15 Best Ways To Respect Your Wife To Make Her Feel Valued

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A happy marriage is all about the husband and wife being in tune with each other. You may respect your wife’s feelings to win her love. Mutual respect is the key factor in creating strong bonds. You may pay more attention to your wife and respect her opinion and emotions to make the relationship more wonderful.

But how do you show your respect for her? Read this post to know some ways to respect your wife.

How To Respect Your Wife: 15 Ways

You don’t need words to express how much you respect your wife. Some thoughtful gestures are enough to show it.

1. Keep your promises

When you make a promise to your wife, she trusts and expects you to keep it. Keeping your word shows that you respect her and do not want to disappoint her. Thus, her trust in you increases as she becomes confident she can rely on you.

2. Fulfil your responsibilities

As a spouse, you have certain responsibilities towards your wife and family. Fulfilling your responsibilities without being told to or reminded by your wife shows your commitment as a husband. She will see you as a responsible spouse who prioritizes her needs.

3. Share the household chores

Even if your wife is a stay-at-home mom, she should not be the only one responsible for looking after the house and kids. Set apart time for household chores such as doing the dishes after dinner or dropping the kids to school every morning. A little help shows how much you appreciate her efforts.

4. Be a faithful husband

Nothing is more disrespectful to a woman than knowing that her husband ogles at other women, be it in front of her or in her absence. Show respect to your wife by being faithful to her in every way, physically and even emotionally.

5. Be there for her

Time is the most valuable thing you can give someone. Your wife may not say it, but your busy schedule may make her miss you. Hence, make efforts to take some time off your packed schedule to spend quality time with her. Listen to what she has to say, respect her feelings and emotions, and share your thoughts with her too.

6. Ask her opinion

Whenever you make a big decision, ensure that you involve your wife too in it. Ask her views and opinions on it, and listen to her carefully. If you do not agree, calmly make it known to her. However, do not snub her and make decisions independently, which is a sign you do not consider her as your equal.

7. Let her speak

You may be tired and stressed or not in the mood to talk. But your wife may not know this and may have been waiting all day to share something with you. Instead of dismissing her rudely, ask her to wait and assure her that you will get back to her. When you are relaxed, remember to ask her about it and pay attention to her. Show that you are interested in her life.

8. Don’t raise your voice

There will be days when you get on each other’s nerves, but raising your voice to win an argument or shutting her down is unfair. The more you do it, the more she will resent you for it. Be respectful and argue like equals with valid points.

9. Avoid lying to her

Trust once broken cannot be won back, and marriage is meaningless without trust. So, be as honest you can with your wife. If you cannot disclose something to her, tell her you will share it when the time is right, but do not lie to her.

10. Respect her ‘me’ time

Juggling multiple responsibilities can take a toll on anyone. To de-stress, she needs occasional but regular ‘me’ time sessions. Take on some extra household responsibilities and encourage her to meet her friends or pamper herself with a spa appointment. She will appreciate that you understand her needs.

11. Make her a priority

Your wife makes many sacrifices so that you can have a happy home and family. Ensure you do the same by being there for her when she needs you. Though you may want to relax you’re your friends and colleagues, do not neglect her in a time of need. Let her know that she matters the most to you.

12. Support her ambition

If your wife has certain ambitions and dreams, support and encourage her. Her dream may seem small to you but may mean a lot to her. Showing your support means you respect her aims and choices.

13. Don’t mock her in front of others

No one is perfect, but that does not make them worthy of ridicule. Your wife may not be the best cook, but do not disrespect her by mocking her cooking skills in front of others. Words said in jest may be taken to heart if done in front of others and may make her lose more confidence in herself.

14. Don’t make unsolicited comments on her appearance

Dividing time between work and family hardly leaves a woman any time for herself because of which she is likely to get out of shape. Instead of passing remarks on her changed appearance, appreciate all she does for you. Offer to take her shopping to buy clothes that will help her embrace her new figure. Tell her you love her no matter her shape or size.

15. Don’t try to change her

Your wife may have unique likes, preferences, and habits that define her. If they do not match yours, it does not mean she is wrong or needs to change. Accept her the way she is and respect that you are different individuals instead of changing her to suit you.

Key Pointers

  • Respecting your wife should be a mandate in a marriage and not an option.
  • Simple gestures such as sharing equal responsibilities, listening to her feelings, appreciating her talents, and respecting her “me” time are essential.
  • Being honest, supportive, and applauding her efforts are great ways of displaying respect and affection for your wife on a daily basis.

A woman who has a loving and respectful man is confident, happy, and content. Thus, learning how to respect your wife’s feelings will add beauty to your married life. Apart from words, your gestures can also depict your respect for your wife, making her feel appreciated and valued. Furthermore, being aware and empathetic of her needs, valuing her efforts to care for your family, and appreciating her deeds and sacrifices will fill her heart with joy. Respecting your spouse is not optional but is the fuel that will keep the ship running smoothly.

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