233 Swedish Baby Names With Meanings

Sweden hasn’t just given IKEA to the world. The land is also home to some of the most beautiful, sweet, and adorable baby names you’ll ever hear. In fact, most of the popular names in America have Swedish variations, albeit with a Scandinavian flair.

In Sweden, a baby is given one or more given names and a surname. Sweden is quite strict when it comes to names. There’s a Swedish naming law that approves the names desired by parents. Parents need to submit a form with the desired name within three months of the birth of the child. The first name will not be approved if it can cause embarrassment to the child in the future or if they are not suitable as first names.

This law was passed in 1982 to prevent the non-aristocratic families from giving their children names reserved for the noble and aristocratic families. The following year, the law was revised a bit to allow men to adopt their wife’s or partner’s name and women to adopt their husband’s name.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous Swedish names of all time. MomJunction has arranged the names according to their traditional gender usage and meaning to help you pick the perfect Swedish name.

Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
Engelardbrave and illuminating like light.Boy
EnglaSwedish feminine form of the word angel.Girl
Ernya Swedish name meaning serious and determined.Girl
Errikaone who rules eternally.Girl
Eugenwell born or noble.Boy
EyvindThe winner of the iselandsBoy
FilippaA horse's companion; inspirational beingGirl
FinnickBecame popular after usage in Hunger GamesBoy
FlorLiterally means a flower; Could be interpretted as a charming; blossoming personBoy
FolkeA name which means 'people' or 'humans; a chiefBoy
GeatOne who is from GautlandBoy
GerhardGerman, Swedish and Dutch form of Gerard (spear, brave, hardy)Boy
GermundProtector of mankind, shelter of human being.Girl
GottfridGod's Peace, The one who will live in peace and give peace to others, who will love and give love to all others.Boy
GuppaTo catch or take something from,expresses action or a state of being.Proposeful,Clever,Expressive.Boy
GustaffStaff of the Gods; Staff of the GothsBoy
Gustenconcurred a lot of admiration, particularly as a result of age, intelligence, or character.Unisex
HaidiA stranger or FlightGirl
HaifaWell-shaped, Slim, DelicateGirl
HaldoHighest in Race; Exalted SonBoy
HannusGod is generous, God is graciousUnisex
HaraldWar chiefBoy
HariulfOld Swedish Variation of HärjulfBoy
HelmarFamous ProtectorBoy
HendrikRules the HomeBoy
HenkeRuler of the houseBoy
HeorrendaAn army shieldBoy
HilmarNotorious NobleBoy
JagerTo chase or to hunt.Boy
JannickeGracious GodGirl
JohGod is Gracious,merciful,God has favoured,one who wants to improve the lives of othersBoy
JurdikThe name Jurdik means LawBoy
KerryThe name Kerrstin means ChristianGirl
KerstinaKerstin means A ChristianGirl
KerstineKerstine means A Christian WomanGirl
KlasKlas means Victory of PeopleBoy
LajlaBeauty of the night or dark haired beauty.Girl
LauNordic name from a place name, LaurentumBoy
LauraPerson crowned with laurelsGirl
LennartSwedish name meaning LionBoy
LevaSwedish name meaning to liveGirl
LexandraForm of the name Alexandra meaning Defender of menGirl
LiasA promice made by GodBoy
LindberghMountain where the lime trees growBoy
LinnA name of a flower, commonly known as twin flowerGirl
LinnaA name of the small blue flowerGirl
LinnaeA Girl named after a twinflowerGirl
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