66 Ghana Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AbigailFather in rejoicingGirl
AngelaAn angel sent from heaven to spread peace and loveGirl
FeliciaOne blessed with luckGirl
JenniferOld Welsh - White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Smooth; Soft; A variant spelling is JeniferGirl
JessicaHebrew - God Beholds; Foresight; God's Gift; God's Grace; A variant form is JessiGirl
MaryHebrew - Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Marilyn; As Mary;Girl
MiriamHebrew - Sea of Bitternes; Rebelliousness; Wished for child; To swell; A variant form of MaryGirl
PortiaA Latin name meaning pig or a hogGirl
TracyFrom the Irish word 'treasach', meaning fighter, higher, more powerful or superiorGirl
AbabioChild that keeps coming.Unisex
AbinaOne born on a TuesdayGirl
AdjuaThe one born on Monday.Girl
AdwoaOne born on a Monday.Girl
AdzoThe one born on Monday.Girl
AfafaThe first child of the second husband.Girl
AfryeaThe born during good times.Girl
AfuomOn the field.Unisex
AjobaOne who is born on Monday.Girl
AkubaOne who is born on WednesdayGirl
AkweteElder of the twins.Girl
AntobamThe posthumous child.Girl
ArabaThe one who is born on a Tuesday.Girl
AwusiThe one who is born on a Sunday.Girl
BoahinmaaThe one who has left her community.Girl
DelademRedeemed by savior.Unisex
DhakirahThe one who remembers God frequently.Girl
DofiThe second child after twinsGirl
DukuThe 11th born.Unisex
DzidzorliThere is happinessUnisex
DzifaOne is at peaceUnisex
EffiaA girl born on FridayGirl
EfuaThey are born on fridayGirl
EjoA girl born on Monday.Girl
EkuwaOne who is born on Wednesday.Girl
ElinamHe is there for me.Unisex
EnyonyamIt is good for meGirl
EsiOne who is born on Sunday.Girl
HaniahOf happiness and blissGirl
KisiOne who is born on SundayGirl
KuukuwaOne who is born on Wednesday.Girl
LikemEstablish meUnisex
LumusiOne who is born face downward.Girl
MamaOne who is born on SaturdayGirl
MawusiOne who is in the hands of God.Girl
NanyamkaGod's giftGirl
NyankomagoThe second child after twins.Girl
SerwaA noblewoman.Girl
TawiahThe first child after twins.Girl
TsoenamawuLeave it to GodGirl
WoelinamIn God I trustGirl
XorlaliThe savior existsGirl
YaaOne who is born on ThursdayGirl
YaabaOne who is born on ThursdayGirl
YaayaaOne who is born on Thursday.Girl
YawaOne who is born on Thursday.Girl
YeThe elder of twins.Girl
YehowadaGod's DayGirl
YomawuCall on GodGirl
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