6 Samples Of Wedding Announcement Wordings And Tips For Writing

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Most people want to have a perfect wedding. With all the planning, efforts, and creativity, you want your wedding announcement to be as great as your wedding. We bring you some cool wedding announcement wordings that will come in handy. The announcement is crucial for the wedding and must be handled with impeccable execution and detailing. It can be through local newspapers or social media. Either way, a wedding invitation is a traditional way to announce your big day and share it with friends and family. So, dive into our post for some creative announcements that will be included in your wedding invitation.

When To Send Wedding Announcement Card?

Wedding announcements help spread the news about your upcoming wedding. There is usually no fixed time to send these wedding announcements. Ideally, it’s best to print out and keep them stamped and addressed so that they can be sent out as soon as possible. You may ensure you send the invitees who live farther the invitation first so that they can plan their travel.

What To Include In A Wedding Announcement Card?

You must choose a good designer who works with you to make your wedding announcement card look beautiful. One of the most important things to remember when selecting your designer is ensuring that the timeline you will be working on will be similar to theirs. It is important to remember that it is not always the designer who takes time, but the logistics team they collaborate with takes time to deliver the product.

Wedding announcements don’t have a lot of details, and it’s the minimalism that makes them appealing. Here’s all the vital information that you must include in your announcement cards.

  • Hostname. If any of your family members or close friends host the wedding ceremony, include their names on the announcement cards. It is essential to honor them properly.
  • Name of the couple. The couple’s full names must be included in the card. For different-sex couples, write the name of the bride and the groom. If it’s same-sex couples, both the names of the people should be written.
  • Write out the location, date, and time. Mention the wedding venue, the date, and the time, so that your guests do not arrive late. You could also include an easy-to-follow map of the wedding location so that no one has trouble finding it.

You can follow these simple guidelines to ensure you don’t miss any details when designing your wedding announcement card!

  1. Go through your guest list and confirm it. It is crucial to create a list of people who will attend the ceremony. This will aid in the speeding up of the mailing process. Creating an R.S.V.P list on any of your social platforms will also give you an idea of how many people will be able to attend. Of course, you can always mail out wedding announcements the day after your wedding to everyone who couldn’t make it on your special day!
  1. Know the details of your wedding day. The wedding announcement card is similar to “save the date” wedding card. It is not necessary to write out all the details of your wedding on the announcement cards; the location, date, and time are sufficient to make your elopement announcements.
  1. Include appropriate photographs. Using your engagement photos or other photos from your pre-wedding photoshoot will enhance the beauty of your elopement announcement cards. Depending on the layout of your card, you could use two to three photographs.
  1. Take help from someone reliable to mail out those announcements. Ask a close family member or a friend to assist you in mailing your wedding announcements to all your guests. For example, if your honeymoon is scheduled for the day after your wedding, you could ask them to mail out the announcements for you. This is because you will most likely be exhausted from the frolicking and amusement from the day before.

Where To Announce?

Living in a digital era means that you have tons of options in front of you, so it is up to you which ones you choose. Be it through social media, newspapers, or invitation cards; you can announce your wedding anywhere.

1. Social media wedding announcements

While local newspaper announcements are limited to a smaller geographic area, invitation cards can be mailed anywhere in the world and can be customized to your liking. In addition, sharing the news of your elopement on any or all social media platforms is an appropriate and popular method.

Social media have extended networks, so sharing the news about your big day always ensures that everyone gets it. In addition, you do not always have to share the news right away, and you can wait for your photographer to send you pictures of your wedding day, then choose the ones you like the most and upload them. This is a great way to tell everyone that you have officially tied the knot!

Also, if you intend to send wedding announcement cards immediately following your wedding, it is best to wait for a few weeks before breaking the news on social media.

2. Newspaper wedding announcements

Announcing your elopement in the newspaper is a long-established tradition that has been practiced for generations. Aside from the couple’s full names and the host’s name, you must include a few other things in a newspaper nuptial announcement.

  • The officiant’s name
  • The occupation of the couples
  • The venue, along with the date and time of the ceremony
  • The degree and education of the couple
  • The place where you want to live
  • The destination for your honeymoon
  • A short story of how you two met each other

3. Wedding announcement cards

If you intend to work with a designer, select someone who can meet your needs and deliver the product on time. They must incorporate several elements (as previously mentioned) without making it look messy. In addition, it should be aesthetically pleasing,so sit down with your designer and discuss how you want the wedding announcements to look.

Types Of Wedding Announcements

The wording for your elopement announcements might vary depending on who you are sending them to. The tone and the phrases used by the couple will be up to them on how they want to refer the recipient.

1. A formal announcement by the couple.

The couple is pleased to announce their nuptials on the wedding date and wedding venue. A private party will take place at the reception location after the ceremony is over. The new home address of the couple is Home Address.

2. A casual announcement by the couple.

A whimsical love! Join us for a casual party to celebrate the marriage of couple’s (name)on (time) at the venue (location). The new home address of the couple is the home address.

3. An informal announcement by the bride’s parents

The bride’s parents are delighted to announce that the bride got married to the groom at a destination wedding and to celebrate it a party will be held on (date) and location of the party. Please come for a night of laughter and joy!

4. A formal announcement by the bride’s parents

The Mr. and Mrs. of the bride’s parents are happy to announce the marriage of their daughter to the groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. groom’s parents at (Wedding location)on (time) of the wedding ceremony. Please join the reception party on (date) and at (location).

5. A formal announcement of elopement by the couple

In an intimate wedding bride and groom tied the knot on the wedding date at the wedding venue.

6. A formal announcement of elopement by the bride’s parents

The bride’s mother and father are delighted to announce the elopement of the bride and groom on the elopement date and elopement location. The couple is now happily settled in their new home at home address. The bride’s mother and father cordially invite you to join the reception party on the reception date at the reception location.

A wedding announcement is the first step of the wedding party. It is more like a pre-step to the wedding invitation. These announcements allow you to inform all of your friends and family about the big day ahead of time, helping them to plan their work, travel, and accommodation accordingly. Moreover, it will also help you plan and ensure the best arrangements as your guests RSVP. You can make interesting and unique invites by using smart, crisp, and catchy wedding announcement wordings

Key Pointers

  • Whether you announce your wedding day on social media, newspapers or get cards printed, wording ideas and writing tips always come in handy.
  • A wedding announcement can be formal or informal and can be made by the couple or their parents.
  • Make sure you mention the location, date, and time in the announcement and also prepare an R.S.V.P list to know the number of guests attending your special event.

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