55 Simple Ways To Cheer Someone Up When They Feel Sad

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Want to know how to cheer someone up when they are feeling low? We can help you with that. Everyone faces highs and lows in their lives. It could be with relationship, finance, family, or work issues. And sometimes, they might need that extra nudge to come out from their dark place. During this time, they will need all your love and support. Even you would want to do anything and everything possible to make them feel better. But how? Read on to know a few tips and tricks that you can use to cheer up someone and make them feel better.

How To Cheer Someone Up?

When your family member or friend is going through a tough time, you may try any of these ways to lighten their mood.

1. Order good food

Foods with nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins can boost mood (1). Order some yummy and healthy food to cheer up your loved one.

2. Work out together

Working out releases happy hormones and can lighten the mood. Try a dance workout on catchy tunes for added fun.

3. Do a movie marathon

Grab some munchies and join your loved one for a movie marathon. Watching a few light-hearted movies will take their mind off their issues for a while and cheer them up.

4. Go for a long drive

A long drive on a scenic route can refresh your loved one and make them forget their troubles for a while. Roll your windows down, play a peppy song, and sing along while enjoying the scenery.

5. Arrange a spa session

Some pampering is a great way to elevate a person’s mood. You can give them a spa voucher or arrange a spa session at home with a few DIY products. So, relax and enjoy quality time together.

6. Try retail therapy

Shopping with a loved one can be an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to spend too much to have fun, do some window shopping, explore some street shops, and buy some trinkets. The sight of beautiful items and some good company can be a great mood booster.

7. Play indoor games

Try to beat each other to a fast-paced video game. If video games are not your jam, enjoy playing board games such as scrabbles, chess, or sequence. Pictionary is another fun game that can be played. Playing games is a great way to keep them busy and happy.

8. Take a stroll in the neighborhood

A walk can help them clear their head and cheer them up. Take a stroll in the neighborhood. If they have a favorite spot in the area, take them there to lift their mood.

9. Make a dance video together

Pick up any latest catchy song and choreograph a dance together. Record and share it via TikTok or Instagram reels. If choreographing a routine seems too complicated, search online for the steps or learn how to make a TikTok video.

10. Surprise them with flowers and chocolates

It is an easy way to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Send a bouquet of their favorite flowers and dark chocolate to show your love and support. While flowers enhance mood by reducing anxiety and depression, dark chocolate reduces the stress hormone.

11. Cook for them

Cook a healthy and tasty meal for them and enjoy it together. An empty stomach can make a person cranky due to a drop in glucose levels. Eating a balanced meal can help in replenishing the glucose and improving the mood. And having a loved one by their side will also make them feel better.

12. Listen to them

Sometimes, when a person is down, they need an empathetic listener. Pouring your thoughts out can reduce the pressure and lift their mood. Listen to whatever they want to say and be there for them.

13. Have a picnic at a local park

Pack lunch and head off to the local park for an impromptu picnic. The light breeze and some change of scenery can help them relax for a while. You can carry some books or games to make the outing more fun.

14. Hit the club

An energetic crowd, good music, and dancing make a perfect combination to forget the blues your loved one might be feeling. However, do not let them go overboard while drinking. Sway to the good music and enjoy the exciting atmosphere.

15. Go for a day’s trip out of town

A change of place can help them forget their pain for a while. So, arrange for a one-day outstation trip and invite your mutual friends as well.

16. Hang out at the local coffee shop

Treat your loved one to a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. Coffee helps in the release of dopamine, which elevates mood (2). A refreshing coffee, your company, and some light chit-chat can be a distraction.

17. Do some gardening together

Gardening requires focus and can keep a person busy for quite some time. The activity can also act as a stress buster and relax them. Plus, at the end of the day, you both will be happy that you did something good for the environment.

18. Relive a shared happy experience

Remember the good times you shared at some special spaces. Choose spots where you have had great memories, such as a restaurant you used to frequent, a local hangout spot you both like, or if you met in college and your college campus is nearby. Reliving those wonderful memories again can lighten their mood.

