34 Brazilian Baby Girl Names With Meanings


From the 'coffee pot of the world,' these Brazilian baby girl names are graceful and beautiful, similar to Latin American names. Most of these names have biblical meanings, as Christianity largely influences the country. They also have their origins in German, Portuguese, and Italian languages. The names are meaningful with a distinct flavor and sound pleasing upon pronunciation. Brazilian baby names have an exotic element associated with Brazil's rich heritage and culture. This is due to the long history of migration. The population of Brazil is a mixture of European, African, and Asian migrants. Brazil represents a community that reflects 'unity in diversity.' Despite a vast mix of different cultures, the Brazilian-Portuguese language is a common thread connecting the nation and its people. Brazil is a country where the official language is Portuguese, which influences Brazilian names. Also, Brazilians often adopt the Portuguese naming tradition to name their newborn. Personal or given names are chosen after family members, usually great-grandparents. Brazilian babies can also have Catholic names inspired by Catholic saints. It is common to see two surnames in a Brazilian household, the mother's paternal surname and the father's paternal surname. The arrangement of names follows the order that the mother's paternal surname should always be placed before the father's paternal name.

In Brazilian culture, nicknames or 'apelidos' are a common way to address someone. Close friends and family commonly use nicknames. These nicknames can simply be shortened forms of the given name or be based on a specific individual characteristic.
Overall, Brazilian names seamlessly represent the beauty and diversity of Brazil’s people and culture. From simple and elegant names like Ana to popular classics like Maria, choose your pick from the below collection of meaningful Brazilian baby girl names.

heart image Adriana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Woman from Hadria
heart image Aline Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Nobility; Light; Lovely; Variant of Helen; Derived from Athal; Noble
heart image Ana Baby Girl Sign Girl Favor; Grace; Merciful
heart image Antonia Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Priceless; Praiseworthy
heart image Fernanda Baby Girl Sign Girl Adventurous; Bold journey
heart image Francisca Unisex Baby Sign Unisex From France
heart image Juliana Baby Girl Sign Girl Youthful; Soft hair; Sky father; Downy
heart image Marcia Baby Girl Sign Girl Dedicated to Mars
heart image Maria Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter
heart image Patricia Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble
heart image Alanza Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble estate; One who is eager
heart image Alipha Baby Girl Sign Girl Thousand
heart image Andressa Baby Girl Sign Girl A strong and courageous woman
heart image Canciana Baby Girl Sign Girl One belonging to Anzio, Italy
heart image Constancta Baby Girl Sign Girl Steadfast
heart image Daiane Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is beautiful and smart
heart image Dilma Baby Girl Sign Girl Bold, determined, visionary
heart image Edite Baby Girl Sign Girl Wealthy gift from a ruler
heart image Eloa Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess in Brazilian language
heart image Emanuelly Baby Girl Sign Girl God is with us; A variant of Emmanuella
heart image Izabel Baby Girl Sign Girl Brazilian version of Isabel; My God is an oath
heart image Janaina Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful, wise and determined
heart image Kiania Baby Girl Sign Girl The dawn
heart image Marelaine Baby Girl Sign Girl A Brazilian name
heart image Mucamutara Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman born during the war
heart image Murilo Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong and determined
heart image Pedrina Baby Girl Sign Girl Rock
heart image Rosalice Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman noble as a rose
heart image Rosalicia Baby Girl Sign Girl One with the nobility of a rose
heart image Sueli Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The light
heart image Uiara Baby Girl Sign Girl The water lady
heart image Xoana Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Yara Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady of the lake
heart image Yarah Baby Girl Sign Girl Water lady

Traditional Christian names usually inspire Brazilian baby girl names, or they can be passed down through generations, commonly from the great-grandparents. The Brazilians have witnessed years of migration, welcoming multicultural people. This intertwining of cultures and the usage of the Brazilian-Portuguese language led to embracing the Portuguese naming tradition of using two surnames, both the mother’s paternal surname and the father’s paternal surname. We hope you discover an ideal name for your little girl as you glance through our hand-picked names.

Infographic: Stunning Brazilian Baby Girl Names

These gorgeous names come from one of the most culturally rich regions of the South American continent, Brazil. Brazilian names mainly originate in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German. If you’re looking for a distinctly Brazilian name for your daughter, this infographic can help you out. We have listed some beautiful Brazilian feminine names and their meanings in it. Check it out.

captivating brazilian baby girl names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Brazilian baby girl names are inspired by mythology?

Some Brazilian baby girl names inspired by mythology are Casandra, meaning 'warrior' and associated with the Greek prophetess Cassandra, and Iara, derived from Brazilian mythology, meaning 'mother of the waters.'

2. How do Brazilian baby girl names compare to names from other Latin American countries?

Brazilian baby girl names also follow Portuguese naming conventions, incorporating two surnames from both the mother's and father's paternal lines. The maternal family names come before the paternal ones. Conversely, in other Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Mexican names reflect Spanish traditions, comprising a given name followed by the father's paternal family name and then the mother's paternal family name (1).

3. What are some Brazilian baby girl names that have religious or cultural significance?

In Brazil, there are several baby girl names with religious significance. Eloa, meaning 'Goddess' in Brazilian, carries a strong religious connotation. Emanuel, a variant of Emmanuella, signifies 'God is with us.' Izabel, the Brazilian version of Isabel, means 'my God is an oath.'

4. What are some Brazilian baby girl names that signify strength or power?

Some Brazilian baby girl names that signify strength or power include Andressa, a strong and courageous woman; Constancta, meaning steadfast; Mucamutara, symbolizing a woman born during the war; and Pedrina, which signifies rock-like resilience.

5. What is the Brazilian name for beautiful?

In Brazilian culture, the name for beautiful is 'Antonia.' This name carries the meaning of being a beautiful, praiseworthy human. Another Brazilian name associated with beauty is 'Daiane,' which signifies someone who is both beautiful and smart.


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