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Online Pregnancy Test

How do you know that you are pregnant? Of course, a missed period and the subsequent home test will confirm your pregnancy. But if you want to confirm your pregnancy even before you miss your period!

Take this 13-question free pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant or not based on your symptoms.

What exactly is a Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test examines the presence of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in your urine or blood to assess if you are pregnant. The presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG means that you are pregnant. hCG is produced by the body after fertilization occurs and the egg attaches itself to the uterine wall.

But the hCG test requires you to go for a home pregnancy test kit, which is available over-the-counter at pharmacy stores or go to a doctor for a blood test. Both these methods could be a little tough on your pocket. They also come with the hassles of peeing in a cup and waiting for the results.

In a home pregnancy test kit, if you haven't followed the guidelines thoroughly, then the result might be false. The problem worsens when you do not get the correct result as you went wrong with the procedure.

And that is where MomJunction's Online Pregnancy Test comes handy. So what exactly is Online Pregnancy test and how does it work?

An online pregnancy test is a free online test or quiz which requires you to answer questions based on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You may think how can online tests help determine pregnancy! And we understand that. To put it out simply, we have presented a set of questions or you can say am I pregnant quiz. These are designed specifically keeping in mind the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Observing these signs and checking and calculating them, can answer the question "Am I pregnant?"

The answers that you give to the questions decide the course of action. Some questions talk about your ovulation cycle, how many times you make love with your partner, and the type of birth control methods you are using. These are essential as they will focus on your possibility of getting pregnant. Other questions would check for implantation symptoms, basal temperatures, etc. This means that depending on the answers you give, you would move closer or farther to the chances of being pregnant or not.

What is biggest advantage of MomJunction's Am I Pregnant Test? And why do you need an online pregnancy quiz?

It deals with your problem and gives you a personalized solution. This means that it can be well tuned and adjusted according to your menstrual cycle, body symptoms, basal temperatures, and more. A pregnancy test kit may need to be taken several times to get an accurate result, and this would mean several days of anxiety. But an pregnancy symptoms quiz can be used multiple times without any cost.

The other major benefit of an online pregnancy test is that you can do it from the comfort of your home! And not just once or twice, but several times. You can change your answers as per your period cycle or any bodily changes.

Accuracy of Online Pregnancy Test

MomJunction's Online Pregnancy test is real and efficient. This is simply because the questions asked are targeted specifically at the early pregnancy symptoms. However, as an expecting mother, you must remember that an online pregnancy test works best when you have actually missed your period because there are a lot of similarities between your menstruation dates and early pregnancy symptoms. But if you have missed your period, it is easier to zero in on the probability of you being pregnant.

Online Pregnancy Tests work as pre-empt, as they save an unnecessary trip to the doctor or the medical store. Once the pregnancy questions tip in favor of you being pregnant, then you can get a pregnancy test kit or visit a doctor for confirmation. An online pregnancy test kit is only going to do good as it defines your next step.

Try the calculator before going for a home test or blood test. The calculator will help reduce your anxiety while you wait for the formal test.



Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Could I be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test?

While the chances are low on this one, it cannot be ruled out entirely. When using a home pregnancy test kit, you must follow the procedure thoroughly. Even a slight fault would change the result. If the test does end up being negative and your periods haven't begun yet, then you must repeat the test in a few days.

Q. What are my chances of being pregnant with a negative pregnancy test?

The chances of pregnancy are very low in case of a negative pregnancy test. If the test turns out to be negative after you checked within a week's break, then your chances of pregnancy are as low as 1%.

Q. Could I get pregnant during a period?

The changes of getting pregnant on your period days are very low. But you must remember that sperms can live anywhere between two and five days inside a woman's body. This means that if you have had sex towards the end of your periods, then there could be a chance of you being pregnant.

Q. Should I take the online pregnancy quiz before missed period?

Ideally you should wait till you miss your due period and then take the test.

Q. I missed my period. Does that mean am I pregnant?

Several bodily changes occur before and after pregnancy. These changes are not just confined to pregnancy. They could also be an effect of hormonal changes, health issues, etc. Painful and sore breasts, food cravings, exhaustion, etc., could be signs of delayed period, and should not be confused with pregnancy symptoms. Waiting it out and taking a pregnancy quiz, or using a pregnancy test kit would help resolve the issue.


Disclaimer: The free pregnancy test is only an indication that you might be pregnant and does not guarantee a confirmed result. This is not a replacement for the regular pregnancy confirmation tests.

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