584 Arabic Baby Names Starting With Letter H

Baby Names
heart image Haadi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Guided, leader
heart image Haadiya Baby Girl Sign Girl One that guides towards righteousness; Tranquil; Calm
heart image Haadiyah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Guiding, righteous, leader
heart image Haady Baby Boy Sign Boy Guiding to the right; Righteous
heart image Haadya Baby Girl Sign Girl Very well behaved; Well-mannered
heart image Haafiz Baby Boy Sign Boy Preserver, guardian, keeper
heart image Haafiza Baby Girl Sign Girl Protector; Defender; To shield
heart image Haajar Baby Girl Sign Girl Solid as a stone
heart image Haajira Baby Girl Sign Girl Wife of prophet Ibrahim; Mother of prophet Ismail
heart image Haakim Baby Boy Sign Boy Wise; Healer; Physician; Ruler; Sovereign; A variant of Hakim
heart image Haala Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Lunar Halo
heart image Haamid Baby Boy Sign Boy Praising; Loving association with god; One who offers approval
heart image Haanee Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy; Delighted; Content; Joyful; A variant of Hani
heart image Haani Baby Boy Sign Boy Content; Delighted; Happy
heart image Haania Baby Boy Sign Boy Happiness; Joyful
heart image Haaris Baby Boy Sign Boy Vigilant; Watchman; Guardian; Protector; Friend; A variant of Haris
heart image Haarith Baby Boy Sign Boy A lion that digs into the earth
heart image Haaroon Baby Boy Sign Boy Hope; Optimism; Positive expectation
heart image Haarun Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior lion; Combatant; Fighter
heart image Haashim Baby Boy Sign Boy Generosity; Kindness; With a bright heart
heart image Haashir Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Active, energetic, organizer
heart image Haasim Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lives life with zeal, ardor and enthusiasm
heart image Haatim Baby Boy Sign Boy Decisive by nature; Determined; Strong-minded
heart image Haaziq Baby Boy Sign Boy Skillful; Intelligent; Brilliant
heart image Hab Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Love; Affiliation; Friendship; Hope
heart image Habab Baby Boy Sign Boy Aim; Goal; End; Destination; A variant of Habbab; Loving and affectionate
heart image Hababa Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Attractive; Gorgeous-looking
heart image Hababah Baby Girl Sign Girl A Daughter of Ajlan; Narrator of Hadith
heart image Habash Baby Boy Sign Boy Guinea fowl; Guinea hen
heart image Habbab Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendship; Lovable personality; Polite; Gentle
heart image Habbah Baby Boy Sign Boy Berry; Grain; Seed; A variant form is Habba
heart image Habeeb Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweetheart; Beloved; Dearest
heart image Habeeba Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling; Loved One; A variant spelling is Habiba
heart image Habeeballah Baby Boy Sign Boy God's beloved; Loved by God
heart image Habeel Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the sons of prophet Adam
heart image Habi Baby Girl Sign Girl Picture; Image; Depiction
heart image Habib Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved; Darling
heart image Habiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Lover; Darling; Sweetheart
heart image Habibah Baby Girl Sign Girl Favorite; Dearest; Beloved
heart image Habiballah Baby Boy Sign Boy Loved by god; God's beloved
heart image Habibeh Baby Girl Sign Girl Popular; Admired; Well-liked by everyone
heart image Habibi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex My love; My darling
heart image Habibullah Baby Boy Sign Boy Loved by God; God's beloved
heart image Habil Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the sons of prophet Adam; Biblical Abel
heart image Hablah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with a good income or earning
heart image Habushun Baby Boy Sign Boy An ancient Arabic Boy name
heart image Habwat Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift; Present
heart image Hachim Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave breaker or destroyer of evil
heart image Hada Baby Boy Sign Boy Myrtle tree; Noble spirit
