30 Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TarunaA youthful girlGirl
TilikaAn auspicious mark or symbolGirl
TinkalA butterfly, beautiful butterflyGirl
TiraIn Hebrew it means encampment. In Hindi it means an arrowGirl
TisyaAn auspicious star from the skyGirl
TisyhaA star from the skyGirl
TithiA lunar date or day or momentGirl
TitliA butterfly, colourful butterflyGirl
ToralA Heroine (folk)Girl
ToulaIn Greek it means Light. In Hindi its is a Astrological signGirl
TraritiAn agile or a swift person; Goddess DurgaGirl
TrayathiThe divine protection from the LordGirl
TriakshaOne who has the third eye, Goddess DurgaGirl
TriambikaThe Goddess of three moon; Goddess ParvatiGirl
TrijagatiOne who has the three powers; Goddess ParvatiGirl
TripurasundariThe beautification of three citiesGirl
TriputaThe Goddess of satisfactionGirl
TrishalanaA river or water stream from heavenGirl
Trishannathe three momentsGirl
TrisharaThe desire or thirstGirl
TrishikaOne who is with pitchfork; Goddess LaxmiGirl
TrishimaThe owner of three boundariesGirl
TrishonaOne who is with thrice sweetnessGirl
TrishuliniOne ho carries a pitchfork; Goddess LaxmiGirl
TrishvaOne who can line in all the three worldsGirl
TritiA moment of timeGirl
TrivaniThe conglomeration of three riversGirl
TriyaThe third or the walking on three pathsGirl
TulaMountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquilGirl
TulshiRefers to a divine herb or spiritual parsley.Girl
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