19. Bake cookies together

Baking involves numerous steps, and hence, needs a person’s 100% focus. It helps the person relax and forget about negative thoughts for a while. So, enjoy baking some cookies with your loved one and help them forget their unhappiness.

20. Enjoy local entertainment

Watch a play, check if there is a stand-up act nearby, go for it, watch a concert, or go for a movie. It will help them take their mind off their troubles for a while.

21. Try some laughter therapy

Laughter, even a fake one, can reduce stress and boost a person’s mood. When you laugh with someone you love, the connection between you becomes stronger (3) . So, encourage your loved one to laugh out loud with you, and that fake laugh might turn into a real one soon.

22. Invest in a good cause

Do a good deed together. Feed strays, volunteer at a nursing home or a soup kitchen, or do charity. Working for a good cause can make a person feel good.

23. Plan an adventurous outing

Experiencing an adrenaline rush can distract the person from their unhappy thoughts. Play paintball, go bowling or smash bumper cars. It is a great way to cheer them up.

24. Explore a new hobby

Trying a new hobby can help your close person pass the time and distract them from a problem. Sign up together for a rejuvenating activity such as painting, learning a new language class, or knitting.

25. Dress up and have fun

Decide on a theme and dress up according to it. Go to their favorite place and click some memorable pictures together. It will help them loosen up.

26. Arrange a slumber party

A fun night of a slumber party can lighten up your loved one’s mood. Invite a few close friends, order some takeout, watch comedy movies, and stay up talking.

27. Spruce up their room

Improvement in the living place might reduce the melancholy. You don’t even have to spend too much. Clean their room, spray some room freshener, and add fresh flowers to the vase. Hang some festoons and pretty wall hangings to spruce up their room.

28. Take them boxing

Letting all the rage and pain out can make a person feel lighter. Take them to the gym and let them constructively express their feelings by boxing. It will help them feel better.

29. Make a list of things you are grateful for

Instead of focusing on the problems, remembering the good things in life can help a person have a positive outlook. Everyone has something they appreciate. Sit with them and help them make a gratitude list.

30. Practice yoga

Practicing simple yoga poses and breathing techniques can help them relax. Yoga helps in enhancing the mood by increasing the blood flow to the endocrine glands (4). Following this up with a short meditation session will help them get away from negative thoughts.

31. Listen to music together

Play their favorite songs on the speaker and sit with them. Listening to music improves mood, reduces stress, and alleviates the feeling of depression (5). It will make them feel better.

32. Encourage them to tell you how they feel

Internalizing the stress and sadness might make them feel more depressed. On the other hand, getting it all out might relieve the burden. Encourage them to speak to you about their problems and be there for them. Asking them some open-ended questions will help you get to the bottom of the issue.

33. Take them for a walk on the beach or any other water body

Being near a water body can make a person calm. Take them to the beach if it is nearby and accompany them for a barefoot walk on the beach. The feel of sand underneath their toes and the serene sound of waves will refresh their mood. If there is no beach nearby, the sight of a lake can also be relaxing.

34. Encourage them to spend time with animals

Playing with animals decreases stress and loneliness and improves mood (6). If they don’t have a pet, bring your pet and encourage them to play and cuddle with it. You can also take them to a dog or cat café to get the much-needed unconditional animal love.

35. Encourage them to practice affirmations

Positive thoughts can boost morale and help a person feel good. Encourage your loved one to list down the positive things about themselves. If they get stuck, share a few from your side. Ask them to say these things aloud in the mirror.

36. Engage in intellectual activities

Take up activities that stimulate the brain. Do Sudoku, solve a crossword puzzle, try some riddles, or take a quiz. Such actions require full attention and would help your loved one forget their worries for a while.

37. Read to them

Distract them from their worries and cheer them up by reading to them. Choose a funny or motivational book and read to them while they rest.

38. Cycle around in the neighborhood

A bike ride is an easy way to relive the carefree childhood memories and get away from life’s troubles for a short while. So, rent out the bikes and cycle around the neighborhood together. The breeze on the face and the happy hormones released are bound to make them feel good.

