Abhishaik Chitraans

MBA, Certified Master Numerologist, Astrologer

Abhishaik Chitraans
Alpha-numeric system of numerology & Inverted Trigonum
6+ years

Abhishaik Chitraans is the founder and CEO of Ankakshr Miracless, an institute of occult sciences. He is a certified master numerologist, astrologer, and life coach, who has been practicing the system of Chaldean numerology, Lo-Shu, 9-Star Ki, Pythagorean, Vedic and Inverted Trigonum for the past six years. His research papers, new patterns of numbers and formulas have been published in various volumes of the International Journal of Jyotish Research and other peer-reviewed journals and online platforms. He has also authored a book 'Deep Secrets of Name' (Advanced Name Numerology), based on the Chaldean name numerology. Previously, Abhishaik had worked as an auditor in a shipping company.

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