10 Tips To Help Your Teenage Son Grow His Mustache & Beard Faster

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Once your child hits the teen years, there is bound to be a sea of change in his personality as well as the way he thinks. Teenage is when your child will want to assert freedom from the ‘child’ tag, yet be unsure about how to enter the ‘adult’ world. Add to this the pressure of wanting to look more mature and older, and your teen has too much on his plate.

A physical change that is common to most teen boys is the appearance and growth of facial hair. If your teen seems to be anxious about his mustache, or why he doesn’t have a beard yet, our suggestions below may be able to help him. So, read MomJunction’s tips on how to help your teen facial hair to grow faster.

Tips To Help Your Teenage Son Grow His Mustache Faster:

Here are a few tips to grow facial hair, specifically a mustache, fast:

1. Clean The Face Regularly:

Ask your teen to wash his face twice a day using a mild cleansing gel or soap. He should use warm water as it opens the pores of the skin.

2. Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells:

In most cases, the skin is layered with dead skin cells that block the natural or fast growth of facial hair. Your teen should use a good exfoliating scrub at least twice a week. Make sure that the exfoliating scrub is specifically meant to be used by men and is also suitable for your teen son’s skin type, such as dry, oily, sensitive or combination. Using the exfoliating scrub on the face will help to remove the dead skin cells and will clear out the skin, aiding in hair growth.

3. Eucalyptus:

While choosing a moisturizer or cream for the face, ask your son to use one which contains eucalyptus as one of its ingredients. Eucalyptus will help to keep your teen’s skin moisturized and hydrated, and remove any dry or rough patches. Once your teen’s skin is soft, facial hair growth is faster.

4. Take Adequate Amount Of Vitamins:

Not having enough vitamins can considerably slow the growth of facial hair in your teen son. If your teen does not follow a good diet or is deficient in important vitamins such as vitamins B1, B6, and B12, it could increase the time it takes for the mustache to appear. These vitamins will help increase the rate at which your teen’s facial hair appears, so make sure he eats a diet which is rich in the same.

5. Have Regular Protein Intake:

Having protein daily will also increase your teen son’s chances of growing facial hair and growing a mustache. Some of the best sources of protein include meat, eggs, lentils, nuts, and beans. Depending on whether your teen follows a non-vegetarian or vegetarian diet, you can ask him to eat accordingly.

6. A Balanced Diet:

The key to proper overall growth is a balanced and healthy diet that your teen takes on a regular basis. Make sure that your teen’s diet is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Ask him to eat a mix of fruits, vegetables and meat to get all the nutrition he needs.

Tips To Help Your Teenage Son Grow His Beard Faster:

Here are a few tips that can help your teen son to grow his facial hair, specifically his beard, faster:

1. Have Enough Vitamins And Minerals:

One of the first steps that your teen should take is to include many essential vitamins and minerals in his diet. Some of the main vitamins that promote hair growth are vitamins A, B1, C, and E.

2. Massage:

Massaging the facial skin improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Ask your teen to use a special oil that is meant for beard growth.

3. Rest Well:

It is important for your teen to get enough sleep and rest so that his body can grow the way it is supposed to. Having, at least, eight hours of sleep a day is crucial, as it will help to recharge the body and also encourage the growth of hair.

4. Clean The Face Regularly:

Ask your teen to wash his face twice a day using a mild cleansing gel or soap. He should do so with warm water as it will help to open the pores on the skin.

One of the biggest myths about the growth of facial hair is about shaving. Your teen son may want to use the razor on his clean skin, in the hope that it will promote hair growth. But there is no scientific evidence to back the same, and in fact, your teen could get badly hurt in the process.

Moms, if your teen tried something to promote facial hair growth, do share your tips here.

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