!

15. Tattoo ideas

If you and your date are into tattoos and piercings, discuss and share ideas over a video call and make a list of the choices you want. Decide on a place and time when you will meet next and promise to get the tattoo or piercing together.

16. Story writing

Get creative and try writing a story together. Each of you can write a line or paragraph alternately and weave a story together. It can be done as a movie script or even a poem. The idea is to follow each other’s thought processes. It could turn out to be heart-touching or ridiculously funny.

17. Stand-up comedy

If your partner enjoys stand-up comedy, surprise them by performing a gig on a video call. Take inspiration from a few videos or write your jokes if you have a good sense of humor. Make them laugh and let them feel like they are watching a show. They may love you a little more after seeing your effort and hidden talent.

18. Learn something

Take an online class together; it can be an art, dance, or language class. It will be fun to virtually sit in the same classroom. You can compete, do projects together, or share your notes. It’s a good way to bond and encourage each other to do better.

19. Walk

If you are tired of being indoors and miss your walks, go out for a walk while talking over the phone. You could even have a video call and show the surroundings to your partner. It is a good way to bond even when you are away from each other. You can even walk into the grocery store and show each other what you are buying.

20. Game/movie night

If both of you enjoy sports, gear up to watch a game together. Pick up a few snacks, such as nachos, chips, and chicken wings, or order pizza. Put the game on and switch on the video call. Watch the game together, cheering your favorite team and teasing the other. If you are not into sports, you could have a movie night.

21. Surprise gift

Choose a day and budget to buy gifts for each other. The trick is to find something your partner likes and not what you like. Get it gift-wrapped and send it across. Pick a day and time when you can get on video and open the gifts together. It will be interesting to see the expression on their face.

22. ‘Where am I?’

Send pictures or sound bytes of where you are and ask them to guess. It could be a common place you both know or just a room in the house. They have to be as specific as possible.

23. Mixed drinks

Set your camera at the bar and make concoctions. Mix and match the drinks and beautify them as you wish. Ask the other what they want to drink and try creating an interesting cocktail/mocktail for them.

24. Trending dance

Learn a dance or some dance moves that are trending on the Internet. Get on a video call and watch each other try out the steps. It could be funny or impressive. At least you would know if your partner could dance (if you do not know it yet).

25. Coffee date

If your partner is traveling and you miss going to your favorite coffee place with them, go there alone, sit at your favorite table, and set up a video call. Carry your earphones so that you don’t disturb the people around you. Order their favorite coffee and tell them how much you miss them.

26. Read aloud

There’s something lovely about hearing a loved one read aloud to you. Especially on earphones, their voice can touch the soul. Read out pieces that have touched a part of you—it could be your most favorite poem, a paragraph from a book, or even a letter from a loved one. Talk about what it is that you love most about the piece. It’s a great way to bond and improve your emotional connection.

27. Pet stories

If you are an animal lover, share animal or pet stories. Share if you would like to have a pet and which one would it be. If your partner seems excited and takes the conversation forward or goes even further to share pictures and links of pet shops, adoption houses, and animal shelters, you know you have a compatible partner.

28. Striptease

Although a striptease in real is way more fun, playing this over an online game is pretty good as well. Get on a video call and choose a game to play—it can be a guess who, a riddle game, or hangman, maybe. The idea is, every time one of you loses a round, you take off a piece of clothing you are wearing. You can customize the game as per your convenience.

29. Order lingerie

Order some sexy lingerie and seductive clothes online and send them across. Get on video and do a little fashion show for each other. Again, feel free to let it lead to something more interesting.

30. Bubble bath

If you are daring enough and don’t mind, both of you can set up individual bubble baths. Light an incense, play soft music, pour yourselves a drink, and get into the tub from your respective places. Get naughty talking about things you would do if you were together.

31. Intimate questions

If you want to take your relationship a notch higher, you may want to understand your partner better. Ask each other intimate questions—past relationships, childhood, plans, things close to their heart, and their fantasies. It will help you understand if you both share the same wavelength and are on the same page in the relationship.

32. Pillow talk

It’s nice to end the day in bed together. Lying in bed and chatting late into the night about how you love to snuggle up or even looking at each other could be exciting. Watch each other fall off to sleep with a smile on the face.

33. Bond touching

It’s amazing how technology has advanced and allows you to ‘feel’ your partner’s touch. Bond touch bracelets are cool accessories that you can wear and feel like your partner is touching you. When they touch the bracelet, you can feel the vibration. It’s as close as you can get to ‘touching and feeling’ virtually.

34. Send handmade presents

You can DIY thoughtful presents for your beloved and get them delivered. Arrange a video call at a particular time and open the gifts in front of each other. It can be a cute date away from each other yet still connected by hearts.

35. Recounting memories

If you have been in a relationship for a while now, it’s nostalgic to walk down memory lane. Talk about where you first met, what you thought of each other, the feelings you had, how you were attracted, and about the first kiss. Make the conversation emotional, nostalgic, funny, or even frisky. The conversation can move to what you would like to do again or want to do when you meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I prepare for a facetime date?

When preparing for a facetime date, dress up as you would for a regular date. They will appreciate the effort you took to look nice. Since virtual dates are more likely to be awkward, prepare a few conversation topics in advance for lulls in the conversation. Finally, try to tackle any technical glitches by arranging backup options.

2. How do I end an awkward virtual date?

If your virtual date has taken a wrong turn and you are positive you would not want to interact with this person again, politely make your intentions clear. Tell them that you need to go, thank them for their time, and exit the conversation. End the conversation candidly to ensure there are no ill feelings.

Long-distance relationships have become easier to handle with digitization and advancement in technology. However, you need to put in some effort to make it last. So spice up your virtual dates with these fun and romantic virtual date ideas. You could cook together, do a virtual tour, play online games, watch movies on shared screens, take a bubble bath over a video call, and do other fun online activities. Try not to dwell on how difficult it is to be separated or how lonely you feel. Instead, keep the conversation humorous, romantic, and pleasant and make an effort to make the date memorable.

Key Pointers

  • Decide on your favorite dishes, and cook and eat together virtually to get the vibe going.
  • Playing online games with your partner will keep your conversation lively.
  • Walking down memory lane and looking at old pictures can make you nostalgic and help you bond on a deeper level.

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