Top 10+ Easy And Creative Yarn And Wool Crafts For Kids

Yarn and wool are excellent materials that can be used to make fun and unique crafts. A great way to encourage young children and preschoolers to take up arts is by teaching them yarn and wool crafts for kids. This can also inculcate a hobby for your child. The skills they learn through this hobby can be used even in adulthood. So if you have a creative bunch of kiddos in your home, you should introduce them to wool and yarn and help them create awesome and fun things at home. Here are some of the best yarn and woolen thread crafts for your child to try out in their next art project.

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Top 10+ Easy Yarn And Wool Crafts For Kids

From knitting and crocheting to weaving and embroidery, there are so many ways to explore the beauty of wool and other fibers.

One great way to get started is by learning the basics of knitting, which involves using a pair of knitting needles and yarn balls to create a variety of different patterns and textures. All you have to do is learn a bit of needlework. Kids can start with simple projects like scarves or hats and work their way up to more complex designs like sweaters or blankets.

Here are 10 of the best wool and yarn crafts that you can try out for their next crafts project:

1. Faces made with puzzle pieces and wool

This is a really simple craft idea that is ideal for kids of all ages.

  • You need a puzzle piece that has “ears”.
  • Paint the back of the piece with a skin-toned color.
  • Take a few lengths of wool and glue them to the top of the puzzle piece to create the hair.
  • Glue on a pair of wiggle eyes and draw the nose and mouth.
  • You can draw freckles on the face and even use ribbons for the wool hair!

2. Wool and paper-clip bookmarks

Wool and paperclip bookmarks.

Image: Shutterstock

Get a few large paper-clips, yarn, glue, scissors and wiggle eyes.

  • Take the yarn and cut it into a dozen 6-inch pieces.
  • Fold the yarn in half and hitch them to the paper-clip’s end.
  • Draw the ends of the yarn through and down to the end of the clip that is a folded loop.
  • The wool “hair” can be styled any way your little one wants.
  • Glue on the wiggle eyes and you have a quirky bookmark!

3. Birds made with wool pom-poms

Birds Made With Wool Pom-Poms-1

Image: Shutterstock

You will need multi-colored wool, glue and a small piece of felt in orange color.

  • Take a yarn of any color and wrap it around 3 of your fingers. Cut it.
  • Pick another colored yarn and wrap it on top of the first color 6 times. Cut again.
  • Remember that the more yarn you wrap, the fuller your pom-poms will turn out.
  • Take the length of the first yarn you used and tie it into a knot in the center.
  • Cut the looped ends of the yarn you wrapped opposite the knot.
  • Fluff up your pom-poms and trim the sides to make the secondary yarn the bird’s wings.
  • Cut the felt into 2 small triangles to create a beak and leave it to dry after gluing.

4. Baubles made with wool pom-poms

Holiday baubles with wollen pom-poms.

Image: IStock

For those who love intricate details, embroidery and cross-stitch are great options that allow for a wide range of customization. Kids can use embroidery floss and fabric scraps to create beautiful designs or add personal touches to their favorite clothes and accessories.

Woolen pom-pom baubles are easy and fun to make. They can be hung on your Christmas tree or anywhere in your little one’s room all year round. With so many different types of wool available these days, your kids can make these baubles as fancy as they like!

  • Cut 2 circles from stiff paper such as the ones from cardboard boxes.
  • Make donut shapes out of these circles and lay them on top of each other.
  • Take your yarn and wrap it until it fills the entire circle and the hole in the middle is almost filled up.
  • Carefully cut the wool around the circle’s edge and slowly ease the circles apart.
  • Tie a piece of yarn in the center and make sure that you pull it tight.
  • Remove the circles. You have a pretty bauble to decorate anything with!

5. Wreaths made of wool

Quick and easy holiday wreath.

Image: IStock

This is a quick and easy craft that is fun to make.

  • Take stiff paper from an old cardboard box
  • Cut out a circle as small or as big as you like.
  • Cut out another circle from its center, making a donut shape.
  • Wrap the wool around the circle until it is completely covered.
  • Keep the loose end in place by tucking it under the wrapped wool.
  • Now decorate your wreath with sequins or any other decorative items that your little one chooses!
protip_icon Quick tip
To make the craft easier for children, use chunky, thick, and textured wool because these can be wrapped around the cardboard more quickly.

6. Halloween dolls made with wool

Cute and scary halloween wool dolls.

Image: Shutterstock

This is one of the exciting wool craft ideas for kids that is quick and simple to make.

  • Get a square of black card paper, glue, and colored wool.
  • Cut the wool into the lengths you find appropriate.
  • Using glue, paint a picture of a skeleton or other parts of the doll such as fangs, horns, or cape, and stick the yarn onto the glued parts to create your doll’s distinct parts.
  • To make the skull or bow tie, wrap the yarn around two fingers four times and cut.
  • After sliding the wool off, flatten it out to form the shape you desire and glue it to the body of your doll.

7. Wool photo frames

Handmade woolen photo frame.

Image: Shutterstock

These make great gifts for Mother’s Day and other occasions. You need a stiff paper (cardboard box is a great source), wool in one or multiple colors, sequins or other decorative items.

