101 Simple Geography Quiz Questions And Answers For Kids

Is your child the next Nate Seltzer? If they are curious about the different parts of the world, then this geography quiz for kids can be a fun and interesting way to enhance their knowledge. The questions will lead them to explore new places virtually and expand their knowledge. It can boost their confidence in school and improve their overall performance. Scroll through for a list of various questions on geography for your children to bring out the explorer in them.

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101 Geography Quiz Questions And Answers For Kids

Basic Geography Quiz For Classes 1, 2 & 3

This section consists of basic geography questions for kids who are at the elementary stage of learning.

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  1. In which American city is the Golden Gate Bridge located?
    Answer: San Francisco
  1. What is the capital of Thailand?
    Answer: Bangkok
  1. Cairo is the capital of which country?
    Answer: Egypt
  1. What is the capital of England?
    Answer: London
  1. What is the capital city of Canada?
    Answer: Ottawa
  1. What is the capital of Mexico?
    Answer: Mexico City
  1. Madagascar is surrounded by which ocean?
    Answer: Indian Ocean
  1. Which country is the second biggest in the world?
    Answer: Canada
  1. What is the capital city of Spain?
    Answer: Madrid
  1. What is the capital of Morocco?
    Answer: Rabat

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  1. Mount Everest lies in which mountain range?
    Answer: The Himalayas
  1. Which is the largest country in the world?
    Answer: Russia
  1. The US consists of how many states?
    Answer: 50
  1. What is the name of the great park in New York City?
    Answer: Central Park
protip_icon Did you know?
Central Park occupies over 843 acres of land, which is equivalent to 16 billion New York apartments.
  1. Which country has the largest population in the world?
    Answer: China
  1. What do the letters ‘D’ and ‘C’ stand for in the capital city Washington D.C.?
    Answer: District of Columbia
  1. Which is the largest lake in the world?
    Answer: Caspian Sea
  1. On which island is the Statue of Liberty located?
    Answer: Liberty Island
  1. Which is the longest river in Africa?
    Answer: Nile
  1. Kabul is the capital city of which country?
    Answer: Afghanistan

Easy Geography Questions for classes 4, 5 & 6

Children in these classes begin to explore a lot more than usual, as they start stepping out more often. They are curious to learn a lot more so here we have listed some easy geography questions suitable for kids in upper primary classes.

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  1. Which ocean lies between Africa and Australia and south of Asia?
    Answer: Indian Ocean
  1. What is the color of the motorways on road maps of the UK?
    Answer: Blue
  1. Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are metropolitan cities in which country?
    Answer: India
  1. Europe and Africa are separated by which sea?
    Answer: The Mediterranean
  1. Liverpool lies on which river?
    Answer: The Mersey
  1. Which desert covers much of northern Africa?
    Answer: The Sahara
  1. Which Italian city is famous for its canals?
    Answer: Venice
  1. In which country does the River Nile meet the sea?
    Answer: Egypt
  1. What is the largest country in Scandinavia?
    Answer: Sweden
  1. What are the names of the five oceans?
    Answer: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern

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  1. What is the hottest continent on Earth?
    Answer: Africa
  1. Which two continents does Russia belong to?
    Answer: Europe and Asia
  1. Where is the biggest railway station in the world?
    Answer: New York City (Grand Central Terminal)
  1. Dublin is the largest city in which country?
    Answer: Ireland
  1. Istanbul is a large city in which country?
    Answer: Turkey
  1. What is a nickname for New York City?
    Answer: The Big Apple
  1. Where place receives the world’s highest annual average rainfall?
    Answer: Hawaii
  1. What country calls itself Nippon?
    Answer: Japan
  1. Which large river flows through London?
    Answer: Thames

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  1. How many bridges are there in Venice, Italy?
    Answer: 400
  1. What is the capital of Ethiopia?
    Answer: Addis Ababa
  1.  What is Europe’s largest port?
    Answer: Port of Rotterdam
  1. Which river flows through Paris?
    Answer: River Seine
protip_icon Did you know?
It is a summer tradition in Paris to bring sand and palm trees to a stretch in Seine and turn it into a famous beach.
  1. What’s the world’s biggest port?
    Answer: Port of Shanghai
  1. Luxembourg City is the capital of which country?
    Answer: Luxembourg

Fun Geography quiz for classes 7 & 8

In this fun geography quiz for children, are some interesting and peculiar questions covering minor geographical details of the world.

  1. How many time zones does India span?
    Answer: Two
  1. Which American state has the fewest counties?
    Answer: Delaware
  1. Which is the longest river in Ethiopia?
    Answer: The Blue Nile
  1. What natural wonder of the world is named after aviator Jimmy Angel?
    Answer: Angel Falls

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  1. How long is the Brooklyn Bridge?
    Answer: 1,834 metres
  1. What country was known as Rhodesia?
    Answer: Zimbabwe
  1. Which Scottish loch with a length of about 24 miles, is reputed to contain a monster?
    Answer: Loch Ness
  1. Where was the greatest difference between annual high and low temperatures recorded?
    Answer: Russia
  1. Which state in the US was once called Deseret?
    Answer: Utah
  1. Which island country lies off China, Korea, and Russia?
    Answer: Japan
  1. Where is the Tonle Sap located?
    Answer: Cambodia
  1. What is the largest steel arch bridge in the world?
    Answer: Sydney Harbor Bridge
  1. What is Turkey’s highest mountain?
    Answer: Mount Ararat
  1. What is the main tributary of the Ganges River in India?
    Answer: Yamuna
  1. Which countries share the longest border in the world?
    Answer: USA and Canada

