‘The Story Of The Birth Of Lord Krishna’ For Your Kid

If you haven’t introduced your kids to mythological stories yet, the story of the birth of Lord Krishna is a great way to begin with, as it is inspirational and captivating. Lord Krishna is one of the favorite incarnations to be cherished in childhood. So make the story more understandable for your little ones with the help of this post. Read on to learn more.

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The Story Of The Birth Of Lord Krishna

Once upon a time in India, there was a small town called Mathura near the river Yamuna. Almost 5,000 years ago, a bad king named Kans ruled the city. He was very greedy and cunning and wanted to be the king, even though his father Ugrasena was the actual ruler. So imprisoned his father and became the king by deceit.

Ugrasena was a very compassionate king, but Kans was the opposite. It was a difficult time for the people of Mathura, as their king was a very unfair and evil man. Kans would also fight a lot with the rulers of the Yadu dynasty. It meant that the peace loving people of Mathura were always involved in wars and fights with other kingdoms.

In the middle of all this bad news, some good news soon arrived. Kansa’s sister Devaki was to get married. The people of Mathura started celebrating, something they had not done since Kans became the ruler. Devaki would marry King Vasudev and Kans was happy, because he thought Vasudev’s kingdom would become his too.

Once Devaki and King Vasudev were married, Kans decide that he would drive them home himself. He would honor them with a royal courtesy as per the traditions of the time. As Kans sat down on the chariot to drive them home, he heard a divine voice. The voice that came from the thundering sky said, ‘Evil Kans, your end is near. You don’t know about it, but by marrying Devaki to King Vasudev, you have brought your death near. The eighth son that will be born to Devaki and Vasudev will kill you.’

On hearing the divine voice and what it said, Kans became very scared. But soon his fear turned to anger. He decided to kill Devaki, because if there was no mother how could she give birth to a baby? So he took out his sword to kill her.

King Vasudev was horrified when he saw what Kans was about to do. He fell down on his knees and begged Kans to not kill Devaki. ‘Kans, please do not kill your sister. I will give you all the babies who are born so that they cannot do what the divine voice said.’

Kans thought for a while. ‘In that case, you will have to become my prisoners and live in my palace.’ King Vasudev had no choice but had to agree to what Kans said. Kans was happy, because his sister Devaki was the only person he loved in the world, and now he would not have to kill her.

Soon Kans captured Devaki and Vasudev and put them in the dungeons in his palace prison. The guards were asked to watch them at all times. Each time Devaki gave birth to a baby in the dungeon, Kans would immediately kill it. Soon he killed seven babies and did not think of how he was torturing his sister by killing her children.

For the next nine years, Devaki had no more babies. Soon, she was about to give birth again. Kans was very scared now. It was going to be the eighth baby, the one that the divine voice had talked about. He was so scared he could not eat or sleep.

In the dungeon, Devaki was crying at the thought of Kans killing her baby again, but Vasudev was trying to calm her down. The night was over and it was day. Everyone in Mathura knew what had happened to the babies till now, and they also knew of the divine voice that said this baby would kill Kans. Everyone was waiting to see what would happen.

Through the day there was a terrible storm in Mathura. At midnight, the son was born and everything grew quiet. As soon as the baby boy was born, there was a blinding light that filled up the prison. Devaki was so happy and confused that she fainted, while Vasudev could not stop looking at what was going on. The divine voice that had spoken to Kans earlier now spoke to Vasudev. ‘Take your baby to the Gokul kingdom ruled by your friend King Nand across the river Yamuna. Queen Yashoda, his wife, has given birth to a baby girl. Exchange the babies and come back immediately with the girl. No one will know about the birth of your eighth son.’

Vasudev did as he was told. To his surprise, he found that the guards who were at the gates seemed to be asleep and the prison gates opened on their own. Even though he felt very bad to take away the baby girl from its mother, he had no choice but to do it.

When he reached the river, he realized it was filled with big waves due to a storm. He was scared to enter the river with a baby in his arms. But the moment he stepped inside, the river became calm. Suddenly, he saw a huge black snake rise up from behind him. Vasudev was very scared and thought he would die along with the baby. But the snake spread itself over Vasudev like a hood to shield the baby from the rain. Soon Vasudev reached the kingdom of Gokul, exchanged the babies and was back in prison.

As soon as he placed the baby on the prison floor beside Devaki, it let out a cry. Kans came rushing in, ready to kill the eighth baby of Devaki. Devaki was unconscious all this time and it was only now that she came back to her senses. She thought she had given birth to a baby girl. She begged her brother to let the baby be. ‘Kans, my brother, my eighth born is a girl, not a boy like the voice said. So how can the divine prophecy be true? My baby cannot kill you Kans. She is your niece, please spare her.’

Kans was not ready to spare the baby. He loved himself more than anything else in the world, and his life was most precious to him. He snatched the baby and threw her against the prison wall, but the baby did not die. It flew up towards the prison ceiling and a bright light filled the prison. Once the light grew dimmer, Kans realized the baby had taken the form of an eight-armed Goddess Durga. ‘Foolish Kans,’ she said, ‘you cannot kill me, and the one who will kill you is already born and alive. One day he will find you and kill you no matter what you do.’

She soon disappeared and Kans freed his sister and her husband. Once free, Vasudev told Devaki what had happened.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of celebration in the kingdom of Gokul on the birth of the new baby. King Nand named the baby Krishna and everyone came to offer blessings and gifts to the baby.

So this was the story of the birth of Lord Krishna. Make sure you tell your child the story in a way he will understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Lord Krishna’s birth celebrated in different parts of the world?

Lord Krishna’s birth is celebrated as the festival of Janmashtami in many parts of the world, especially in India. The celebrations include Puja (singing devotional songs), decorating temples and homes, and preparing special food offerings (Prasad). You can also see dance dramas known as “Raslila” in various places.

2. What is the significance of Lord Krishna’s birth in Hindu mythology?

Lord Krishna is one of the most popular deities in Hinduism, and his birth is considered highly significant. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna was an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who took birth to slay the demon ruler of Mathura, Kansa, who was also the brother of Krishna’s biological mother, Devaki. Additionally, his birth represents “Ananda (Pure Happiness).”

3. What lessons can be learned from Lord Krishna’s birth story, and how can they be applied in daily lives?

The birth of Lord Krishna teaches us many things, among them the value of standing up for the weak and fighting injustice, which instills kindness and compassion, the need for selfless love and devotion to God, and the power of faith to conquer worldly desires and attachments.

4. How does Lord Krishna’s birth story compare to other divine births in Hindu mythology?

Lord Krishna’s birth story is unique in Hindu mythology and associated with several miracles and supernatural events, such as his birth in a prison cell, miraculous protection from rain, adoption by his foster parents, and his divine powers from birth.

The birth of Lord Krishna is full of divine and miraculous events. Witness the awe-inspiring tale of the divine Lord Krishna through this educational video and experience piety.

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