160 Baby Boy Names That Mean Triumph

AbhijayVictor; triumph; successful; WinnerBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijitOne who is Victorious; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhijithOne who is Victorious; A variant of Abhijit; triumph; successfulBoy
AbufiruzThe father of a triumphant personBoy
AhAn exclamation, expressive of surprise, pity, complaint, entreaty, contempt, threatening, delight, triumph, etc., according to the manner of utterance.Boy
AlokendraVictorious; Intelligent; one who is triumphant; conqueringBoy
AmraooThe one who triumphsUnisex
ArunjeetMorning triumphBoy
AswanthVictorious; Conquering; Triumphant; Great KingBoy
AzfaarVictory and triumphBoy
BrahamjeetThe triumph or victory of God against devilBoy
BrahmajeetGod's Triumph; Victory of GodBoy
CaileanOne who is a triumphantBoy
CaullinThey who are triumphantBoy
ClausThe victory of the men; victory of the people; represents triumphBoy
ColenTriumph; win; victory; to defeat the opponentBoy
ColinThe triumph or victory of the people against the enemyBoy
CollinsThe victory or triumph of the menBoy
ColsonTriumph of people; the victorious peopleBoy
ColynThe triumph of the people; a young Boy who leads to the triumph of the peopleBoy
CramerDelightful; Exultation; Triumph; In Old german it means "salesperson"Unisex
DavinderjitVictorious King of Gods; Triumphant Emperor of God; Supreme power of GodBoy
EkanjeetGod's Triumph; Victory of God;Boy
FaaizA victorious, triumphiant manBoy
FatehbhoopThe ruler who is experiencing triumph.Boy
FatehchandSuccess; Triumph; Victory; WinnerBoy
FathshahA King who triumphsBoy
FauziArabic - Success; Victory; Triumph; A variant of FawziBoy
FawzyA victory, a great triumphBoy
FojanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy
FozhanA derivative of Fawzhan, it means triumphant and successful; loud voiceBoy
FuttehkhanThe triumph or a ruler, or a winner kingBoy
FutuhRefers to triumph or overcome.Boy
GhalbExtreme power or conquest or triumph.Boy
GhallabA victor, a triumphant individualBoy
HarinderjeetLord's Victory; Lord's Triumph; Conquest of Lord Vishnu;Boy
HarjeetGod'S Triumph, God's Victory; God's Success; God's ConquestBoy
HarkaranjitVictory on Behalf of God; Conquest on behalf of God; Triumph on Behalf of GodBoy
HarkiranjeetVictory of God's Light; Triumph of God's Light; Conquest of Divine FlameBoy
HarmanjeetVictory of God's Heart; Triumph of God's Heart; Conquest of God's HeartBoy
HukumjeetVictory with God's Will; Success of God's will; Triumph of God's CommandBoy
JaidevaLord of Triumph; Lord of Victory;Boy
JaidhwajFlag of Victory; Symbol of Victory; Flag of TriumphBoy
JaigataThe one who triumphsBoy
JaighatVictorious; Winner; Triumphant; SuccessfulBoy
JaighosaShout of Victory; Echo of Triumph; Voice of the WinnerBoy
JaigopalVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaigopalaLord Krishna's triumphBoy
JaiguptProtected by Victory; Defended by Triumph; Guarded by SuccessBoy
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