104 Baby Boy Names That Mean Perfect

AbdulquddusQuddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure oneBoy
AbhignanThe one who has perfect wisdom.Boy
AbhineetPerfect ; Absolute; Thorough; CompleteBoy
AblaghWho is most effective and perfectBoy
AcchindraFlawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect; Absolute; ThoroughBoy
AchindraFlawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect; Without Faults; Absolute; ThoroughBoy
AgamroopA person who is a perfectionist, organised, well maintained, sophisticated, gentleman, zealous, hard working, easy going and dedicated to every work given to him.Boy
AkhilWorld, Whole Perfect Entire, Complete, All Encompassing; Ruler or kingBoy
AkmalWhole; Perfect; Entire; one who is complete; one who cannot he harmed or injuredBoy
AkshayakumarUnscathed; Perfect; Flawless; Spotless; WholeBoy
AksheyUnscathed; Perfect; Flawless; Spotless; WholeBoy
AlkamilHe who is perfectBoy
AmarbhagatAn immortal, generous, compassionate and authoritative being who strives for perfectionBoy
AmsanThe perfect and the chosen one who earn profit and fameBoy
AnadrishtiPerfect; Beyond Check; Absolute; Flawless; Faultless; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnaghSinless; Pure; Perfect; Absolute; Flawless; Faultless; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnganalanAnother name for Lord Shiva, they are perfectionBoy
AninditBlameless; Faultless; Perfect; Flawless; One who is free of GuiltBoy
AnindithThe Blameless One; One with No Faults; The Perfect ; One who is free of GuiltBoy
AnjasaThe one who is pure, deceitless and a perfect friendBoy
AntangA Complete Person; Perfect; FlawlessBoy
AnukulAppropriate; Proper; Perfect; Correct;Boy
AristideThe perfect kind; one who is the best typeBoy
ArtemioComplete and perfect; one who is a gift of ArtemisBoy
ArthicPerfect loveBoy
AsahaveyBird Chief; a perfect leaderBoy
AscilA perfect and noblest person of the worldBoy
AshmalOne who is perfect and completeBoy
AvikalaEntire universe; a unique and perfect individualBoy
BabelA confused person; perfect mixtureBoy
BharpoorPerfect One; Satisfied; ContentedUnisex
BharpurPerfect One; Satisfied; ContentedBoy
ChakradharThe bearer and protector; perfect oneBoy
CharlyThe perfect and the chosen one who earnsBoy
CherokeeDawn; perfect timeBoy
ChilionThe perfect oneBoy
CvnogeniPerfect personBoy
DaksariPerfect enemy; ShivaBoy
DaksheyuPerfect; Capable; Talented; Fit; BrilliantBoy
DakshyaPerfect; Capable; Talented; Fit; BrilliantBoy
DarnelPerfect hiding placeBoy
DaylamA perfect companionBoy
DeionAn all amazing God; perfectBoy
DidarOne who is gifted with the perfect vision or sightBoy
DurvaranaThey are the perfect gift of GodBoy
EduuardProsperous guardian; a perfect compannionBoy
EhsaanOne who strives for perfection or excellenceBoy
FursatPerfect time or exact time.Unisex
GedalyaGod is perfect and magnificent.Boy
GousikLove to Peace; Perfect; Freedom; Happiness; Life of Journey; A variant of name GausikBoy
GowshikLove to Peace; Perfect; Freedom; Happiness; Life of Journey; A variant of name GausikBoy
GwrgiPeople with this name have perfectionistic nature and always have desire to help other people. Such people are sensitive and feel difficulty in expressing their thoughts and ideas.Boy
HanbalPurity, Pristine, perfectBoy
HaoChinesee - Good; PerfectBoy
IotamaGod is perfect.Boy
JingChinesee - Essence, Perfect; Clear, Crystal; Capital CityBoy
JothamJotham means The Perfection of GodBoy
KaamilKaamil name means Complete, PerfectBoy
KaivallyThe name Kaivally means Perfect IsolationBoy
KalwindarLord of Perfection; Lord of ExcellenceBoy
KamaalKamaal means Perfection, CompletenessBoy
KamajitKamajit means Achiver of PerfectionBoy
KamalKamal means PerfectionBoy
KamalahmadThe name means Much Praised PerfectionBoy
KamaliKamali means PerfectionBoy
KamaljeetAchiever of Perfection; Victory of one who possesses Lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamaljitAchiever of Perfection; Victory of one who possesses Lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamaluddinKamaluddin means Perfection of ReligionBoy
KameelKameel means PerfectBoy
KameelahPerfect; Ideal; Flawless; Great and WonderfulBoy
KamilKamil name means Perfect, He who is PerfectBoy
KemalKemal means PerfectionBoy
KhalpeshKhalpesh means Lord of PerfectionBoy
KhushalKhushal means The Perfect HappinessBoy
KrituKritu means A Perfect and Handsome OneBoy
KumailKumail means Complete, PerfectBoy
NaamniranjanThe one who is clean and perfect according to his name.Boy
NikhilPerfect, complete, whole, all-inclusive, intact.Boy
NiraghanPerfect, spotless, ideal, flawless.Boy
OmairThe person who has brilliant and perfect knowledge.Boy
PalomidesThey are unchristened; they are having a desire for perfectionBoy
ParaniA wonderful and perfect songBoy
PartaitThe one who is perfectBoy
PooranbirPerfect and Brave; A complete warrior; An absolute defenderBoy
PooranjitVictory of the Perfect; Success of the contented; Triumph of the absoluteBoy
PooranjotLight of the Perfect; Radiance and Brilliance of the contented; Brightness of absoluteBoy
PooranpreetPerfect Love; Complete love; Contented Affection; Absolute happiness; Whole and completely satisfied lifeBoy
PuranjeetPerfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success;Boy
PuranjotPerfect Light; Complete brightness; Brilliance and RadianceBoy
PuranpreetComplete Love; Perfect and kind LoveBoy
PuranpremComplete Love; Perfect and kind LoveBoy
PuransantPerfect Saint; Sage; One who has fully devoted his life to religious penanceBoy
SadhilA perfect personBoy
SamidhHe who is perfectly fullBoy
SampuranThe perfect oneBoy
SamridhA perfect personBoy
SaqabatOne who is in perfect health.Boy
SasyakHe who is perfectBoy
ShallumA perfect man who agrees to everythingBoy
SiddhrajLord of perfectionBoy
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