39. Go for a swim together

Swimming is effective for physical and mental well-being. It calms the person and alleviates stress (7). Pack your bathing suits and take them to a local pool for a rejuvenating swim.

40. Enjoy outdoor games

Playing outdoor games is another way to increase the production of feel-good hormones and enhance the mood. Play badminton, Frisbee, or basketball with them in the backyard and distract them from their worries.

41. Serve them fresh herbal tea

A fresh cup of herbal tea can calm your loved one’s mind and help them rest for a while (8). Make them a cup of chamomile tea to relieve stress and improve their mood.

42. Do a karaoke night

A karaoke night is a fun idea to lift their spirit. You can go to a karaoke bar or host it at home. Find the karaoke version of their favorite songs on YouTube and connect your laptop to your television set and let them sing their heart out.

43. Enjoy the sunset

Choose a perfect spot and let them watch the picturesque sunset that can calm and help them de-stress.

44. Try to check off something from their bucket list

Doing something they always wanted to can considerably lift their mood. Maybe they always wanted to do bungee jumping, but haven’t had the opportunity or they wanted to sing in front of a crowd but haven’t done it. Take this opportunity and help them fulfill a wish from their bucket list.

45. Be close to them

A simple human touch can do wonders in brightening up a person’s day. Hugging someone releases oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine (9). These hormones relieve stress and make a person feel happy. Hold their hands or give them a hug, and let them know that all will be well.

46. Plan a scavenger hunt

Invite a few mutual friends over and enjoy a scavenger hunt. The company of friends and the anticipation of the hunt will divert their attention from their issues and help them relax. If space is an issue, plan a virtual scavenger hunt.

How To Cheer Someone Up Over Text?

If you cannot meet an upset friend or family member due to some reason, you can cheer them up over text.

47. Share hilarious memes

A genuine smile or short laughter can improve the mood and relieve tension. Share a few funny memes with them and brighten up their day.

48. Share funny videos

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Make your loved one laugh by sending them some funny videos. Select silly videos you can watch together and enjoy. Cute animal or baby videos can also do the trick.

49. Text them about the happy experience you two shared

A walk down memory lane can lift a person’s spirits. It can be a crazy trip together, a day when you two danced your heart out or an evening when you laughed till tears rolled down your cheeks. Text them any such good memories with photographs and make them smile.

50. Text them jokes

Sharing a good joke is another way to evoke laughter and help them leave their worries behind. Select a few hilarious jokes that you enjoyed and share with them.

51. Send happy photos

Looking at happy and smiling pictures of friends and family may help them remember the happy times and bring a smile to their face. Choose some beautiful photos or create a collage of all the wonderful photos and share with them.

52. Share uplifting quotes

Reading inspiring quotes can remind a person that there is a silver lining. Share some inspiring quotes by famous personalities and motivate them to think positively. Quotes by the personality they admire might be more impactful.

53. Text them things you love about them

When a person is going through a rough patch, they tend to have self-doubts. A reminder of their strengths and good qualities can cheer them up. It will take their mind off their issues. Compliment them over text and list down why you are glad to have them in your life.

54. Message them something stupid you did

Use some self-deprecating humor to lighten your loved one’s mood. Narrate an incident where you made a fool of yourself. You could also make fun of some quirk you have.

55. Send a short inspirational story

Share an inspirational short story to distract them from their problems and help them focus on the brighter side. A good story can inspire them and give them the strength to handle this rough time. You can send the story over a message or send the link.

Sometimes, one needs the help of another to feel lively again. With these tips, you could be that person for your friends or family members. When trying to cheer someone up, try to understand their likes and dislikes. Since these are general tips, customize them based on the individual. If the individual seeks some privacy to cope with their emotions, respect this and give them some space. You could tell them that you are there for them if they need you and let them have some alone time. If nothing cheers them up, find a suitable time to find out if they seek professional help and assist them based on their comfort level.

Key Pointers

  • Some classic ways to cheer someone are good food, movies, and long drives.
  • If they have had a tough week, arrange for a relaxing spa session and end it with a refreshing stroll.
  • Surprising someone you care about never goes out of style. You can do so by getting them anything they usually like, such as chocolates or other presents.


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