Continents And Oceans Worksheets For Kids

Learning about continents and oceans helps children understand how the Earth looks with various landmasses and water bodies. The concept of the Earth being spherical can also be introduced to the child. Understanding the Earth and its resources introduces the child to the need to protect the planet.

In this free and printable continents-and-oceans worksheet, we have included age-appropriate information for children. The image of the map will give them a clear idea about the location of continents and oceans. We have also included two activities to help them understand the basics of continents and oceans.

The brief, easy-to-understand explanation and colorful pictures make this worksheet a fun learning tool for first-grade children. The two activities at the end of the worksheet reinforce what they have learned. The first one gives them the world map with continents marked out, and they have to identify and name them. This activity improves observation and matching skills. The second activity is in Q&A format.