125 Fun And Crazy Bucket List Ideas For Teenagers, In 2024

Teenagers have their set of things they want to do. Many families have the tradition of making bucket lists for everyone in the family. These bucket list ideas for teens often include traveling with friends, creating something new, and most ideas that interest them. They are fun, and your teen will love exploring them with you, friends, and by themselves.

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125 Bucket List Ideas For Teens

Having a bucket list is really important to teenager Casey Carlisle, who has a different perspective on them after dealing with a life-threatening disease. She writes, “I’ve had a couple of brushes with death. Cancer nearly claimed my life twice, and I had a long and painful battle to get a life back… That has taught me to dream big and make sure my experience on this planet is a happy and fun one. So I keep a bucket list, try to tick off big goals and little ones as often as I can… One of the more personal, but materialistic items has been around my reading and writing life.

“I’ve had a fantasy of my own library, whiling away hours sequestered in a cozy reading nook. Collecting pictures of my dream library and window boxes for winter reading. Even couches lit by gorgeous floor lamps, decorated with fur throws and cable knit cushions… It’s all in the ether of my brain, percolating until I get to build my new home (i).”

A teen bucket list should include adventures that they can do with family, friends, or themselves and give them a chance to experience life fully.

  1. Go to the beach at sunrise.
  2. Have an epic water balloon fight.
  3. Get a tan.
  4. Spend a day at the pool or the beach.
  5. See all the must-watch movies of last year.
  6. Go on a picnic with friends.
  7. Play tag at night.
  8. Make origami.
  9. Visit a nearby city you have never been to.
  10. Take a road trip with family or BFFs.
protip_icon Point to consider
People usually consider a bucket list as things to do before death and keep postponing their plans. But you could also make a bucket list before a certain event, such as your 20th or 30th birthday.
  1. Attend a music festival.
  2. Go on a sunset hike.
  3. Visit a mall you have never visited yet.
  4. Go for volunteering at an animal shelter.
  5. Walk the dogs for a week.

    Walk the dogs
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  6. Have a backyard picnic.
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Encourage your teenager to come up with their own bucket list so that they truly enjoy whatever they do.
  1. Plan a barbecue with friends and family.
  2. Dye your hair a different color.
  3. Hike a new trail.
  4. Visit a museum.
  5. Play mini-golf.
  6. Visit a college campus.
  7. Plan camping in the backyard.
  1. Hold a bake sale.
  2. Take a tour of the city using public transport.
  3. Go to the zoo.
  4. Have a mani-pedi night.
  5. Hold a garage sale.
  6. Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
  7. Toast marshmallows over a bonfire.
protip_icon Quick tip
Let your teenager plan everything while you lend a helping hand. This teaches them independence and responsibility and increases their self-confidence.
  1. Get a tie-and-dye kit and hold a t-shirt dyeing party with friends.
  2. Go on a long bike ride.
  3. Go on a late-night swimming session.
  4. Watch movies all night.
  5. Binge on an entire Netflix series.
  6. Go surfing.
  7. Dive from the highest diving board at the pool.
  8. Go on a beach walk.
  9. Play in the rain.
  10. Pick berries.
  11. Go kayaking.
  12. Go to a water park.
  13. Play beach volleyball.
  14. Visit a farmer’s market.
  15. Go for stargazing.

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  16. Visit a planetarium.
  17. Plant a seed and take care of it.
  18. Find a pen pal.
  19. Write a letter to your grandparents.
  20. Go birding.
  21. Go skateboarding with friends.
  22. Make homemade ice cream.
  23. Redo your bedroom.
  24. Buy something you would typically not wear.
  25. Go ice skating.
  26. Join a gym and get fit.
  27. Start a new exercise routine.
  1. Learn a new dance form.
  2. Run a 5k marathon.
  3. Host a DIY craft party.
  4. Call your crush and invite them to a party or a day at the pool.
  5. Get a new haircut.
  6. Read a new bestseller.
  7. Make your own slip ’n slide in your backyard.
  8. Try a food you have never eaten before.
  9. Go thrift shopping.
  10. Go to a fair and ride a Ferris wheel.
  11. Do something that scares you.
  12. Set up a photo booth and have a photoshoot with your friends.
  13. Learn to braid your hair.

protip_icon Point to consider
Some of the things on the bucket list may remain incomplete or not happen according to your teen’s plans. However, these little disappointments can teach a lot to a teenager. So do not let these setbacks discourage them but motivate them to try better next time.

