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Origin, Meaning, And History of Aya

Aya is primarily a girl’s name gtom mixed origins and multiple meanings. It is a familiar Japanese name meaning ‘design,’ ‘colorful,’ or ‘beautiful.’ In old German, Aya means ‘sword,’ whereas, in Hebrew, Aya refers to ‘colorful,’ ‘birdm’ ‘to fly swiftly,’ or ‘sign.’ It is also given to girls of Arab origin where it means ‘wonderful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘miracle,’ or ‘verse.’ In Mongolian and Turkish, Aya means ‘goodness,’ ‘music,’ or ‘melody.’ In Baoule, a language spoken by a tribe of the Ivory Coast, Aya is a name given to friday-born baby girls. In the Sino-Tibetan language of Nepal, Aya refers to a sister-in-law, with its roots in the Proto-Tibeto-Burman word by meaning ‘mother.’

The name Aya is steeped in rich history being the name of an Akkadian Goddess of dawn. She was the wife of Shamash, the ancient Mesopotamian Sun God and was associated with the morning light and the rising Sun. She was also regarded as the epitome of beauty and charm being the wife of Shamash and is regarded as a divine couple in several seal inscriptions. Besides, Aya stands for ‘fern,’ an African-Adinkra symbol which are visual symbols representing endurance, independence, resourcefulness, and defiance.

Aya can be alternatively spelled as Ayah or Aiya with nicknames such as Ay, Ayi, or simply A. It is a popular name throughout Europe with several references to popular culture as well. Aya de Yopougon is the main protagonist featured in the comic book series “Aya of Yop City” written by Marguerite Abouete. She has been highlighted throughout the novel as studious, independent, and ambitious, who is different from other women in Yop city as she is completely uninterested in men. Aya Asagiri is the leading protagonist in the Japanese magical girl manga series “Magical Girl Site.” She has a warm personality and takes care of everyone whom she loves. The series is all about Aya’s transformation into a magical girl from a high-school student through a mysterious website.


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design, colorful or beautiful. It also means 'bees' in Old German.
 A..  Aa..  Aay..  Ahi..  Aiy..  Ah..  Ahe..  Aho..  Ahu.. 

How To Pronounce Aya?


Famous People With The Name Aya

  • Aya Rachel CashAmerican actress, known for her role in “You’re The Worst”
  • Aya SumikaAmerican actress, known for her role in the series “Numb3rs”
  • Aya MedanyEgyptian pentathlete and the youngest competitor in the Egyptian team at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens

Aya On The Popularity Chart

The name Aya gained major popularity over the last 20 years and debuted in the top 1000 names in the US in 2012. Check out more details from the graphs.

Popularity Over Time

As represented in the graph, the name slowly rose in popularity from the 1990s and made a mark in popularity in 2019 with 383 babies per million named Aya.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Although a low-ranking name on the chart till 1990, Aya entered the list of the top 2000 names in 1997 and kept on improving its ranking.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Aya

Aya is a short and adorable name. If you want to explore some more names with a similar chime as Aya, here is the perfect list.

Names With Similar Meaning As Aya

The name Aya has multiple meanings and if you are looking for such names, here are some options to discover.

Name Numerology For Aya

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