39 Baby Boy Names That Mean Wave

AlaiarasanKing of waveBoy
ArnavaWave, seaBoy
BreakerA wave that makes white foam on the shoreBoy
ChalamFlickering; Shine with a wavering lightBoy
CiabhanA mortal in the Irish legend who fell in love with a beautiful goddess, Cliodhna, who was swept away into the sea by a great waveBoy
ClyfordWalking through liquid substance like waves or lots of water with great effortBoy
FaneelSea wavesBoy
FarghanWide open or a wave of music.Boy
GalMeaning wave; creative and practicalUnisex
GalonResembles the power of the wave.Boy
GanoraA swelling white waveBoy
GuglielmoGuglielmo is materialistic and self-serving, he doesn't waver to grab the open doors that life presents him with.Boy
JennieWhite waveUnisex
JennyWhite waveUnisex
Jinnyit means white wave. People with this name are dynamic in nature and have powerful and strong attitude. They love to help others because of their variant nature.Unisex
KainaluThe name means Sea WaveUnisex
KallolShouts of Joy; Large Waves; Ripples of WaterBoy
KallolaKaolla name means A Huge Wave of JoyBoy
KalolChirp of Birds; Shouts of Joy; Large Waves; Ripples of WaterBoy
KeaniKeani means Breeze or WaveUnisex
LaharThe name means Small WaveBoy
LahariLahari means Waveunisex
LahiriWave; An Indian SurnameBoy
NamikoA child of the waves or a surfing childBoy
NapoWave or surfBoy
NaponaHis waveBoy
NoaUndertaking or wave program or indication.Unisex
OgaanWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OganWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OjanWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
TanimThe wave of the seaBoy
TarangaOf the wavesBoy
TrieuA tide or a small waveUnisex
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