65 Cornish Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Cornish baby boy names mirror the region's unique history, language, and cultural identity. Cornwall, in the southwest of England, has a rich Celtic history, and Cornish is among the few Celtic languages still spoken today (1). Cornish baby girl names are inspired by the region's landscapes, historical characters, local stories, and phrases. Cornish names like Jowan, which means 'Yahweh is gracious,' and Pasco, which means 'relating to Easter,' reflect the religious influence on the Cornish naming system. This naming guideline represents Cornwall's deep connection to its culture. Cornwall has had a resurgence of its language and heritage, and its naming practices are part of that more significant trend. By giving their children Cornish names, parents may display their love for Cornwall's particular character while also helping to preserve its language, culture, customs, and principles. This commitment to cultural preservation generates a sense of connection and continuity with previous generations (2). Cornish newborn boy names also reflect a broader trend in an increasingly globalized culture to draw inspiration from regional and local roots. Cornish names, often enriched with poetic beauty and historical significance, offer an alternative to more prevalent naming practices. It allows parents to acquaint their children with something unique and grounded, suggesting a desire for authenticity and a greater sense of place. Cornish names convey a message about appreciating the distinctiveness, creativity, and depth of local or minority traditions in a world where they are readily overtaken. As a result, Cornish baby boy names appeal to sentimental or aesthetic reasons and broader social and cultural desires for connection, importance, and authenticity. If you want a unique title for your precious princess, these Cornish names are worth considering.

heart image Alfie Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf counsel
heart image Charlie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Free man; Army
heart image Harry Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the household
heart image Jack Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Jacob Baby Boy Sign Boy May God protect; Holder of the heel; Supplanter
heart image Leo Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion
heart image Logan Baby Boy Sign Boy Little hollow
heart image Oliver Baby Boy Sign Boy Olive tree planter
heart image Oscar Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer loving one; Friend of deer
heart image Samuel Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of God
heart image Sienna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Reddish brown clay; Border; Wicker work
heart image Arthek Baby Boy Sign Boy Bear
heart image Arthyen Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish form of the Welsh name Arthen; Bear born
heart image Austol Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of a Breton saint who came to Cornwall; A Cornish place name
heart image Benesek Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish form of Benedict; Blessed
heart image Brae Baby Boy Sign Boy A hill
heart image Branok Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish name from Celtic brano; Meaning raven or crow
heart image Breock Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous and mighty prince
heart image Bryok Baby Boy Sign Boy A shortened form of Briafael; Mighty prince
heart image Cadan Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Cadell and Kaden; Battle; Companion
heart image Cadwur Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior
heart image Carantok Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from karant and means friend
heart image Carlyon Baby Boy Sign Boy From the slate earthworks.
heart image Casek Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Cadok, battle
heart image Casworan Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful in battle
heart image Casworon Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle hero
heart image Clemo Baby Boy Sign Boy The Cornish diminutive of Clement or Clemence; Mild or merciful
heart image Clesek Baby Boy Sign Boy An old Cornish name derived from the word clos, which means fame.
heart image Corentyn Baby Boy Sign Boy The Cornish form of the name Corentin meaning hero.
heart image Costentyn Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish form of Constantin; Constant or steady
heart image Cubert Baby Boy Sign Boy Legendary son of Daere.
heart image Cumow Baby Boy Sign Boy From Cornwall.
heart image Curnow Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.
heart image Enyon Baby Boy Sign Boy Belonging to the gens of Annius
heart image Gerren Baby Boy Sign Boy Gerren is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint; Old
heart image Goron Baby Boy Sign Boy Hero
heart image Gryffyn Baby Boy Sign Boy A Cornish form of the Welsh name Griffith; Lord
heart image Gwalather Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader
heart image Hedrek Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from the Celtic word hedr; Bold
heart image Jennie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God is gracious
heart image Jowan Baby Boy Sign Boy Yahweh is gracious; Yahweh is merciful; A variant of the name Jovan and John
heart image Kenal Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from the ancient British word Cunosaglas, which means generous chief
heart image Keneder Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from ancient British name Cunosetros, which means bold chief
heart image Kensa Baby Boy Sign Boy First
heart image Kenver Baby Boy Sign Boy A great leader
heart image Kitto Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish diminutive of Christopher; Bearer of Christ
heart image Locryn Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish form of Locrinus; Name of a region in Southeastern Britain
heart image Lowen Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish vocabulary name meaning joyful
heart image Madern Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is lucky and fortunate
heart image Margh Baby Boy Sign Boy Consecrated to the god Mars
heart image Massen Baby Boy Sign Boy Greatest
heart image Meryasek Baby Boy Sign Boy Cornish form of Meriadoc, which means sea lord
heart image Minver Baby Boy Sign Boy A fair skinned person; Name of a famous Cornish Saint
heart image Opie Baby Boy Sign Boy One who like God Almighty
heart image Pascoe Baby Boy Sign Boy Passover; One who is related to Easter
heart image Pascow Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Pascal; Easter
heart image Penrose Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Head of the heath or moor
heart image Peran Baby Boy Sign Boy Little dark one
heart image Sennen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Eternal; Millennium; Everlasting
heart image Tehan Baby Boy Sign Boy A place in Sicily
heart image Treeve Baby Boy Sign Boy Literally; Farmstead or one dwelling in town and village
heart image Tremaine Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rock settlement
heart image Tremayne Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rock settlement
heart image Trethowan Baby Boy Sign Boy One residing on the farm
heart image Trevik Baby Boy Sign Boy From a big farm or estate

Cornish baby boy names are a fresh breath of masculine names representing Cornwall's rich historical association with the Celtic past. Their unique cultural and regional identity attracts parents seeking meaningful monikers. In recent years, the efforts made by governmental policies to restore Cornish cultural identity and language have led to the revival of Cornish baby names. Many parents outside of Cornish descent are adopting these names, embracing Cornwall's vibrant heritage.

Infographic: Sprightly Cornish Baby Boy Names

Cornish baby boy names are profoundly entrenched in Celtic culture and reflect Cornwall's rich cultural past. These names are frequently inspired by ancient Cornish mythology and landscapes, conveying a feeling of mystery and connection to the region. The infographic below presents captivating Cornish names and their meanings for your lovely warrior.

classic cornish names for your charming son (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Cornish name for wolf?

Certain Cornish surnames have origins tied to animals, suggesting that individuals bearing these surnames might have been engaged in hunting or related activities. One such example is the surname Bligh, derived from the Cornish word 'blydh,' meaning 'wolf.'

2. What is the meaning of the Cornish baby boy name Jory?

Jory is the Cornish form of George, which originates from the Greek word Georgos meaning a farmer or an earth-worker. The name George became widely recognized and favored primarily because of its connection to Saint George, a Christian martyr who was a member of the Praetorian Guard.

3. What does the Cornish baby boy name Jenkin mean?

Jenkin is a diminutive of John and the source of the surname Jenkins. It originates from the Greek name Ioannes, meaning Yahweh is gracious.


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    its Revival and its Current Status.
  2. 20th anniversary of recognition of the Cornish language.
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