519 Buddhism Baby Names With Meanings


While a majority of parents are opting for energetic, preppy, and rough and tough names, there are still others drawn to names with spiritual connections. And what better than dwelling in Buddhism when looking for a spiritual name?

Buddhism, encompassing a variety of beliefs, traditions, and spiritual practices, is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. Based on the teachings of Lord Buddha, the essence of Buddhism is to attain nirvana and enlightenment. And Nirvana can be achieved only by practicing meditation and developing wisdom and morals.

Buddhist baby names create a positive first impression on people new to it. The peaceful and enlightened sound of these names makes the bearers looking seemingly amiable, relaxed, and approachable. These names aren’t entirely traditional. They just give cues to the virtues and goals that the bearer and his/her parents aspire to. Below, MomJunction gathered a comprehensive list of Buddhist baby names with their meaning. Keep reading!

ChuongChapter; a part of a whole storyBoy
CuongFlourishing, healthyBoy
DachenGreat joyBoy
DaibaiA PlumBoy
DaidenA transmissionBoy
Daido ( 大同)The greatest way possibleBoy
DaijiFilled with love and compassionBoy
DaikakuEnlightenment of mindBoy
DaikanPowerful and activeBoy
DaikoPowerful lightBoy
DaininOne who has great patienceBoy
DaishinTruthful; one who has a pure soulBoy
DaivikaRelated to the Gods.Boy
DanasuraAmong DonorsBoy
DasbalaVery powerful man from the heartBoy
DashinOne who is contentBoy
DayakurcaOne who is the storehouse of compassionBoy
DechaPower, a powerful personBoy
DechenOne who can reach out for happiness and joyGirl
DedanHaving happinessBoy
DenkatsuOne which is active as lightningBoy
DenpaA variant of Denpo, meaning truth.Boy
DipankaraOne who loves to be in a peaceful stateBoy
DivijataOne who has power to overcome every obstacleBoy
DojinIt means path of loveUnisex
DokaiWay steps,Unisex
DoryuOne who understands the ways of a dragonBoy
DoyuOne who preserves the morality; understands loveBoy
DrdhahanusOne who has a pure heart ; loving naturedBoy
DrtakaA person who is stubborn but of friendly nature.Boy
DrukThunder dragonGirl
DrukiThey are peace loving individualsGirl
DuangkamolRight from the heart.Girl
DuanphenFull moonGirl
EidoIlluminating way; one who can do great thingsBoy
EindraA name of Lord IndraGirl
EkaijinkoOne who is virtuous and ocean of wisdomBoy
EnkhjargalPeaceful happiness or peace blessingGirl
EnkhtuyaRay of peaceGirl
Enmei (えめい)bright circle or life sustaining.Boy
ErdenechimegJewel ornamentGirl
Erhia musical instrument.Girl
Eshinunderstanding mind or wisdom.Boy
Etsudo (えつど)a Japanese name meaning joy and child.Girl
FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
FaiChinesee name meaning beginningBoy
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