53 Baby Boy Names That Mean Gold And Starts With Letter H

HamdevLord of GoldBoy
HamentGold or Lord BuddhaBoy
HarihayaOne with golden Horses; The Horse of Lord VishnuBoy
HaryangaGolden BodiedBoy
HatakesaLord of Gold; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
Hatithe name of a mythical wolf in Grímnismál, Golden (Hindi)Boy
HeemaGold; Shining, Bright and Glittering like GoldBoy
HeeramanGolden MoonBoy
HekshithMade up of gold or diamond.Boy
HemGold; Lord BuddhaBoy
HemaadriMountain of Gold; Full of goodness; Wealthy and ProsperousBoy
HemabalaPower of Gold; The Pearl; Strength of GoldBoy
HemacandraMoon of Gold; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemachandaranGolden Moon; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemachanderGolden MoonBoy
HemachandraGolden Moon; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemaguhaGolden Cave; Abode of Gold; Cave of GoldBoy
HemaiA golden BoyBoy
HemakamalaGolden Moon; Bright and Radiant Gold like MoonBoy
HemakandalaMountain of Gold; Full of goodness; Wealthy and ProsperousBoy
HemamaliWearing a Golden Garland; One who is rich and prosperousBoy
Hemamdargolden creeperBoy
HemanGolden YellowBoy
HemanathGod of Gold; Lord of Gold; One of many names of Lord BuddhaBoy
HemanthsreeGold and MoneyBoy
HemanyaGold Bodied; Bright, Glorious and Radiant personalityBoy
HemaprakashGolden Light; Bright, Luminant and Radiant LightBoy
HemaprasadKing of GoldBoy
HemarajEmperor of GoldBoy
HemarajaGolden King; ; Bright, Glorious and Magnificient RulerBoy
HemavarnaKing of Gold; Golden Complexioned; Magnificient LookingBoy
HemchanderGolden MoonBoy
HemchandraGolden Shine MoonBoy
HemenThe king of GoldBoy
HemendraLord of GoldBoy
HemenduGolden MoonBoy
HeminderLord of Gold; God of Gold;Boy
HemkrishGolden KrishnaBoy
HemnathLord Buddah, GoldBoy
HempushpLord of GoldBoy
HemraajKing of goldBoy
HemuGold; Also has an Arabic meaning as drop of nectarBoy
HermenegildoA tribute of goldBoy
HeymanpreetGod of GoldBoy
HiranmayaMade of GoldBoy
HiranyagarbhaBorn from a Golden Egg; One of many names of Lord Brahma as the Manifest; The all powerful creatorBoy
HiranyakashipuClothed in Gold; One who is fond of wealth and sex life; A name of an Asura in Puranic ScriptureBoy
HitalGolden; Compassionate and Generous Person; Well Wisher; Doing GoodBoy
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