260 Portuguese Baby Names With Meanings

There are very few languages as beautiful as Portuguese. Being abundant in soft vowels and vibrant consonants, the Portuguese language is mainly spoken in Portugal and Brazil and some regions of Guinea—Bissau, Mozambique, and Angola.

Portugal, the country of port wine, Christiano Ronaldo, and capoeira, has a well-defined, yet flexible naming system. The law establishes that each child must be given at least one given name and one surname. The maximum number of surnames allowed are four. A few naming laws limit the parents to pick only traditional Portuguese names. But the positive consequences of these strict rules is the rise of a rich variety of nicknames and diminutives.

A Portuguese name is composed of one or more given names, followed by a number of family names. Normally, the first surname is taken from the maternal side and the second surname is taken from the paternal side. But for official surnames, individuals can use only one surname, typically the last one.

Portuguese first names have a distinctive flavor and unusual pronunciation. Being 97% Roman Catholic country, most of the first names in Portugal are inspired by the Bible or saints. For instance, Maria has been a perpetual number one girl’s name in the country. You can browse through our complete list of Portuguese baby names with meanings below.

NuriaThe Lord of the burning fire.Girl
OlgaThe holy lightGirl
OlimpiaThe one who is from the hill Olympus.Girl
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
PaolinaA small and passionate individualGirl
PascoalA variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.Boy
PatriciaNoble WomanGirl
PaulaLatin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulGirl
PaulinaLatin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulGirl
PauloOne who belongs to the peopleBoy
PaulosOne who does good things for peopleBoy
PiresSon of Pedro, or son of the one who is like a stoneBoy
PriscilaAn ancient womanGirl
QuimEstablished by God.Boy
RafaelaFemale version of Rafael, means God has healedGirl
RaquelAn innocent personGirl
RebecaA woman who baits menGirl
RemigioA person who is a rowerBoy
RenataLatin - Born Again; Rebirth; Born Anew; A variant of ReneeGirl
RidaA God-fearing pious person who is devoted to GodUnisex
RioOne who is like the riverBoy
RitaOld Greek - Pearl; Way of life; A variant of name MargaretGirl
RobertaA woman who is acclaimed and glowingGirl
RodrigoOne who is acclaimed for his ruleBoy
RonaldoOne who advises with great powerBoy
RoqueOne firm as a rock isBoy
RosaA woman who is like a dewGirl
RudolfoA wolf who is a legendBoy
RufinoA man who is of red hairBoy
RuiHe who is known for his power and fameBoy
RuteA friendly womanGirl
RwakaikaraGod of the Banyoro peopleBoy
SafiraSpanish name for sapphireGirl
SantiagoSaint JamesUnisex
SilvinoHe is a man from the forestBoy
SmaragdaA form of Esmeralda, meaning emerald.Girl
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
TadeuGiven by God.Boy
TarsoPortuguese name for Tarsus, an ancient Asian city in TurkeyBoy
TavarisOf misfortune, a hermitUnisex
TelmaShe who has willGirl
TerezaOne who gathersGirl
TheresaA harvesterUnisex
TiburcioOne who is from Tibur or TivoliBoy
TinaA Christian girl; She who follows ChristGirl
TomeA twin baby Boy bornBoy
TristaoA variant of Tristan, meaning tumult or outcry.Boy
TristessaA hope or the hope to free from sadnessGirl
UiaraThe water ladyGirl
UlissesAngry or to hateBoy
UmojaUnity or harmonyBoy
VeronicaShe who brings victory or True imageGirl
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