  1. Go to a new shop and try out swimsuits.
  2. Learn how to cook your favorite meal.

    Learn how to cook your favorite meal
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  3. Learn to drive.
  4. Host a book sleepover.
  5. Start a library from your front yard.
  6. Play dress-up with your friends and have a photoshoot.
  7. Take up a new sport.
  8. Maintain a diary.
  9. Create an amazing Spotify playlist.
  10. Watch a drive-in movie.
  1. Make a scrapbook.
  2. Make lots of popcorn and hold a Marvel/DC movie marathon.
  3. Make Starbucks Frappuccino at home.
  4. Learn to bake a cake.
  5. Make a new craft with recycled materials.
  6. Ride a rollercoaster.
  7. Go deep-sea fishing with family.
  8. Attend a comic con.
  9. Hold a pizza party with homemade pizzas.
  10. Arrange a scavenger hunt.
  11. Write a story.
  12. Plan a tropical holiday.

    Plan a tropical holiday
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  13. Visit a flower field.
  14. Sleep under the stars.
  15. Walk barefoot on the beach.
  16. Ride in a limo.
  17. Attend a Renaissance festival.
  18. Visit a picture gallery.
  19. Visit an aquarium.
  20. Play frisbee in a park.
  21. Go to the Dollar movie theater.
  22. Learn rollerblade skating.
  23. Make a YouTube video.
  24. Learn embroidery.
  25. Learn to knit.
  26. Start doodling.
  27. Learn a foreign language.
  28. Learn how to use chopsticks properly.
  29. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube.
  30. Visit the lake.
  31. Collect seashells and make shell jewelry.
  32. Find sea glass.
  33. Start a blog.
  34. Make something crafty and sell it online.
  1. Attend a sporting event.

    Attend a sporting event
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  2. Go fishing.
  3. Make a TikTok video.
  4. Host a karaoke party.
  5. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  6. Build an obstacle course in your backyard.
  7. Go horseback riding.
  8. Go on a digital detox for 24 hours.
  9. Find the best breakfast spot in your city or town.
  10. Learn some magic tricks.
  11. Take a photography class.
  12. Go rock climbing or skydiving.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ideal length of a bucket list?

There is no ideal length for a bucket list as it varies based on individual preferences and goals. Some people prefer a long list of aspirations and experiences they want to have in their lifetime, while others prefer a shorter, more focused list.

2. Is having a bucket list a good idea?

Having a bucket list can be a helpful tool for personal development, but it’s important to remember that the things on your list should align with your values and not cause stress or negativity.

3. Is the bucket list age appropriate?

The suitability of a bucket list depends upon the individual’s interests, skills, and personal circumstances. Children, teenagers, young adults, and older people may find it relevant and meaningful. The bucket list may also vary depending on one’s age and stage of life.

4. Is it necessary to complete everything on a bucket list for teens?

Even for teens, crossing everything off a bucket list is challenging. A bucket list is a list of experiences or accomplishments a person would like to pursue. It is used to set objectives and inspire great dreams. The list might have short-term and long-term goals, and it’s not required to cross everything off the list within a specific timeframe.

5. Can a bucket list for teens be changed or updated over time?

Absolutely. Teenage bucket lists can and should be amended over time. Teenagers’ interests, objectives, and aspirations may change as they develop and mature. It makes sense that their bucket list would change as a result.

Making and trying to achieve all the goals on your bucket list has many health benefits. It helps you become creative, work hard, enjoy life, and witness a wide array of experiences. You can use these amazing and elaborate bucket list ideas for teens as a reference and encourage them to design their bucket lists based on their preferences. It will inspire them to set short and long-term goals and motivate them to work accordingly.

Infographic: Bucket List Ideas For Teens

Everyone has a bucket list. But if you are looking for more probable activities to add to your list, we bring you the following infographic with unique ideas and this post that you can devour and choose from. We are sure that you will end up with plenty of choices.

activities to add to teens bucket list (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Creating a bucket list can be fun and fulfilling, with activities like fishing, skateboarding, ice skating, playing tag at night, and having a picnic with friends being memorable.
  • Self-improvement activities such as making origami, learning baking and cooking, and learning to drive can be beneficial for personal growth.
  • Those who love challenges may enjoy running a 5K marathon, trying a new sport, starting a new exercise routine, or learning a new dance move.
  • For those who want to try something new and unique, fun bucket list ideas include dyeing your hair a different color, hiking a new trail, and going for a late-night swim.
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It’s time to start planning your winter and the upcoming Christmas. Get inspired with exciting ideas to make this season memorable with this bucket list.

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