63 Cornish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AlfieAlfie is CounselorBoy
CharlieOne having full rightsUnisex
HarryHouse ruler, Prince HarryBoy
JackOne who thinks that the God is graciousBoy
JacobHebrew - Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in HebrewBoy
LeoLatin word meaning lionBoy
LoganMan from the hollowBoy
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
OscarNoorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.Boy
SamuelIt was told by the GodBoy
SiennaReddish brownUnisex
ArthekAn old Cornish name derived from the Celtic word arto, which means bear.Boy
ArthyenCornish form of the Welsh name Arthen. It means bear born.Boy
AustolThe name of a Breton saint who came to Cornwall. It's also a Cornish place name.Boy
BenesekCornish form of Benedict, derived from Latin word benedictus, which means blessed.Boy
BraeA hillBoy
BranokCornish name derived from Celtic word brano, which means raven, crow.Boy
BreockA famous and mighty princeBoy
BryokA shortened form of Briafael, meaning mighty prince.Boy
CadanA variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.Boy
CadwurWarrior or soldier.Boy
CarantokThe name is derived from the Celtic word karant, which means friend.Boy
CarlyonFrom the slate earthworks.Boy
CasekA form of Cadok, meaning battle.Boy
CasworanOne who is powerful in battle.Boy
CasworonAn old Cornish name meaning battle hero.Boy
ClemoThe Cornish diminutive of Clement or Clemence. It means mild or mercifulBoy
ClesekAn old Cornish name derived from the word clos, which means fame.Boy
CorentynThe Cornish form of the name Corentin, meaning hero.Boy
CostentynThe Cornish form of Constantin. It means constant or steady.Boy
CubertLegendary son of Daere.Boy
CumowFrom Cornwall.Boy
CurnowA variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.Boy
EnyonThe name is derived from Latin name Annianus. It means belonging to the gens of Annius.Boy
GerrenGerren is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint. It means old.Boy
GoronThe name derives from the Celtic word kawaro and means hero.Boy
GryffynA Cornish form of the Welsh name Griffith. It means lord.Boy
GwalatherThe name is derived from Welsh word gwaladr, which means leader.Boy
HedrekThe name is derived from the Celtic word hedr, which means bold.Boy
JennieWhite waveUnisex
JowanHebrew - Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name Jovan and JohnBoy
KenalThe name is derived from the ancient British word Cunosaglas, which means generous chief.Boy
KenederThe name is derived from ancient British name Cunosetros, which means bold chief.Boy
KensaKensa means FirstBoy
KenverKenver means A Great LeaderBoy
KittoCornish diminutive of Christopher, meaning bearer of Christ.Boy
LocrynCornish form of Locrinus. It's the name of a region in southeastern Britain.Boy
LowenCornish vocabulary name meaning joyful.Boy
MadernOne who is lucky and fortunateBoy
MarghMargh is Cornish form of Mark and means consecrated to the god Mars.Boy
MassenCornish form of Maximus, meaning greatest.Boy
MeryasekCornish form of Meriadoc. It means sea lord.Boy
MinverA fair skinned person. Name of a famous Cornish SaintBoy
OpieOne who is like a God AlmightyBoy
PascoePassover; one who is related to EasterBoy
PascowA variant of Pascal, meaning Easter.Boy
PeranLittle dark one.Boy
TehanName of a place in Sicily.Boy
TreeveLiterally, the name means farmstead or one dwelling in town and village.Boy
TremaineRock settlementUnisex
TremayneRock settlementUnisex
TrethowanOne residing in the farm.Boy
TrevikBelongs to the big farm or big estateBoy
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