heart image Hadabbas Baby Boy Sign Boy Tiger
heart image Hadaf Baby Boy Sign Boy Object; Goal; Target
heart image Hadal Baby Boy Sign Boy Mistletoe; A plant
heart image Hadee Baby Boy Sign Boy Guiding to the Right; Director; Guide; A variant of Hadi
heart image Hadeed Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Iron; Strong
heart image Hadeel Baby Girl Sign Girl To coo like a dove; The sweet voice of a dove
heart image Hadeer Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sharp resonating voice; Loud resonating voice
heart image Hadees Baby Boy Sign Boy Speech or dialogue of the almighty
heart image Hadheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Present; Attending; A variant of Hadhir
heart image Hadhir Baby Boy Sign Boy Present; Attending; A variant of Hadheer
heart image Hadi Baby Boy Sign Boy One that guides towards the right or righteous
heart image Hadia Baby Girl Sign Girl Peaceful; Guide to honesty; Non-violent
heart image Hadib Baby Boy Sign Boy Devoted; Kind; Compassionate
heart image Hadid Baby Boy Sign Boy Iron; Sharp; Speedy; Strong; Quick; Pointed
heart image Hadidah Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword; Weapon; A variant spelling is Hadida
heart image Hadil Baby Girl Sign Girl Acquire; Obtain; Achieve; The voice of a dove
heart image Hadiqa Baby Girl Sign Girl Garden; Flower garden; Garden with roses
heart image Hadir Baby Boy Sign Boy Beautiful; Stunning; Striking; The sound of thunder
heart image Hadis Baby Boy Sign Boy History; Belief; Tradition; Custom
heart image Hadiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Guidance of good value; High calibre; High quality
heart image Hadiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift from Allah; Blessing of God; Offered by Allah
heart image Hadiyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift; Reward; Souvenir; Donation; Prize
heart image Hadiza Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Brave warrior; gentle and kind
heart image Hadrami Baby Boy Sign Boy Nobel man; The name of some prominent men
heart image Hadriana Baby Girl Sign Girl From Hadria; Blessing of God
heart image Hadus Baby Boy Sign Boy New; Fresh; Young
heart image Hady Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gift or present
heart image Hadya Baby Girl Sign Girl Guide to righteousness; Gift; Well-behaved
heart image Haeda Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who regrets a lot
heart image Haemah Baby Girl Sign Girl Crazy in love; Extreme in love; Mad in love
heart image Hafa Baby Girl Sign Girl Mild rain; Moderate rain
heart image Hafawat Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendly; Welcoming; Caring
heart image Hafeez Baby Boy Sign Boy Protector; Providing shield; Islamic God name
heart image Hafeeza Baby Girl Sign Girl Guardian; Protector; Amulet
heart image Hafez Baby Boy Sign Boy Responsible caretaker; Guardian; Keeper; Preserver
heart image Haffafa Baby Girl Sign Girl Glittering; Sparkling; Shining; Slim
heart image Hafi Baby Boy Sign Boy Greetings; Good wishes; Compliments
heart image Hafid Baby Boy Sign Boy Protector of the religion; Guardian of the Islamic religion
heart image Hafidh Baby Boy Sign Boy The men who remember the Quran by heart; Male custodian of the Quran
heart image Hafiez Baby Boy Sign Boy A variation of Hafiz; Protector
heart image Hafil Baby Boy Sign Boy Diligent; Industrious; Determined; Hardworking
heart image Hafisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Good-looking; Attractive; Handsome
heart image Hafiz Baby Boy Sign Boy Memorizing the Quran; Guardians of the Holy Quran
heart image Hafiza Baby Girl Sign Girl Lady custodian of the Quran; Lady protector of the Quran
heart image Hafizah Baby Girl Sign Girl Guardian; Administrator; Vigilant; Attentive
heart image Hafizullah Baby Boy Sign Boy Commemoration of God; Remembrance of Allah
heart image Haflat Baby Boy Sign Boy All; Everything
heart image Hafs Baby Girl Sign Girl To Collect; To Rest; Lion; Young one of Lion
heart image Hafsa Baby Girl Sign Girl Gathering
heart image Hafsah Baby Girl Sign Girl Wife of the Prophet Muhammad
heart image Hafthah Baby Girl Sign Girl Preserved; Protected; One who is protected by God
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