12+ Fun Weekend Activities To Do With Your Family

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Are you searching for enjoyable weekend activities to enjoy with your family beyond attending concerts, watching theater shows, and exploring farmers markets? If so, you’re at the right place.Amp up your weekend vibes with your family and spend quality time bonding over fun activities liste here.

We hardly get time to spend with our family during the weekdays because of our busy work schedules. That’s why you have to make the best of the weekends. If you’re looking for things to do on the weekend with family, the options are wide. While deciding on any activity, first ask yourself whether your family would enjoy it as much as you would. Find something that almost everyone in the family would be glad to be part of. In this post, we have rounded up the best things you can do with your family.

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Why Is Family Time Necessary?

Spending time together strengthens the family bond, improves your child’s academic performance, helps your kids, and develops parenting skills, causing less chance of violence, drug abuse, and behavioral problems such as aggression, which is very common among children these days. Distractions such as the TV, video games, and cell phones have kept families away from enjoying time with their near and dear ones.

Eating meals together, talking about the events of the day, sharing joys and defeats, doing household chores together, and spending some evenings cooking together and watching movies are examples of shared activities. Some families schedule one evening every week for special family fun activities. Here is a list of family fun things to do this weekend that will help you have fun with your family and spend quality time with them.

Fun Things To Do On The Weekend With Family

1. Watch videos at home

All kids love to see themselves when they were younger. Pop in a tape of their younger days or create a slideshow using pictures of them growing up. Parents’ wedding tapes also fascinate kids. Just make sure to fast-forward if your video is 6 hours long. The point is not to bore them to death!

2. Have an interactive movie night

Interactive movie night with family
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Watch a movie together as a family. A great way to keep this idea interactive includes watching a film with a controversial message and discussing it afterward. This way the child learns valuable lessons as well. You can also watch age-appropriate documentaries about environmental or world issues, and stimulate discussion.

According to Ruben Borbor, a father and blogger, watching movies is his way of spending quality time with his family. He writes in his blog, “There are many things I usually do on the weekends, but I always spend time with my family. On Saturdays, I work in the mornings from 8.00 a.m. to noon. After that, I have lunch with my family in a restaurant. In the afternoon, my family and I go shopping for groceries at Tottus or Metro supermarket. In the evening. We usually watch movies at home (i).”

3. Engage in a family competition

An arts and crafts contest, maybe? All it takes is some crayons, markers, paper, glue, tape, and some knickknacks from around the house. When you involve your kids in a group task, you encourage feelings of self-esteem and competence. Make the task more memorable by giving a little prize to each kid, for his or her creation.

4. Cook and eat

Always remember the family that eats together, stays together. So make it a point to have a “Family Meal Night“, with everyone cooking together; you can even have a world cuisine day, and enjoy delicacies from various countries. This is a great lesson in teamwork and everyone will love the tasty meal cooked together. Encourage your child to come with her own dish, of course with you as a helper along the way!

5. Let’s play

Things to do on the weekend with family
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Arrange for a friendly sports game like a cricket match with your old school friends. Or a tennis match, or even bowling or mini golf! Ask your children to arrange a match for both the adults as well as the younger ones. This is one way that makes you have fun AND lose some much-needed kilos off your body! If you have the incentive, you can even ask for local sponsors and make this a neighborhood event.

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Lack of healthy relationships can result in loneliness, which has adverse effects on one’s health and can cause issues with sleeping, high blood pressure, and immunity (1).

6. Indulge in ‘kick the can’ game

When it’s a team game, there’s nothing better than a ‘kick the can’ game, which takes us back to our childhood days. In this game, a player or team is chosen as “it,” and a can or a similar object is placed in an open area like a backyard, field, or parking lot. While “it” covers their eyes and counts, the other players scatter to hide. Alternatively, the game starts with a designated kicker physically kicking the can as far as possible. “It” must return the can to its original spot before resuming play, allowing hidden players to escape.

7. Have a barbecue

A barbecue is the best idea for outdoor activity. Invest in a small barbeque stove. Call your family members and prepare for a barbecue party. Each family can take up one responsibility; the one with the largest garden or open space can host the party. Family bonding activities are a great way to bond and a nice treat never hurts, does it?

8. Go for a beach day

Take your entire family to the nearest beach in town. Make sand castles, take a dip in the water, and play games on the beach. Going to the beach is super fun when you are with your family. You bond with them in a fun way. Collecting shells is also a very cool idea and you never know if it may become a hobby.

9. Visit a science museum

Go for a museum visit with your family, which is going to satisfy your child’s inquisitive side, ranging from marine life to astrology and everything in between. Science museums concentrate on the static display of objects, which is going to be loved by your kids. Art and city museums will improve your child’s aesthetics and general knowledge.

10. Play board games

Family playing board games
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A fun-packed weekend needn’t cost a fortune. Board games such as Scrabble are a great way to make the weekend fun for all members of the family. Remember the breathless excitement of those childhood Monopoly marathons? Dig out the old board games from the attic and teach a new generation to play.

