162 Baby Boy Names That Mean Worship

AabidThe word aabid means powerful, complete, worshipper of allah, it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energiesBoy
AabideenZainul abidin is a Islam name for baby Boy and meaning is Ornament of the worshippers, it is probably taken from early Islamic leader Zainul abidinBoy
AahnikPrayer; an object of worship; Devote to God; act of praying to GodBoy
AakifThe act of being strongly bonded towards someone or attached, it also means "one who stays at the mosque to worship Allah", "one who stays away from people to dedicate himself to Allah"Boy
AaraadhakWorshipper ; A variant form of AaradhakBoy
Aaradhakworshipper of God ; A Variant name of AaraadhakBoy
Abbudthe one who is Worshipper of AllahBoy
Abbudinbeing a WorshippersBoy
AbduWorshipper of GodBoy
AbedWorshipper; AdorerBoy
AbedinIslam name means worshipper of the AllahBoy
AbeedA derogatory term that means slave, servant or worshipperBoy
AbhisekPurification or Cleansing by worshipBoy
AbidWorshipper or devout of the LordBoy
AboudTo worship or a place to worship, a place in PalestineBoy
AchyutarayaWorshipper of the Infallible; A Devotee of VishnuBoy
AcyutarayaWorshipper of the InfallibleBoy
AdbA slave or a sub-ordinate, also means to worshipBoy
AdbdullahThe servant of Allah, one who worship AllahBoy
AdhavaryuPrayer; a worship towards God; Hope; ChanceBoy
AgampremOne who is devoted, loyal, strong willed, hard working, committed, dependable, trustworthy, reliable and greatly believes and worships God.Boy
Ahutastar worshipperBoy
AkifaWorshiping in isolationBoy
AnchitWorshipped; Prayed; Great DevotionBoy
AngappanGod-like figure who is worshipped by allBoy
AnubhajA follower of worship and religionBoy
AnushtaanConduct; Regular Performance of Worship; Lead; ConductBoy
AnuvahaA follower of worship and religionBoy
AnuyayinA follower of worship and religionBoy
ApareshGod Shiva's Invincible WorshipBoy
AqeebA follower of worship and religionBoy
AraadhakWorshipper; Devotee; Disciple; FollowerBoy
AradhakWorshipper; Devotee; Disciple; FollowerBoy
AradhakaA holy and pure individual who worshipsBoy
AradhyaTo be Worshiped; Followed; Devoted; Discipled;Boy
ArchaPujan; Worship; Prayer; DevoteBoy
ArchakWorshipper; Devotee; Disciple; FollowerBoy
ArchanThe name of a person who worshipsBoy
ArchanaWorshiping One; Devoting; PujaBoy
ArchenThe name of a person who worshipsBoy
ArchitWorshipped; Prayed; Great DevotionBoy
ArchunaA worshipperBoy
ArcitaThe one who worships and is worshippedBoy
ArghyaOffering to the Lord; WorshipBoy
ArichitWorshipped; Prayed; Great DevotionBoy
ArpanOffering to the Lord; Worship; SubmissionBoy
AsjadOne who spends a lot of time worshipping AllahBoy
BalavrataWorshipping the Rising Sun; Offering prayers to early morning sunBoy
BalharSacrifice; Devotion; Worship; FollowBoy
BaliharSacrifice; Devotion; Worship; FollowBoy
BaphometAn Idol or Diety which the Knights Templar were worshipingBoy
BhagatbhandarTreasure of Loving Devotion; WorshipBoy
BhagathDevotee of God; WorshipperBoy
BhagatjeetDevotee's Victory; Worshipper's successBoy
BhagatjeevDevoted Life; One who is living a life worshipping GodBoy
BhagatjogLoving Devotion of God; One who worships God LovinglyBoy
BhagatmeetFriend of God's Devotee; One who is companion of God's worshipBoy
BhagatnaamOne who Cherishes God's worship; One who respects worshipping GodBoy
BhagatpreetLove for Devotion; One who loves worshipping God; One who adores GodBoy
BhagatpremLove for Devotion; One who loves worshipping God; One who adores GodBoy
BhagatrangColoured by Devotion to God; One who worships God very pleasantly and lovinglyBoy
BhagvaticharanAt the Feet of the God; One whose life is devoted to worship GodBoy
BhagwandasServes God; One whose life is devoted to worship God and for his serviceBoy
BhajanaDevoted; Venerated; One who worships sincerelyBoy
BhajandeepDevotional Lamp; A light for worshipBoy
BhajanmeetFriendly Devotion; one who is companion for worshippingBoy
BhajanpreetLove of Devotion; One who lovingly adores worshippingBoy
BhajanwantCompletely Devoted to God; One who has fully sacrificed his life to worshipping GodBoy
BhajndeepDevotional Lamp; A light for worshipBoy
BhajneetOne who Always Loves the Lord; Adores and worships God alwaysBoy
BhakatiFaithfulness; Devotion; Trusts and believes in worshipping GodBoy
BhaktDevotee of God; WorshipperBoy
BhaktaDevotee of God; WorshipperBoy
BhanudasaA devotee of the Sun; One who adores and worships Sun GodBoy
BhartrhariWorships God; One who is devoted to GodBoy
BhartriWorship; Devoted;Boy
BhartrihariWorships God; One who is devoted to GodBoy
BhuranjuWorshipped by the World; Fast; Anxious; Efficient;Boy
BhuranyuWorshipped by the World; Fast; Anxious; Efficient;Boy
BilvaA Sacred Leaf Used while performing Shiva Pooja to worship Lord ShivaBoy
BrahmcariOne who is dedicated for the worship of Lord BrahmaBoy
CakravanaOne who has the Cakra, also he who worshipps VishnuBoy
ChaityakAbode of Consciousness; A Place of Worship; A Mountain near Magadha; Which is worshippedBoy
DajjalTo worshipBoy
DillianA worshipped one; a worthy personBoy
DuddOne who is praised and worshippedBoy
DuwarAn idol which is worshippedBoy
EdeworSacred day of worship in traditional religionBoy
EkabhaktaOne who worships a single deityBoy
Eusebioone who worships well.Boy
Eusebiuspious or worships well.Boy
Eusebyit means pious or one who worships well.Boy
FakhridadinOne who worships the glorious LordBoy
GalavTo Worship; Name of a sage;Boy
HarekrishnaA person dedicated to the worship of the Hindu god KrishnaBoy
HarisaadhDevotee of the Lord; One who worships Lord VishnuBoy
HarpoojWorshipping God; One who performs pooja and prays to GodBoy
Ibad ur RehmanWorshiper of Allah, or devoted servant of Allah.Boy
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