29 Baby Boy Names That Mean Kind And Starts With Letter M

MaarufAn act of kindnessBoy
MacallisterSon of the defender of mankindBoy
MamesOne who is sweet or kind.Unisex
ManankA kind, affectionate individualBoy
ManaswaA person who represents tha MankindBoy
MangleshaA generous and kind natured individualBoy
ManuraGood for mankindBoy
ManvikA kind hearted personBoy
MargiteutA kind hearted, generous beingBoy
MeharbaanMerciful and kind personBoy
MeharbanOne who is full of kindnessBoy
MehardharamA kindness of the LordBoy
MeharmeetA friend who is kindBoy
MeharpalOne who is prostected by kindnessBoy
MeharpremA love that is kindBoy
MeharvaanOne who is kindBoy
MeherwanA kind and friendly personBoy
MehranA kind and affectionate personBoy
MelvinThe noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.Boy
MihranA rain of kindness by AlmightyBoy
MikolajThe victory of the mankind.Boy
MilanIn Hindi it means the unison. In Slavic it means Gracious, kind personBoy
MinhalA kind, generous person, the one who is honouredBoy
Mo'tasimAn ancient Aryan (Early Iranians) festival to welcome Autumn season. "Mehr' is the kindness, and also represents love, knowledge and friendship.Boy
MoalimA Kind-hearted, merciful, gentle person. One who is benign.Boy
MoctezumaMehry derives from the word "Mehr" that means "The Sun". It also means someone who is kind and lovable.Boy
MoisesA kind woman, compassionate female.Boy
MoisisThe noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.Boy
MoralThe set of values of the mankindBoy
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