235 Hawaiian Baby Names With Meanings

Picturesque landscapes, vibrant flowers, and white sand beaches, Hawaiians have an eternal connection with the land, sea, and universe, which can be seen in their baby names as well. The rhythmic sounds of the Hawaiian baby names evoke exotic images of nature while staying true to their culture.

In earlier times, the babies were named by Kupuna, the eldest member of the family, right at the time of birth. The name could have appeared in the form of a sign in a dream or vision. Hawaiians would also pick ancestral names handed down from generation to generation, and this tradition is still somewhat prevalent.

Today, the Hawaiian baby names mostly refer to nature or have positive meanings. Some parents even pick trendy American first names for their children. But for the middle spot, they stick to a traditional Hawaiian name.

Below is MomJunction's wide selection of Hawaiian baby names, along with their meanings. We’ve also added the name in alphabetical order for better navigation.

AelanA flower, a beautiful flowerGirl
Ahesoftly blowing breezeUnisex
AheaheAheahe is a variant of Ahe.Unisex
AidenLittle fire.Unisex
AilanaStrength of God The Memory of the LordGirl
Ailani"Chief, LeaderBoy
AkamaiSmart, Intelligent and wisdomeGirl
AkamuOf the Red EarthBoy
AkelaHappy, Joy, feeling pleasure, contented, pleased.Boy
Alekadefender of mankindGirl
AlikaeHawaiian - Protector; A Hawaiian form of Alex; It has a meaning as most beautiful also; Combination of Alice and KayGirl
AllannaSerenity, Calmness, tranquilityGirl
AlohaLoving, Kind-HeartedGirl
Alohibrilliant, shiningGirl
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
AulaniKing's messengerGirl
AuliiSomething which is very deliciousGirl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
BaneAramaic - Son of Consolation; Son of the Prophet; Long-Awaited ChildBoy
CalebOne faithful as a dogBoy
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
EleThe black, shining oneGirl
ElijahName of a very famous King and a ProphetBoy
Eltathis means that the lord is my god.Boy
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
Etanaa Hawaiian word meaning strong.Boy
Ethanstrong or gift of the island.Boy
Eusebioone who worships well.Boy
EzekielA person who is made stronger by GodBoy
HaleighaHouse of the Rising SunBoy
HaliaRemembrance of a loved one; MemorialUnisex
HaulaniRoyal ruler in Hawaiian, Heavenly IceBoy
HikialaniLooking up at heavenBoy
HiloFirst night after the new moonBoy
HonaleiNamed after Hanalei, Hawaii; meaning heavenly landGirl
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
KaeoKaeo means StrongBoy
KahaleThe name Kahale means HouseGirl
KahawaiKahawai means RiverBoy
KahealaniThe name means The Call of Heaven, The Heavenly MistGirl
KahiauKahiau name means Selfless GenerosityUnisex
KahikilaniKahikilani means The Arrival of the ChiefBoy
KahikinaThe name means The East, The ArrivalBoy
KahiliKahili means Feather Standard or Rainbow partBoy
KahliKahili menas Rainbow part, GingerUnisex
KahliaKahlia means Keeper of the KeysGirl
KahokuKahoku means The StarUnisex
KaholoThe name means NimbleUnisex
KahoniKahoni means The KissUnisex
KahuaKahua means Base, FondationUnisex
KahunaThe name Kahuna means The Hidden SecretUnisex
KaiaKaia name means The SeaGirl
KaiholoKaiholo means Moving Sea, Running CurrentUnisex
KaikaneKaikane name means Strong SeaBoy
KaikoKaiko name means Sea With Strong CurrentUnisex
KailaniKailani means Sea and SkyGirl
KaileahKaileah name means Clear and BrightGirl
KaimanaKaimana means Power of the Ocean and DiamondUnisex
KaimeeKaimee means SeekerBoy
KaimiKaimi name means The SeekerBoy
KainaluThe name means Sea WaveUnisex
KainoaKainoa means The Free Flowing OceanUnisex
KainonaKainona means Sea with No RestrictionsUnisex
KaipoKaipo means The SweetheartUnisex
KaiulaniKaiulani means Royal Sacred OneUnisex
KalaniKalani name means The HeavensUnisex
KaleaKalea name mans Joy and HappinessGirl
KalehoThe name means The Cowry ShellUnisex
KaleiThe name Kalei means The One who works for the KinfUnisex
KaleiaCurled flower or twisted flowerGirl
KaleighiaHappiness or a bliss, flowersGirl
KaleoKaleo means The VoiceUnisex
KalinoThe name Kalino means The Brilliant OneBoy
KalonaHawaiian meaning is The Sky, Hwbrew meaning of the name is Singer, PlainGirl
KaloniKaloni means The Sky, The Royal OneGirl
KamaleiKamelei means Beloved ChildGirl
KamayaKamaya means Precious OneGirl
KameaKamea means The One and OnlyGirl
KananiKanani means The one who is BeautifulGirl
KaniKani means SoundGirl
KanoaKanoa means The Free OneBoy
KanuhaKanuha means The Sulky OneBoy
KapenaKapena means Captainunisex
KaponoKapono means RighteousUnisex
KapueoKapueo name means Owl in HawaiianUnisex
KapulaThe meaning of the name Kapula is PrayerUnisex
KapuniKapuni name means Favorite OneUnisex
KauaSensitive, one who is sensitive by nature.Boy
KauiKaui means The Youth is BeautifulBoy
KawenaKawena means The Rosy Glow in the SkyUnisex
KawikaKawika means Favorite, Bloved FirendBoy
KawikaniKawikani The one Who is StrongBoy
KaylKayl means The Man Who is FreeBoy
KeahiThe meaning of the name is FireUnisex
KeahilaniThe name means Heaven's FireUnisex
KealaKeala means The Path, The RoadUnisex
KealamauloaThe eternal path or the path of eternintyBoy
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