486 Japanese Baby Names With Meanings

Japan, one of the most developed countries in Asia, does not just have a long and enchanting history. It also has a slew of adorable names to boot.

Japanese names do not just embody ancient Japanese beliefs, but also echo their artistic forms like gardening haiku poetry, architecture, and the noble lifestyles such as the Samurai Bushido Code. Some names also reflect the birth order. Taro, for instance, means ‘the first-born male’. But whether you select a traditional Japanese name or a modern one, its meaning in Japanese is a lot likely to be complex. That’s because one Japanese name can have a plethora of meanings.

Another important thing to note is that in Japan, a baby is given an informal name six days after the birth. When the child turns 16, he’s given a formal name, carried out in a proper naming ceremony.

Below, is MomJunction's list of hundreds of Japanese baby names along with their meanings. Browse the tool to shortlist your most favorite names and create your baby name list.

Emicathis name means charming or blessed and beautiful.Girl
HarutoSpring; Sunny; Clear Up Radiance; Sunshine; SunlightBoy
HirotoFly far; Big FlightBoy
ItsukiTimber treeBoy
KanaKana means The One who Has the Power, PowerfulGirl
KeiKei name means Square Jewel, Blessing, WiseUnisex
KoharuKoharu means Late SummerGirl
KokoroHeart, Mind, Emotions, FeelingsGirl
MinatoHarbour or PortBoy
MioA beautiful cherry blossom, or a beautiful threadGirl
NozomiReliable, dependable, trust worthy.Girl
RenThe love of the lotusUnisex
SoutaA sudden sound of the windBoy
TsumugiPongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk, Spinning, Request, BeseechGirl
YamatoGreat harmonyBoy
YoutaGreat sunlightBoy
YuumaGentle, Truthful, HonestBoy
YuutoGentleness or Tender personBoy
AhmyaIn Japanese it means black rain. In Spanish it means higher groundGirl
AiaOne who is famous, ruler of the houseGirl
Aika"Love song".Girl
Aikolove, affectionGirl
AinuGoddess of Fertility; Human like;Girl
Aitosea, ocean combined with æ - - (to) that refers to a Chinesee constellation, or ç¿" (to) meaning "soar, fly"Boy
AkaneMadder; red dyeGirl
AkariLight; BrightnessGirl
AkiJapanese - Sparkle; Autumn; Bright; Clear; Morning Sun; Smart; A Short Form of name AkiraGirl
AkiaraA bright personUnisex
AkikoClear, crystal or bright; sparkling and beautiful autumn seasonGirl
AkioBright Man, Manly, HeroBoy
AkiraBright, Clear and intelligent beingGirl
AkitoBright person; who is like autumn seasonUnisex
ArataA fresh and new individualBoy
AsahiMorning SunBoy
AsamiMorning beautyGirl
AsasPhysician and a healer; a beautiful morningBoy
AsugaSwift like a windGirl
AsukaPerfume or the fragrance of tomorrowGirl
AyaAn angel who knows magicGirl
AyakaA coloured flower; scentedGirl
AyameIris; the one who can see perfectlyGirl
AyaneA colorful sound; they are wonderfulGirl
AyekaThey have quick and analytical mindGirl
BashiraJoyful; Predictor of Good NewsGirl
BenjiroEnjoys PeaceBoy
ChiakiSparkling lightGirl
ChibiJapanese - Short Person or Small ChildBoy
ChiharuSprings and clear skiesUnisex
ChihiroThousand springsGirl
ChikaFilled with wisdom and intellectGirl
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