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25 Baby Boy Names That Mean Victor And Starts With Letter P

Paawanjeet Victory of the Pure; Victory of Innocence; Sacred or Divine Victory Boy
Padamjit Victory of the Lotus; Victory of Lord Krishna; Boy
Palwinderjeet Victory of the Moments Spent with Lord; One who wins through meditating on God Boy
Paramajeet Victory of Supreme; Supremely Victorious; Ultimate triumph Boy
Paramjeet Highest success; Supreme Victory; Ultimate Triumph Boy
Paramjit Heroic; Ultimate Victory; Supreme Success; Highest triumph Boy
Paramkeerat One who is always supremely victorious Boy
Pargatjeet Revelation of the Victory, Success or Triumph Boy
Parsanjit Delighted Victory; Cheerful triumph; Boy
Parvaiz One who comes out victorious Boy
Parviz Lucky; Fortunate; Victorious; Boy
Parwaiz Commendable, success, victory, and triumphant. Boy
Pawanjit Victory of Air; Triumph of Air; Derived from Sanskrit word Pavan meaning Purifier; Air; Wind Boy
Pooranjit Victory of the Perfect; Success of the contented; Triumph of the absolute Boy
Prafuljeet Blooming Victory; Brilliant Triumph; Splendourous Success; Magnificent Victory Boy
Prajeet Victorious; Successful; Triumph; Boy
Prasanjith Victory of happiness; Success of joy; Triumph of delight Boy
Preetamjeet Victory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success; Boy
Premjit The Love's Victory Boy
Pritamjit Victory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success; Boy
Prithujay One who is always a victor in life Boy
Punamjeet Victory in night of Full-moon; Triumph in the brilliance of full moon Boy
Pupinderjeet Victory with Lord's Love; Triumph with God's Love; Success of Lord's Love Boy
Puranjeet Perfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success; Boy
Purbhjeet Victory with the God; Triumph or Success with the God Boy
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