11. Visit a zoo

It is always fun to go see wild animals in the zoo! This is the kind of activity that is fun and serves all age groups. Take your kids on a zoo trip or to the nearest sanctuary in your city. It’s a great way to have a short break and helps you connect with nature.

12. Take a troll at theme parks

Plan a trip to the nearest theme park or amusement park on weekend. Invite your other family members to join you for this trip. And hey, if your budget allows it, you can even plan for a trip of a lifetime and visit Disneyland! Remember, the more members, the merrier. Enjoy this fantastic trip!

Melanie, a mother, grandmother, and blogger, says spending weekends with her family is fun. She says, “Sunday was my fun day. I took my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson to a very new park and we had a blast! Spent hours on the playground and just spending time with my family! That is what life is all about; it is family for me. I am truly blessed (ii)!”

13. Set up camps

Camping is another fun activity for families
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Grab a tent and tell stories while sitting around the campfire. Ask your children to identify animals and the noises of insects or something interesting like collecting backyard materials for making a project. It is good to remind the children that fun doesn’t have to cost money. Gather your fishing rods and take them out fishing. A sunrise hike and a bike ride can also be easily implemented while on a camping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make sure that everyone in the family gets the most out of their weekend?

For everyone in the family to have some free time and contribute to the planned activity, you can start arranging the weekend activities in advance and let them know about it. You might also encourage everyone to discuss their ideas on how to enjoy the weekend together before reaching a plan.

2. How can parents ensure family time is a positive experience for everyone?

Family time may include simple activities such as having a meal together or watching a movie by giving one another quality time and not being interrupted by phone calls or work. Ensuring each family member gets attention, is heard, and enjoys the activity can provide a positive experience.

3. How can families discover new hiking trails in their area for a weekend adventure?

If you plan to hike with your family, you may want to research before setting out on your adventure. Some ways you can research include online resources, local maps or guidebooks, local people, asking friends and family who are hiking enthusiasts, social media, and self-exploration. If you are exploring a new area, remember your path to avoid getting lost.

4. What fun and educational science experiments can families do at home on the weekends?

You can do various types of science experiments at home with your family. There is no need to go out and buy any equipment, you can use the materials found in your house. Some ideas include making a homemade lava lamp, slime, sink or float, tie-dye, and mini volcanoes.

5. How can families create their own outdoor movie theater for a memorable weekend activity?

To create an outdoor movie theater, you must first select the location. Make sure that the space is big enough for all members. Then you need to set up the projector and audio equipment and ensure the surface you project on is smooth for better viewing. Comfortable seating is a must. Arrange some pillows and blankets to make it all cozy. Consider adding some relaxing lighting so nobody fumbles in the dark, and lastly, pick everyone’s favorite snacks before starting the movie and enjoy.

6. What unique and interesting historical sites can families explore on the weekends?

It depends on the place you are currently at. You may find more information about the area’s historical sites through the internet, local books, or tourist guides.

7. What eco-friendly and sustainable weekend activities can families participate in?

Some eco-friendly activities you can enjoy with your family include planting trees, making a compost pit or bin, upcycling or recycling, and initiating a cleaning drive around the house or neighborhood.

8. How can families ensure the safety of their children while participating in weekend activities?

You can ensure the safety of your and your family’s children during weekend activities by supervising them while they are playing, educating them about safety, and ensuring there are no sharp or small objects and toxic materials that may cause them harm.

9. What are some accessible weekend activities for families with members who have disabilities or special needs?

Some weekend activities for families with members who have special needs include visiting a zoo or park, going on a walk or drive, making arts and crafts, watching movies at home or at the theater, reading together, cooking or baking together, going out to eat, and dancing or listening to music together.

10. What are some strategies for avoiding overscheduling and burnout when planning weekend activities with the family?

Set realistic expectations to avoid overscheduling and burnout while planning activities for the family. Ensure a flexible schedule so everyone can enjoy the activities without feeling overwhelmed. Do not add too many activities; be mindful of your family member’s energy levels. Take small breaks in between the activities if required. Communicate with your family members about what activities they like to avoid any grumbling or complaints.

It’s never a waste of time to spend time with your family, and it always results in beautiful memories. There are various things to do on the weekend with family, such as watching a movie together, going sightseeing, or on a picnic. You can also organize fun games and competitions at home to keep younger family members, such as children, engaged. These activities help build your family bonds and bring you closer together while having fun. It will also promote family communication and make your house a happy place.

Infographic: Weekend Activities To Spend Time With Your Family

Weekend time with family is a wonderful way to unwind after a busy and hectic week of work. This infographic has some fun and simple ideas for family bonding. Save this and share it with your friends and colleagues too!

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Key Pointers

  • Spending time with your family strengthens your bond and makes your home happy and cozy.
  • Some fun things to do together on weekends are watching movies, cooking and eating meals, playing sports, visiting a science museum, and playing board games.
  • Organizing competitions, such as arts and crafts contests, not only adds an element of fun but also promotes teamwork, enhancing children’s self-esteem and their feeling of competence. ⁤
  • Outdoor activities like barbecues and beach days strengthen family bonds. ⁤⁤They allow everyone to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed environment. ⁤

From board games to science experiments. Here are some fun activities for you and your family to do on a night-in.

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