122 Japanese Baby Names Starting With Letter S

Baby Names
heart image Sana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Brilliance; Praise
heart image Sara Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess
heart image Sora Baby Girl Sign Girl Sky; Conch shell; Heaven; Gravel
heart image Souta Baby Boy Sign Boy A sudden sound of the wind; Thick; Great
heart image Saaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Shadow or shade
heart image Saburo Baby Boy Sign Boy Third-born Son
heart image Sacai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique and rare
heart image Sachi Baby Boy Sign Boy Happiness; Good luck
heart image Sachihiro Baby Boy Sign Boy A broad happiness
heart image Sachiko Baby Girl Sign Girl Child of joy
heart image Sada Baby Girl Sign Girl The woman who is the pure one
heart image Sadako Baby Girl Sign Girl The child that is chaste and of integrity
heart image Saeko Baby Girl Sign Girl A serene child
heart image Sai Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is divine; One who strives
heart image Saiua Baby Girl Sign Girl A ripe fruit
heart image Saiyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A warrior race from outer space
heart image Sajonara Baby Girl Sign Girl Farewell
heart image Sakai Baby Girl Sign Girl To live in prosperity
heart image Saki Baby Girl Sign Girl Blossom; Hope
heart image Sakiya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Protector; One who brings happiness
heart image Saku Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Remembrance of the Divine
heart image Sakura Baby Girl Sign Girl Cherry blossom
heart image Sakurako Baby Girl Sign Girl A child of the cherry blossom
heart image Samurai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Warrior, honor, discipline
heart image Samuru Baby Boy Sign Boy His name is God
heart image Sanae Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Radiance or brilliance
heart image Sanin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright; Radiant
heart image Sanji Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is full of life; Vigor
heart image Sanyu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Happiness
heart image Saori Baby Girl Sign Girl Sand; Red-flowing silk
heart image Saory Baby Girl Sign Girl A nicely woven cloth
heart image Sarada Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Goddess of knowledge, faith, and purity
heart image Saryn Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong; Graceful
heart image Sasori Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Scorpion
heart image Sasuke Baby Boy Sign Boy A helper
heart image Satoko Baby Girl Sign Girl Child of Sato
heart image Satori Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Enlightenment or awakening
heart image Satoshi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Clear thinking; Quick learner
heart image Satsuki Baby Girl Sign Girl Shore; Little moon; The fifth month of the lunar calendar
heart image Sayaka Baby Girl Sign Girl A clear one
heart image Sayori Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Joyful, cheerful, peaceful
heart image Sayu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Swift river
heart image Sayua Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is swift and fast like an arrow
heart image Sayumi Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful, quiet, graceful
heart image Sayuri Baby Girl Sign Girl Small lily
heart image Sei Unisex Baby Sign Unisex victory, achievement, successful
heart image Seiichi Baby Boy Sign Boy A firstborn son
heart image Seiji Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pure; Truthful; Sincere
heart image Seika Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure summer
heart image Seiko Baby Girl Sign Girl A child who is sincere
heart image Seina Baby Girl Sign Girl The innocent one
heart image Seira Baby Girl Sign Girl Peaceful; Bright; Radiant
heart image Seiren Baby Girl Sign Girl A refined star; A smelt star
heart image Seiua Baby Boy Sign Boy An arrow star; The almighty pure father figure
heart image Seiya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Serene night
heart image Selphie Baby Girl Sign Girl Bubbly; Cheerful; Joyful
heart image Sen Baby Girl Sign Girl Magical forest elf; Lotus flower
heart image Seto Baby Boy Sign Boy White
heart image Setsuna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Momentary; Transient; Intense sorrow
heart image Shakai Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Community, social interaction
heart image Shanoa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God's grace
heart image Shiba Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Brushwood; Firewood
heart image Shichiro Baby Boy Sign Boy A seventh son
heart image Shigeko Baby Girl Sign Girl A child that has everything it needs
heart image Shika Baby Girl Sign Girl A gentle deer
heart image Shikadai Baby Boy Sign Boy Great deer
heart image Shikamaru Baby Boy Sign Boy Gentle or pure-hearted person; As gentle as a deer
heart image Shiki Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The four seasns of the year
heart image Shiko Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman made of stone
heart image Shin Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is real; Genuine
heart image Shingo Baby Boy Sign Boy True faith; deep belief
heart image Shiniqua Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is a victor
heart image Shinji Baby Boy Sign Boy Truth, sincerity, trust
heart image Shinjiro Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a pure and true person
heart image Shino Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like a stem of bamboo
heart image Shinobu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Endurance; Patience
heart image Shinon Baby Girl Sign Girl A type of flower in Japan
heart image Shinra Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Flame; Divine power
heart image Shinta Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who develops, cultuvates things
heart image Shinya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Night or truth
heart image Shion Baby Girl Sign Girl Aster; Poem; Sound
heart image Shione Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Tide; Sound of waves
heart image Shiori Baby Girl Sign Girl Bookmark; Bending; Poem
heart image Shiro Baby Boy Sign Boy Fourth son
heart image Shizuka Baby Girl Sign Girl Quiet; Peaceful
heart image Sho Baby Boy Sign Boy One who will soar
heart image Shoan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Peaceful; Tranquil
heart image Shohei Baby Boy Sign Boy Shining; Bountiful; Peaceful
heart image Shohta Baby Boy Sign Boy A thick, big person
heart image Shoko Baby Girl Sign Girl A little child who is auspicious
heart image Shoma Baby Boy Sign Boy A boz who is alwazs reaching for the truth in life
heart image Shoto Baby Boy Sign Boy Soaring; Flying like a bird
heart image Shou Baby Boy Sign Boy One who saors and glides
heart image Shouta Baby Boy Sign Boy A big person who soars
heart image Shun Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A fast and talented person
heart image Shunsuke Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is a sagacious helper
heart image Shuri Baby Girl Sign Girl Village; Discipline
heart image Shusuke Baby Boy Sign Boy One who learns to meditate
heart image Shynah Baby Girl Sign Girl She is a victor
heart image Soma Unisex Baby Sign Unisex No
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