  • Cut a square and another in the center of the cutout.
  • Take your yarn and start wrapping the square neatly and tightly until it is entirely covered.
  • Take the loose end and glue it or make a neat knot in a part of the wrapped wool.
  • Decorate the frame in whatever way you like with sequins, buttons, or other items of your choice!

8. Recycled wool pencil holders

Recycled woollen pencil holders.

Image: Shutterstock

Use old containers around your home to make pencil holders, vases, etc.

  • Let your little ones wrap yarn around old containers.
  • You can leave them as they are or decorate them with buttons, sequins, etc.
  • It is a wonderful way to teach your kids the importance of recycling and how you can do it in the simplest ways.

9. Colorful yarn sticks

Colorful yarn sticks leaf crafts.

Image: Shutterstock

Take your kids out and collect sticks.

  • Back home, give them yarns in different colors to wrap around the sticks.
  • Let them mix and match as they like.
  • These colorful sticks can make beautiful displays.
  • You can even bunch them up together for more color and add in a homemade vase!
protip_icon Point to consider
Making yarn sticks requires some patience and fine motor skills. So, this project may be suitable for school-aged children who are not too young.

10. Wool easter egg decorations

Woollen easter egg decorations.

Image: Shutterstock

Sewing and quilting are also great wool crafts for kids, allowing them to create everything from simple stuffed animals to full-sized quilts. Kids can use fabric scraps and a pincushion to keep their sewing supplies organized and make sure they always have what they need on hand.

This is a beautiful wool craft for kids, that you can make as easy or as complex as you want.

  • Take an egg-shaped object and apply glue all over it.
  • Take yarn and start wrapping the egg with it.
  • You can use one color or mix different ones. Use soft pastel colors that go with the holiday.
  • Once you are done with covering the eggs, stick a length of yarn on top to hang them wherever you like.
  • You can even add embellishments if you like!

11. Yarn-wrapped cardboard letters

Create charming room decor with yarn-wrapped cardboard letters, a fantastic craft for kids to do with old cardboard boxes.

  • Use cardboard or repurpose old cardboard boxes as an eco-friendly approach.
  • Outline your preferred letter on cardboard and cut out desired sizes.
  • Use the initial cutouts as templates for additional layers.
  • Glue the layers together to achieve a three-dimensional effect.
  • Fix the yarn onto the back of the letter with glue.
  • Begin wrapping the letter with yarn, ensuring it covers the entire surface.
  • Continue until the cardboard is no longer visible.
  • Glue loose ends to secure the yarn in place.
  • Ensure the entire letter is neatly covered in yarn.
  • Your yarn-wrapped cardboard letter is ready to be displayed on the wall.

There are innumerable things you can make with yarn and wool including tapestry, patchwork, macrame items, and more. Once you start practicing, you can come up with ideas and try using more accessories such as button, beads, and ribbons to enhance your art pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age range are yarn and wool crafts suitable for children?

Yarn and wool craft activities are generally suitable for children between 9 and 12 years old.

2. Are there any safety tips I should know when doing yarn and wool crafts with children?

When working with wool and yarn, safety precautions to be observed include instructing children on how to handle needles securely, using scissors only when an adult is present, and using non-toxic glue and other materials.

3. What are the best tools and supplies for doing yarn and wool crafts with children?

Tools for wool and yarn activities include different yarn colors, needle sets, scissors, blocking mats and wires, measuring tapes, stitch holders, row or stitch counters, and storage boxes.

4. What are the benefits of crafting with yarn and wool for children?

Children who participate in yarn and wool crafts typically gain abilities including critical thinking, problem-solving, and improved focus. Also, it aids in their mental relaxation and emotional stability. Furthermore, it could promote the development of fine motor skills in children. Laura, a stay-at-home mother and blogger, believes that engaging her kids in yarn and wool crafts activities can contribute to developing their fine motor skills. She says, “My boys love our craft time, and they were super excited about the prospect of making yarn monsters. They totally loved making these! By using child safety scissors, my four-year-old was able to work on his cutting skills safely {this is a fine motor skill that needs to be worked on and developed in preschool age} (i).”

There is no limit to the variety of art pieces that may be created using yarn and wool. Doll faces, pom poms, bookmarkers, birds, wreaths, and Easter decorations can be various ways of introducing yarn and wool crafts for kids. It may get messy at times, but children are sure to have a lot of fun trying them out and will add their own creative inputs. Help them with the craft ideas mentioned here, and your child may find them interesting enough to take it up as a hobby.

Infographic: Simple Wool Craft Ideas For Children

Wool is fun to play with and can be transformed into amazing crafts. This infographic below provides some easy woolen crafts you can try making with your children. Trying these craftworks with your children will also allow you to spend quality time together and keep them away from the screen.

easy to make woolen crafts for children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Children can explore and experiment with their creative side by using yarn and wool.
  • Pom pom birds, wool photo frames, and silly faces with puzzle pieces and wool can be created using these materials to decorate around the house.
  • Designing stationery items like wool and paperclip bookmarks and recycled wool pencil holders can also be attempted by children.
  • Yarn and wool crafts do not require expensive or hard-to-acquire materials.
  • These crafts can be further decorated with items such as sequins, ribbons, and felt.
Yarn And Wool Crafts For Kids_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Discover four adorable yarn craft ideas in this heartwarming video! From charming woolen creatures to cozy DIY projects, let your child’s creativity soar with these delightful and easy-to-follow tutorials.”

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