67 Baby Boy Names That Mean Night

AharnishDay and NightBoy
AnamaA sweet singing bird called NightingaleBoy
AndroweA strong and masculine man of Twelfth nightBoy
AnjamiThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessBoy
AnkThe one who is an Eagle man, nightless and are strong, brave individualsBoy
AnuranjitaStarry night; delighted and happyUnisex
AnwarulkarimThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessBoy
AtiratraSomething which has been made over nightBoy
AyazCool night breeze; a royal breezeBoy
BadruddujaFull moon on a dark nightBoy
ChandradityaMoonlit NightBoy
ChanyanaMoonlit night; starryBoy
ClaecDark; not light; the shade of sky at nightBoy
CricketResembling a chirping insect of the night;Unisex
DaegalNight dwellerBoy
DrewvThe mighty night starBoy
DyrkOne who admires night timeBoy
EkajyotisThe one and only nightBoy
HiloFirst night after the new moonBoy
JusamahThe name Jusamah means NightmareBoy
KalakantA Song Bird; Nightingale; Name of CuckooBoy
KalapeeName of a Poet; Peacock; NightingaleBoy
KalapiName of a Poet; Peacock; NightingaleBoy
Kishilthe name means Nightunisex
KitkunKitkun Bird of the NightUnisex
KokilNightingale; Cuckoo; One who can sing sweetlyBoy
KshapeshThe Moon; Lord of the Night; Bright, Radiant and Luminant MoonBoy
KunjalKunjal means NightingaleUnisex
LailLail means Nighttimeunisex
LeilDusk; Night; A variant of name LailBoy
LeliusThe one who is born in the nightBoy
NiranjanaFull moon night or spiritual Lord Dhurga or one of the river's name.Unisex
NisangDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
NishakarOne who lives in NightBoy
NishamFresh or cool air of nightBoy
NishanathThe lord of nightBoy
NishantThe end of night or darkBoy
NishantaThe dawn time, end of nightBoy
NishanthOne who ends the dark nightBoy
NishanthaA variant of Nishant, meaning night's end or dawn.Boy
Nisheshthe Lord of dark or nightBoy
NishikantLord of NightBoy
NishikantaLord or Night, Lord MoonBoy
NishikarMoon, who came to existence in nightBoy
NishilA night-time, duskBoy
NishinathThe Companion of nightBoy
NishipalThe protector of nightBoy
NishipatiThe husband or possessor of nightBoy
NocturneMusic evoking night.Unisex
NoxDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
OthenioGive birth by night.Boy
PrahorAn eight part of the night or a dayBoy
PunamjeetVictory in night of Full-moon; Triumph in the brilliance of full moonBoy
RaakaaThe Full Moon Night; Serene, Luminant and Beautiful night of full moon; A variant of Raka which means Full Moon day in SanskritBoy
RaakeshLord of the night; Lord of the full moon night; A variant of Rakesh which means Lord of Full Moon Day in SanskritBoy
RaiquenAnother name for night bird.Boy
RajaneeshGod Of Night (Moon); Lord of night; Brilliant and Radiant MoonBoy
RajanikantMoon; One who likes night; Combination of Rajani meaning night and Kant means liked or desiredBoy
RajniNight; A variant of name Rajani which means queen in Sanskrit; Royal;Unisex
RajnishGod Of Night (Moon); Lord of night; Brilliant and Radiant MoonBoy
RakeshLord of the night; Lord of the full moon night; Name means Lord of Full Moon Day in SanskritBoy
RateeshLord Of Rati, Husband Of Rati; Kamdev; Cupid; God of Nights;Boy
RohinishMoon; Lord of the night; Lord of Rohini; One of the many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
RossignolOne who is like a nightingaleBoy
SahirOne who stays up late at nightBoy
SolanineThe poisonous substance in nightshade.Boy
TareakHe who knocks on a door at nightBoy
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