62 Baby Boy Names That Mean Triumph And Starts With Letter J

JaidevaLord of Triumph; Lord of Victory;Boy
JaidhwajFlag of Victory; Symbol of Victory; Flag of TriumphBoy
JaigataThe one who triumphsBoy
JaighatVictorious; Winner; Triumphant; SuccessfulBoy
JaighosaShout of Victory; Echo of Triumph; Voice of the WinnerBoy
JaigopalVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaigopalaLord Krishna's triumphBoy
JaiguptProtected by Victory; Defended by Triumph; Guarded by SuccessBoy
JaijoWin; Be victorious; Triumphant; Be successfulBoy
JaikrishVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JainAncient Indian Religion; Derivative from Sanskrit word Jaina meaning triumphantBoy
JainamOne who is Victorious; One who is Triumphant; One who is following JainismBoy
JainandJoy of Victory; Delight of Triumph; Happiness of the winnerBoy
JainendraLord of the Jainas; Lord of the triumphants;Boy
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of Blue; Triumph of Lord VishnuBoy
JainishLord of Jain; Lord of Triumphant; Lord of Ganesh; Lord VishnuBoy
JairasSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairasaSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairathChariot of Victory; Chariot of Triumph; Chariot of Success;Boy
JaisekharaCrest of Victory; Summit of Triumph; Pinnacle of SuccessBoy
JaishankaraVictorious Lord Shiva; Triumphant Lord Shiva; Salutation to Lord ShivaBoy
JaishishBest among the Victorious; Best of the triumphants; Triumphant LordBoy
JaisinhaVictorious Lion; One who is triumphant and mighty like LionBoy
JaisudhanNectar of Victory; Nectar of TriumphBoy
JaisukhaJoy of Winning; Joy of Success; Happiness from Victory; Delight of TriumphBoy
JaivahaCarrier of Victory; One who will lead to victory; One who will carry us to triumphantBoy
JaivatBeing Victorious; Being Triumphant; Being successfulBoy
JaiviraVictorious Warrior; Triumph of a brave, courageous and mighty defenderBoy
JaiwantVictory; Triumph; Success; To winBoy
JalorGlory; To exult with triumph; Rejoice proudly;Boy
JanamejayaTriumphant from birthBoy
JanjeetVictory of the People; Triumph of People; Success of PeopleBoy
JanvijayWin over People; One who is victorious among people; Triumphant over PeopleBoy
JasbinderVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JasbirVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JashanjeetCelebration of Victory; Rejoicing Success; One who is celebrated as triumphBoy
JasminjeetVictory of Flower; Triumph of FlowerBoy
JatinderjeetPure Victory of the Lord; Divine Triumph of the LordBoy
JayadeepTriumph of lightBoy
JayadevaGod of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JayawantTriumphant, winning a victoryBoy
JayayVictory; Triumph; Success; To winBoy
JaydityaThe triumphant golden shining sun forever.Boy
JayendaLord of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JayprakashRadiance or glow of triumph.Boy
JayrajThe master or Lord of triumph.Boy
JayveerVictorious Warrior; Triumphant and Mighty WinnerBoy
JaywantVictorious; Triumphant; WinnerBoy
JeerSuccess or victory or triumph.Boy
JeeteshLord of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
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