648 Arabic Baby Names Starting With Letter N

Baby Names
heart image Nasir Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper; Protector; Friend; Victory
heart image Na yab Baby Boy Sign Boy Uncommon, most treasurable
heart image Naabih Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-known; Celebrated; Notable; Bright
heart image Naadhira Baby Girl Sign Girl A prospering or blossoming person
heart image Naadia Baby Girl Sign Girl A gem; A bright child
heart image Naadim Baby Boy Sign Boy A repentant or remorseful individual
heart image Naadir Baby Boy Sign Boy A beloved, rare, and precious one
heart image Naadira Baby Girl Sign Girl A rare, precious individual
heart image Naail Baby Boy Sign Boy Wage earner; Receiver; Capacity
heart image Naairah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Fire or bright light
heart image Naajia Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is self-governing
heart image Naajidah Baby Girl Sign Girl As brave as a lioness
heart image Naakaiah Baby Girl Sign Girl A virtuous, pure, and faithful person
heart image Naasik Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is a spiritual supporter; A pious person
heart image Naasima Baby Girl Sign Girl The person who guides others
heart image Naasir Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who assists and takes care of others
heart image Naasira Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who helps other
heart image Naathim Baby Boy Sign Boy Controller or coordinator
heart image Naazeer Baby Boy Sign Boy Observer; Spectator
heart image Naazim Baby Boy Sign Boy Establisher
heart image Naazima Baby Girl Sign Girl A poet; Lady poet
heart image Naazir Baby Boy Sign Boy Supervisor of events
heart image Naazira Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who oversees activities
heart image Nabaha Baby Boy Sign Boy Celebrity; Dignity; Intellect; Glow; Genius
heart image Nabeeh Baby Boy Sign Boy Mentally quick and resourceful person
heart image Nabeeha Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who stands above in quality or position
heart image Nabeel Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who has elevated mind and character
heart image Nabeela Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who adheres to ethical and moral principles; Impressive in appearance
heart image Nabeelah Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who has an impressive appearance
heart image Nabeele Baby Girl Sign Girl Generous; Understanding; Tolerant
heart image Nabhan Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is attentive, sleepless and mindful
heart image Nabia Baby Girl Sign Girl Luminous or Brilliant
heart image Nabiel Baby Boy Sign Boy The person with honor and titles
heart image Nabighah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One with capacity for thought and reason above average
heart image Nabih Baby Boy Sign Boy Alert and watchful
heart image Nabiha Baby Girl Sign Girl Dependable
heart image Nabihah Baby Girl Sign Girl Possessing excellent knowledge
heart image Nabijah Baby Girl Sign Girl A motivating and bold guide
heart image Nabil Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is entitled to honor and respect
heart image Nabila Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Excellent
heart image Nabilah Baby Girl Sign Girl Born for goodness
heart image Nabilia Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble person always carrying out good deeds
heart image Nabiullah Baby Boy Sign Boy Holy prophet of the almighty; Nickname of Prophet Nuh
heart image Nabiulmalhamsh Baby Boy Sign Boy Foretelling battle time
heart image Nabon Baby Boy Sign Boy From the north side overhang
heart image Nabor Baby Boy Sign Boy Shining nimble of the prophet
heart image Nabra Baby Girl Sign Girl A lofty peak valued for its rarity
heart image Nacim Baby Boy Sign Boy First blowing
heart image Nacima Baby Girl Sign Girl Rare
heart image Nacki Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-known and esteemed
heart image Nada Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is pleasing or valuable or useful
heart image Nadaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Condensation, bigheartedness, broadmindedness, nobility
heart image Nadda Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is willing to give and share unstintingly
heart image Nadeeda Baby Girl Sign Girl Contestant to defeat
heart image Nadeem Baby Boy Sign Boy Travel companion
heart image Nadeemah Baby Girl Sign Girl Close friend
heart image Nadeen Baby Girl Sign Girl Hope; Essential; Delicate; Showerer of blessings
heart image Nader Baby Boy Sign Boy The dearest person; One who is the most loved
heart image Nadheema Baby Girl Sign Girl Having mutual affections
heart image Nadheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Gives warnings
heart image Nadheera Baby Boy Sign Boy who warn others of the danger
heart image Nadhif Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-known and acceptable
heart image Nadhifa Baby Boy Sign Boy Popular to others; Widely acceptable
heart image Nadhira Baby Boy Sign Boy Treasurable and valuable
heart image Nadhirah Baby Girl Sign Girl Good looking and glowing
heart image Nadhiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Animated and beautiful
heart image Nadida Baby Girl Sign Girl Remains in the same quantity
heart image Nadidah Baby Boy Sign Boy Respectful to all
heart image Nadiha Baby Boy Sign Boy Celebrated and esteemed
heart image Nadim Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who provides cooperation or assistance
heart image Nadima Baby Girl Sign Girl Drinking companion
heart image Nadimah Baby Girl Sign Girl The person close to the heart
heart image Nadin Baby Girl Sign Girl Slightly wet, caring, trusting, subtle
heart image Nadina Baby Girl Sign Girl Grounds for feeling hopeful
heart image Nadira Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is uncommon and tough to search
heart image Nadirah Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is occasional and valuable
heart image Nadiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Fragile
heart image Nadiyya Baby Girl Sign Girl Soggy, affectionate, and gentle person
heart image Nadqid Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who acts on behalf of a superior
heart image Nadr Baby Boy Sign Boy Decorative
heart image Nadra Baby Girl Sign Girl Specific to a category
heart image Nadrah Baby Girl Sign Girl a specified and recognizable person
heart image Nadwa Baby Girl Sign Girl Serving in an administrative capacity
heart image Nadwah Baby Girl Sign Girl Sensible advisor
heart image Nadyne Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower bud or blossom
heart image Nadzieja Baby Girl Sign Girl Mild and affectionate person
heart image Naeem Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is known for his cheerfulness and well-being
heart image Naeema Baby Girl Sign Girl Comfortable and satisfied
heart image Naeemah Baby Girl Sign Girl Gladness and joy
heart image Naeemullah Baby Boy Sign Boy Mercy of Allah
heart image Naef Baby Boy Sign Boy Additional or spare
heart image Nael Baby Boy Sign Boy Achiever; Successful
heart image Naela Unisex Baby Sign Unisex achiever or successful
heart image Naelle Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Feminine, elegant, unique
heart image Naem Baby Boy Sign Boy An ever joyous person
heart image Naema Baby Girl Sign Girl To live a contented and joyful life
heart image Naf Baby Girl Sign Girl Valuable and priceless
heart image Nafees Baby Boy Sign Boy Distinguished; Unpolluted; Optimal; Wonderful
heart image Nafeesa Baby Girl Sign Girl Extraordinary and precious
heart image Nafeesah Baby Girl Sign Girl Tremendous; Marvellous; Stunning; Splendid
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