35 Baby Boy Names That Mean Dragon

ApalalaWater dragonBoy
DoryuOne who understands the ways of a dragonBoy
DracoDragon; one who is like a serpantBoy
DraconA modern and mighty Dragon; has a desire to understandBoy
DraculThe dragon, or someone evil.Boy
DragoA dragon who is precious and mightyBoy
DrakeOne who has the power of snake and dragonBoy
DrakenA Dragon; they are very powerfulBoy
DrakonDragon; They are powerful individualsBoy
DrayceThey are modern Dragon; mighty and intelligentBoy
DraykeOne who has power of a dragon or a male duckBoy
EjderDragon; one with a serious and thoughtful natureBoy
Eragona fictional character who rides a dragon.Boy
FafnerName of a dragon in Norse mythology.Boy
FraenerA dwarf who transformed into a dragon or The symbol of greedBoy
HiryurA dragon who flies; A versatile and spontaneous individualBoy
Jiao-longLooks like a dragon; A scaled DragonBoy
Ju-longChinesee - Powerful and gigantic ; Strong and mighty like a dragonBoy
KhuzaimahThe meaning of the name is Dragon TreeUnisex
KhuzaymaThe name means a type of tree, a Dragon TreeBoy
KhuzaymahThe meaning of the name is a specific type of treee, known as a Dragon TreeUnisex
LeviathanDescribing someone who is twisted and coiled; Demonic water dragonBoy
LongA mythical creature, DragonBoy
LongweiDragon greatnessBoy
PandragonAs powerful as the dragon's headBoy
PendragonCheif DragonBoy
RyotoA person who is like a dragonBoy
RyuTo be mighty as a DragonBoy
RyuuJapanese - Dragon; A variant spelling is RyuBoy
TatsuyaSign of the dragonBoy
UrulokiFire breathing dragonBoy
VelesDerived from Volos it means an Ox. God of the earth dragons magic cattle and trickeryBoy
VolosOx or God of the earth dragons magic cattle and trickeryBoy
VritraEnveloper or Dragon of draught but enemy of IndraBoy
Yong-sunThe dragon in the first position.Boy
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