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There’s no dearth of inspiration when it comes to baby names. Some look up to their family tree while others pick the name of their favorite television or movie character. But some people like to stick to their culture while selecting a baby name, especially the Arabs.

As Carlyle had said, giving a name is a poetic art. Arabs do not just look for meanings in names. They are also concerned about how the name sounds and if the syllables flow well or not. They want a name that rolls mellifluously from the tongue and has elements that fit well with each other. Yes, everything is taken into consideration while naming in the language of the angels, Arabic.

Arab names also come in two versions, which are pre and post-Islam. The pre-Islamic names were usually derived from nature, vocabulary words, or occupation. Some pre-Islamic names also reflect personal characteristics. The post-Islamic names are influenced by 99 attributes of Allah and Islam. Variations of the name Muhammad are also considered. And almost all the Arabic names have Arabic words. So you even have the option of making your own Arabic name. Below is Momjunction’s extensive database of arabic boy names and arabic girl names with meanings.

Aaliyahthe name means To Ascend, High, Lofty, Sublime, Highly Exalted, Tall, Towering, The High, Exalted OneGirl
AbdullahGod's slave or servant of Allah; Islamic mystic Muhammad's father name was Abdullah.Boy
AhmadMuch praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad.Boy
Ahmedhighly praised", which in turn implies "one who constantly thanks God.Boy
Aishathe one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome, in some cases it also means 'living'Girl
AliElevated, prominent, superiorBoy
AmenaArabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A variant spelling of name AminaGirl
AmirA born leader and a prince who is born to give ordersBoy
AmiraA born princess who has a heart of goldGirl
CairoOne who is victriousUnisex
FatimaA captivating womanGirl
IbrahimA variant of Ebrahim, meaning father of many nations .Boy
LaylaNigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and ArabiaGirl
LeilaNighttime, time of a day after the sundownGirl
LilaShe who belongs to the peopleGirl
LylaA Girl from an islandGirl
MalikHe who is kingBoy
MaryamOur ladyGirl
MohammedVastness, Magnitude in size, greater than anythingBoy
NasirOne who gives victoryBoy
OmarPowerful or fluent orator.Boy
ZainZayn is other popular variation of this name, one who is beautiful and gracefulBoy
AaaqilOne who is wise and intelligent.Boy
AaarabiskA person who is wishful and healthyBoy
AabanName of the Angel, 8th Persian month, angel of iron, name aban also in some cases has the meaning spontaneous and versatileBoy
AabdarName aabdar has a quranic origin which means Moon light, early, quick. It is derived from the B-D-R root which is used in the Quran in verse 3:123 in the word Badr, which means "full moon" and is the name of a famous battle.Boy
AabinusMeaning of word aabinus is Ebony, Dark coloredBoy
AadabName aadab has a meaning of Hope and need. The person who brings hope to the familyGirl
AadamMalay version of Adam, meaning 'father of mankind'.Boy
Aadeelaadeel means Righteous and Just, it also means "one who acts with justice and fairness", "moderate", "virtuous", "excellent in characterBoy
Aadilaadil means righteous, high in moral and virtuous, suggesting sanctimoniousBoy
Aadilathe female counterpart of aadil, which means a person with justified moralityGirl
Aadinathe name aadina has a meaning of delicate, slender it also has a meaning of FridayGirl
AaeedahThe name means Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means returnGirl
Aaeeshathe word has the meaning of She who lives" or "womanly"Girl
AafiaThe name signifies the person who cool and composed and free from all worriesGirl
Aafiyathe person who has a very sound body and healthBoy
Aafiyahthe word means Healthy, or it signifies the person who has a state of well beingGirl
AafiyatHealth, freedom from illness.Girl
Aafreedathe name signifies a person who is just put to existence or producedGirl
AafreenAfareen is a Persian name for girls, sometimes also used for Boys, that means "to praise", "to give thanks", "to congratulate", it is also an expression of praise and gratitudeGirl
Aaftabthe name means sunlight or the SunBoy
AahadUnity, oneness, harmonyBoy
AahilAahil is an Arabic word that means "great king", "great leader", "emperor", a king or ruler who presides over multiple nations and countries.Boy
Aaidaaaida has many meaning in different languages, like in french it means the one who is helpful, in hebrew it means Ornament or brightnessGirl
Aailathe word aaila means Beautiful, attractive and possessing charm just like a moonGirl
Aaimaaaima means the one who is supreme leader or the one who leads or conductsGirl
Aairathe one who is worthy of respect, who is noble and honorableGirl
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