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  1. Which is the largest volcano in the world?
    Answer: The Mount Lao
  1. Which country is the most populated in Europe?
    Answer: Germany
  1. In which country are the holy cities of Mecca and Medina located?
    Answer: Saudi Arabia
  1. What is the line of latitude that runs around the center of the world called?
    Answer: The Equator
  1. What is the world’s second highest mountain after Everest in Asia?
    Answer: K2
  1. Which Irish city is the second largest in the Republic of Ireland?
    Answer: Cork
  1. Which country has four letters, the last one q?
    Answer: Iraq
  1. In which ocean is the Maldives located?
    Answer: Indian Ocean

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  1. In which ocean is Fiji?
    Answer: Pacific
  1. Which river flows through Glasgow?
    Answer: Clyde

Hard Geography quiz for classes 9 & 10

Here are some hard geography questions for kids who are in senior classes and preparing for any competitive exams.

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  1. Which river rises in Peru, has no bridge crossing it and enters the sea in Brazil?
    Answer: The Amazon
  1. What letter do cars from Germany have on them when traveling abroad to show what country they come from?
    Answer: D
  1. In which country is the Eyjafjallajökull volcano located, whose eruption in 2010 has affected air flights?
    Answer: Iceland
  1. In which US city would you find Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx?
    Answer: New York
  1. Which trains travel to Europe from St Pancras Station?
    Answer: Eurostar
  1. What boat is highly associated with the canals?
    Answer: Barges
  1. In which national park are Windermere, Coniston Water, and Ullswater found?
    Answer: The Lake District
  1. Which state/territory of Australia is an island?
    Answer: Tasmania
  1. What is the largest of the Channel Islands?
    Answer: Jersey
  1. Which is the only bascule bridge in London, whose road can be raised from either side to allow ships to pass through?
    Answer: Tower Bridge
  1. What are the only two countries to have a land border with the US?
    Answer: Canada and Mexico

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  1.  Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which continent?
    Answer: Africa
  1. What river flows through the Grand Canyon?
    Answer: Colorado
  1. How many countries surround the Czech Republic?
    Answer: Four — Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria
  1. In which country would you find the Taj Mahal?
    Answer: India
  1. Where did people in the mountains of Austria keep their farm animals?
    Answer: Basements
  1. What are horizontal and vertical imaginary lines around the earth called?
    Answer: Latitudes and Longitudes
  1. Which country shares the same peninsula as Spain?
    Answer: Portugal
  1. The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and which other region?
    Answer: Northern Ireland
  1. What is Ben Nevis?
    Answer: It’s a Scottish mountain and the tallest in Great Britain

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  1. Which country is called the Land of Rising Sun?
    Answer: Japan
  1. What is the only country through which both the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass?
    Answer: Brazil
  1. What was the name of the supercontinent of 200 million years ago?
    Answer: Pangaea
  1. Which state did the US purchase from Russia?
    Answer: Alaska
  1. In which country is the Yellow River, also known as Huang He, located?
    Answer: China
  1. Is Australia in the northern or the southern hemisphere?
    Answer: Southern
  1. What is the capital city of Slovenia, formerly part of the state of Yugoslavia?
    Answer: Ljubljana
  1. Which country is nicknamed ‘The Cockpit of Europe’ because of the number of battles throughout history fought on its soil?
    Answer: Belgium
  1. Which country has Montevideo as its capital city?
    Answer: Uruguay
  1. Apart from Dutch and French, what is the other official language of Belgium?
    Answer: German

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  1. Where is the world’s longest sea crossing?
    Answer: Hong Kong to Macau, China (55km)
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do children need geography?

Geography can help children learn about the world around them. Earth’s land (terrain), water, air, and living beings form the core of geography. The study of climate, weather, and animal life and how they affect Earth is a component of physical geography. Therefore, when children learn geography from an early age, they can grow up to become responsible citizens.

2. How is geography used in everyday life?

Geographical concepts play an essential role in our everyday lives. The compass, maps, GPS, and GIS enable us to track coordinates and collect location-based data, facilitating navigation. This knowledge also enhances our understanding of weather and climate reports. Additionally, incorporating geography into our daily routines helps us optimize our schedules for travel or sports activities.

3. How do I make geography fun for my children?

Introducing geography to children using interesting geography games and activities can help them understand and appreciate the subject better. You can try trivia questions, quiz games, solving puzzles, songs about the continents, and playing games on the atlas to make the subject engaging.

The environment is constantly affected by significant changes around us, such as climate change, which is continuously transforming the world. Therefore staying updated with these is essential to know the new and growing world around us. Create a geography quiz for kids with the above set of fascinating questions with answers that will help your children learn the unknown facts about this globe and stimulate their cognitive abilities. These questions are carefully curated, and soon you may notice them wanting to know and explore more.

Infographic: Geography Quiz Questions And Answers For Children

Let your child learn about the world through a fun question-and-answer round. These geography questions range from easy to hard, and you can increase the level based on how well they can remember the answers. So, keep this infographic handy for a fun virtual world tour with the children.

questions to enlighten your child about the world (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Test your knowledge of geography with this fun quiz! See how much you know about the world around us. Challenge yourself and your friends!

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