203 Baby Boy Names That Mean Generous

AatiThe one who is generous.Boy
Abdalkarimthe Servant of the Generous OneBoy
Abdelkrimthe Servant of the Generous OneBoy
Abdul kareemA follower who serves gracious, noble and generousBoy
Abdul rahmanA person who assists a generous or beneficentBoy
AbdulganiHelps those who are generous, kind and self-sufficientBoy
AbduljawwadServant of the most plentiful and generousBoy
AbdulkareemGenerous; One who Serves a Generous Man; Servant of AllahBoy
AbdullafifOne who serves generous and kind people with graceBoy
AbdulmannanServes the most compassionate, kind and generous oneBoy
AbelardoBasically it means generous, kind ans solid personlaityBoy
AbuhishamFather of a noble or generous personBoy
AdavyaGenerous and Happy; Charming and Joyful personBoy
AgarvaOne who is free from pride, who is humble, generous, down to earth, sensible, realistic, pragmatic, commonsensible and logical.Boy
AimoFinnish - Generous Amount; Fair-sized; Proper; Good;Boy
AjiadOne who is noble, generous and gracious.Boy
AkaramMost generous, NoblestBoy
AkarimGiving generousBoy
AkramGenerous, openhanded, charitable, big-hearted,Merciful.Boy
AlkasimGenerous, charitable, kindBoy
AltmannA wise old man having impromptu behaviour and socializes easily due to amiable and generous nature.Boy
AlvereThe high achievers who are advised by the elves, they are generous, idealistic and resourcefulBoy
AmarbhagatAn immortal, generous, compassionate and authoritative being who strives for perfectionBoy
AmarupamGod like figure who are natural interest for fellow men and are generousBoy
AmitaruciThey are Buddhist who are very generous and gloriousBoy
AngenmaerThey are generous, noble and modest peopleBoy
AnudaanOne who is Generous, Sympathetic, and Compassionate to help othersBoy
ArmaanDesire, wish; has a generous and helpful natureBoy
AtharGenerous and pristineBoy
AtifArabic - Kind One; Generous; Sympathetic; CompassionateBoy
AymerA noble and generous human beingBoy
BaviyanOne who is kind and generous and without any prideBoy
BlixaA generous, approachable and friendly; cashBoy
BranhuiA responsible, stable and generous individualBoy
BrbutskaOne who is generous and virtuousBoy
CareemA man with generous personalityBoy
ComanNoble; a high-principled person; generous; reputableBoy
CongueanOne who is strongly responsible and generous beingBoy
ConuanA name for a large ravine; neat and generousBoy
CorsabrinA detail oriented, deep natured and generous beingBoy
DaanveeraCharitable; One who is generous and kind in his deedBoy
DadichThe Person who Donate Self Bone for Humanity; Generous and Kind personBoy
DananvirAn Extremely Generous Person; A brave, kind and generous warriorBoy
DanasheelA Donor; A generous and Kind person well known for his good deedsBoy
DanasurA Hero Among the Donors; A generous and Kind person well known for his good deedsBoy
DanavatA generous and Kind person well known for his good deedsBoy
DanveerArbiter; Generous; A warrior who is generous and KindBoy
DasuA generous, creative and proud individualBoy
DayaamayFull of Mercy; Kind; Big Hearted; Generous; Very CharitableBoy
DayakaraCompassionate; Merciful; Kind; Generous; CharitableBoy
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