1343 American Baby Names With Meanings

The United States of America commonly referred to as the United States, is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Apart from freedom of religion, press, speech, and marriage, the country has very few laws relating to baby names as well. It gives freedom to select and create any name people think can express their values, personality, cultural identity, and creativity. But pictograms and numerical digits for names aren’t allowed and rightly so.

Of course, like every country, even the United States of America has a few favorites. Patriotic baby names, rich in cultural significance, are rising up on the Social Security Administration list. Besides, United States place-names like Arizona, Phoenix, and Savannah are also gaining popularity. Traditional parents prefer classic English names so that their children assimilate well in the society.

So whether you’re looking for a traditional and classic United States name or something out of the box, MomJunction's got everything covered in our United States baby name finder tool.

AaceThe word aace in America means Unity, it also implies to luck and excellenceBoy
AbcdeMeans first five amazing letters of alphabetGirl
AbequeA person who loves to stay at homeGirl
AbriellaOne who is derived from God or the pillar of strengthGirl
AbyFather of multitude or massesBoy
AcalanA small narrow and long rowing boatBoy
AcamapichtliA handful of reeds or long grassBoy
AdalineA noble or kind-hearted personGirl
AddisynThe son of Addie or AdamBoy
AdicaThe mother's choiceGirl
AerilynThe beautiful or pleasant airGirl
AidenLittle fire.Unisex
AiyannaEternal blossom, Everlasting BloomGirl
AjCombination of Letters A and J; powerful and completeBoy
AjaraeA made up name, name of an actorUnisex
AliviaAlivia is Olive TreeGirl
AllstonNoble One's SettlementBoy
AlmanzoThe explanation given by Laura Ingalls Wilder for her husband, Almanzo's, name is that it was derived from an Arabian benefactor to his ancestors by the name of Al-Mansour, meaning 'the victorious'. An alternative derivation is of Old German origin, meaniBoy
AlphaAn excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualitiesUnisex
AlvinA noble companion and friend loved by all having a independent, resourceful and practical attitudeBoy
AlysonAdaptable, adventurous being who are noble and honest seeking freedomGirl
AmberleighThe one who is immortal and has a friendly, poised and affectionate natureGirl
AmeeraA leader, a princess by birth who is prosperous and at the top of a treeGirl
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AmelieA mighty hard working defenderGirl
AngelosThey are charming angels of God sent from heavenBoy
AnnisThe holy one who is pureGirl
AnnissaA true compannion who is pure and charmingGirl
AnsonThe son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearerBoy
AntoinetteQueen of France; beautiful flowerGirl
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
ArmandoGreat warrior and a happy army manBoy
ArnoldStrong like an eagleBoy
ArvinFriend to all; a friend of the EagleBoy
AstghikAmerican name derived from astgh which means a little starGirl
AunerAn adventurous; they are sophisticated beingsBoy
AuriaSoft wind; aura of positivityGirl
AuriarCold and gentle breeze filled with musicGirl
AustenOne who has a great and magnificient personalityBoy
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
AvabelleOne who has a beautiful live; breathing in lifeGirl
AveriA strong-witted individual who is ambitiousGirl
AydanOne who is born out of fire; impusiveBoy
AydenDetermined; one who is bron out of fireBoy
BaileiA warrant officer of a judgeBoy
BannerA colonial origin, Banner meaning 'Flag'Boy
BanningSmall and Fair; One who Reads the Banns; Blond Child; Small Fair One or Son of the Fair OneBoy
BarbiTraveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; ForeignGirl
BarbieDerived From Barbara; traveler from a foreign landGirl
BardPoet; Minstrel; A Singer-poet; One who Sings BalladsBoy
BardalphAx WolfBoy
BardanLives Near the Boar's Den; From theBoy
BardenLives Near the Boar's Den; Boar's DenBoy
BardeneFrom the Boar ValleyBoy
BardoVariant of Bartholomew; Son of the EarthBoy
BardonMinstrel; Singer-poet; Barley ValleyBoy
BarlowLives on the Bare Hill; Place Name; The Bare HillsideBoy
BarnetOf Honorable Birth; From the Land That was BurnedBoy
BarnettLeader; From the Land That was Burned; Noble ManBoy
BarnumFrom the Nobleman's HomeBoy
BarretBrave as a Bear; Variant of Barnett; Bear-strengthBoy
BarricGrain FarmBoy
BarrickGrain Farm,A barley farmBoy
BarrieLives at the Barrier; Fair-haired; From the Land That was Burned; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strengthBoy
BarronWarrior; The Title of Nobility Used as a First Name; From the Land That was BurnedBoy
BartelFrom the Barley Farm; Farmer's Son; Son of TalmaiBoy
BarthramIllustrious; Glorious RavenBoy
BartleahFrom Bart's MeadowBoy
BartleighFrom Bart's MeadowBoy
BartleyFrom the Birch Tree Meadows; Son of Talmai; Son of the One who Abounds in FurrowsBoy
BartramGlorious Raven; Bright RavenBoy
BarwolfAx WolfBoy
BatesVariant of BartholomewBoy
BeaBlessed, hollyGirl
BeacherLives by the Beech TreeBoy
BeachyDiminutive of BeacherBoy
BealAttractive, good looking, beautifulBoy
BealeHandsome, attractive, fine lookingBoy
BeallGood-looking, beautifulBoy
BeamanBeekeeper, From a beautiful hillBoy
BeamerTrumpet PlayerBoy
BeceereLives by the Beech TreeBoy
BeckiBound; Captivating; Abbreviation of RebeccaGirl
BeckieCaptivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; JoinedGirl
BedePrayer; Name of a HistorianBoy
BeecherLives by the Beech Tree; Place NameBoy
BegonaLady of BegonaGirl
BeldanLives in the Beautiful GlenBoy
BeldaneLives in the Beautiful ValleyBoy
BeldeneLives in the Most Beautiful ValleyBoy
BeldonLives in the Beautiful Glen; Child of the Unspoiled Glen; Place Name; Pretty ValleyBoy
BelenBethlehem; An ArrowGirl
BemelleStrong as a BearBoy
BenecroftFrom the Bean FieldBoy
BenjamenSon of the Right HandBoy
BenjenBenjen is Created NameBoy
BenjimanSon of the Right HandBoy
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