Poetry Comprehension: The Hungry Mouse

Bring poetry to life by reading this poem aloud. This free and printable worksheet is designed to introduce your children to poetry and help them analyze a poem. The activity at the end of the sheet will help you evaluate if they have understood the poem well.

Poetry is a great way to promote learning thanks to the short lines, which help memorize verses quickly. As you maximize the use of poetry to make learning effective, it helps teach the child to comprehend verses and enjoy them better. In fact, you can teach the child to create their own poems to unleash their creativity.

Introduce your fifth grader to poetry comprehension with this simple worksheet that contains a fun, peppy poem. The pictures tell the story alongside and help the child associate the verses with what is happening. This also helps the child identify the meaning of difficult words that may crop up in the poem.

Start by reciting the poem or asking the child to read it aloud. Explain the difficult parts to them and ensure they follow the story with the help of the pictures. When you reach the end, you can make them complete the exercise to cement their understanding. Expand on the newfound skill by asking them to think of rhyming words, for example, mouse- house, eat- beat, nice- wise.

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